5 Easy Ways To Get Insta-Worthy Pics Of Yourself On A Solo Trip

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I've spent the past year traveling the world alone and sharing my adventures online as a source of inspiration. My solo journey has been life-changing, so I aim to empower other girls who dream of taking their own solo trip one day. While there are many benefits to traveling alone, I've gotta admit that the photo struggle is all too real. Travel is much more dynamic than any photo could ever portray, but it's tough to walk away from an amazing trip without a single photo of yourself. Fortunately, I've been able to learn some tips and tricks as a travel blogger along the way. There are some easy ways to get pictures of yourself on a solo trip.

You might take a few selfies during your journey, but there are other ways you can get quality snaps as well. You've invested time and money into the trip of a lifetime, so there's no shame in wanting photos of yourself. A generic landmark photo can be found on Google, but your mom and future grandkids will be pleased to see you posing in front of iconic backdrops across the world. Photos with a subject tell a story, and this is all part of your journey, so why not capture it?

Bring A Tripod
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When you're on the road solo, a tripod just might be your new best friend. You can simply set up your shot, use a camera remote, and pose it out. If you arrive to photo spots early, you'll be able to avoid the crowds and take your time. You don't have to worry about bothering people, and you can spend your time making sure you get the shot you really want. Just be sure to purchase a steady tripod to avoid a windy disaster.

Ask People You Meet
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You might be traveling solo, but that doesn't mean you'll be alone. Any travel destination or landmark is likely to have plenty of other people standing around taking photos as well. Offer a couple or family to take a photo, and they'll likely be happy to return the favor. If you're on a tour, ask a guide or another tour member. If you're staying at a hotel, ask a staff member.

In my personal opinion, in order to avoid a blurry or lopsided photo, choose who you ask wisely. If you spot someone holding a professional camera, that may be your best bet. It's even better if you can help out another girl who looks like she's traveling solo.

I was wandering around in Greece when a fellow solo female traveler asked if we could photograph each other. We ended up having a full-out photoshoot and we recently met up to travel together in California.

Join A Photography Tour
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A photography tour is the best way to learn more about photography and get some great shots of yourself. Do some research ahead of time to see if you can join a photo walk.

Check out Airbnb experiences to find photo tours in places like a city portraits tour in Lisbon, a photography workshop in London, or an official Instagram wall crawl in Los Angeles. Last year, I joined a night photography tour in Mexico City where I had the chance to up my photography skills and capture some unique shots around the city.

Learn About Lighting And Composition

A good photo boils down to lighting and composition, so try to learn the basics. Whether you have a tripod or a friend by your side, bad lighting can totally ruin the photo. You'll waste time and be more satisfied with your photos when you know photography basics. When you ask other travelers or friends to take photos, you should set up the framing to get the shot that you desire beforehand.

Practice Your Poses
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Whether you take your photos with a tripod or ask someone to take it for you, you'll need to learn some poses you're happy with. If you practice your poses, you'll be able to get the job done much quicker. The key is to have fun with it! In this case, practice makes perfect. In my opinion, when it comes to photography, confidence will produce better shots in a shorter amount of time.