5 Dirty Texts To Send Your Partner The Morning After Valentine's Day

After all of the anticipation and lead up to Valentine's Day, I'm sure many of you are wondering how to capitalize on the holiday's sensual vibes. And seeing as V-Day is pretty much just another day, sending a scandalous follow-up text is pretty much guaranteed to make them sweat. Dirty texts for the morning after Valentine's Day just keep the memorable moments from the night before going.

Once you start dating someone new, one of the first things you start to get a feeling for is how they communicate via text. This becomes particularly interesting when you get to talking about some of the dirtier details of your sexual fantasies and the role you'd like your bae to play. And while some people are totally into sending and receiving explicit texts outlining every detail of what's on their mind — plenty of people prefer to keep things a bit more mysterious and flirtatious. The good news is that there is no wrong way to turn each other on. Here are some saucy messages to get them thinking about just how hot your V-Day activities were — and leaving them anxious to jump your bones as soon as possible.

1. "I can't stop thinking about what we did last night."

Sometimes, the best way to keep the fire going after a particularly passionate night is to start a sexy convo rehashing all of the scandalous things you did to each other. Not only is this a great form of foreplay, but seeing as many couples use Valentine's Day as the perfect excuse to broaden their sexual repertoire and mix things up, a sexy morning-after text is also a great chance to communicate with your partner about what you liked and might want to try again. Positive reinforcement is pretty much never a bad idea when it comes to keeping your attraction to one another in overdrive.

2. "Last night was amazing. Wish we could have stayed in bed all day."

After a night of amazing sex, sometimes all you want is to spend the whole next day on repeat. While this definitely isn't the dirtiest text to send, if your V-day night was equal parts sexy and romantic, this tamer text is a great way to play coy.

3. "Still wanting you. I think you may need to come by later."

I legit can't think of a better way to compliment your bae's sweet lovin' then to make is clear you expect an encore — and soon. Building anticipation really is key when it comes to setting the stage for a hot sweat sesh.

4. "I can still feel your hands all over me."

Never underestimate the power of an emoji cluster — especially if keeping texts short and sweet is your thing. I can't think of a better use of an eggplant emoji, a peach emoji, and a quick reminder of how amazing their hands felt on your bod.

5. "Wish you were here right now. I know exactly what I would do to you."

The power of suggestion is real, folks. There's a 99.9 percent chance that they are going to want to know exactly what is on your mind — so be prepared to fill them in on a dirty fantasy, or simply something hot from last night. Sending a sexy selfie on your lunch break for maximum spiciness is also sure to get their blood pumping.

While sending a follow-up text the morning after Valentine's Day isn't a must, open communication, even when it's just about something positive, can definitely keep your emotional and physical connection strong. You probably know which of the texts above will make your partner tick... so get to typing.

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