5 Most Instagrammable Dates That'll Get You All The Likes This Summer

by Annie Foskett
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To Instagram or not to Instagram? That is the question. I won't lie, I make my decision based on how many likes I predict the photo in consideration will rack up. Yes, judge me! I welcome it! I'll be honest, I care about likes. Don't we all? At least a little bit? This is the plague of social media, and I am a proud-ish victim of it. Of course, you should choose your date locale based on what you and bae feel like doing, but dates that look cute on Instagram aren't going to hurt anyone, you dig?

Beyond serving as excellent fodder for photos, highly Instagrammable dates are probably things and places you haven't tried before. Or at least it's something you haven't done with your partner before. It's easy to spice quality time with your partner with a photo shoot, er, adventure!

I kept this guide general, with many cities and towns in mind. So if you happen to live in New Orleans and can take your pick of the homes lining the French Quarter to pose in front of? Do that! If you happen to live near an abandoned train yard in western Pennsylvania? Sounds artsy and cool AF!

Of course likes on an excellent 'gram can't bring happiness, but they can bring a moment of fleeting gratification. Grab your partner, tell them you're taking them someplace neat, and do one of these things. Then look forward to those 100 likes!

Take a walk through a neighborhood with street art.

Every city in America seems to have a famous piece of street art — Wynwood in Miami, the Pink Wall in L.A., and pretty much all of Bushwick in Brooklyn, New York. Even if you're not lucky enough to catch a Banksy, there are plenty of unexplored pieces of street art that would make for a fun (and physically active!) afternoon of strolling and taking photographs. Pick a cool lunch spot in the neighborhood and make a whole day of it.

Visit an outdoor sculpture museum.

Another really great Instagram? (And date, of course.) Find an outdoor sculpture park. It's luxurious to be able to take in fine art in the open air, and you won't be alone in posing for the 'gram. (I'm convinced that people go to Storm King in the Hudson Valley in New York for the Instagram — as seen on Master of None — not the art.)

Grab drinks on a rooftop.

Whether that rooftop is a swanky bar overlooking a city skyline or simply your own roof plus some Trader Joe's wine, a roof is a great place to take an Instagram. Especially if the weather's great.

Go to an experiential exhibit.

If you've heard of the Museum of Ice Cream, the world's first museum designed mostly for Instagramming IMO, you know what I'm talking about. Whether it's a local exhibit at a gallery that allows photos, or a greater week-long even run by a larger company that boasts little rooms and exhibits that are mostly designed for photo-taking, this is a fun date even sans the social media goals.

Take a hike.

But like, a really legitimate hike. Hiking is exercise and also incredibly meditative, so it has health going for it. Other than taking pictures and looking for directions, ideally you'll stay off your phone while exploring the great outdoors. But when you and bae are done using your muscles and chilling your mind, you can log back on to post that sweet picture you took together at the top of the mountain. Plus, you get to show your followers that you actually did something productive — you climbed to the top of a mountain!

Now go forth and 'gram. That is always the answer.

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