5 Daily Affirmations To Recite When Healing From Heartbreak, To Help Get You Through It

When you have a broken heart, all you want is for the pain to pass and for your heart to heal, but sometimes, it just takes time. How much time, exactly, varies from person to person and heartbreak to heartbreak, but daily affirmations to recite when healing from heartbreak might be just what you need to help put your mind in a more productive and encouraging space.

Visualizing yourself in a place of happiness and healing can really do wonders for your own mood and self-esteem. Affirmations can work to remind you of just how amazing you really are, and can aid you in reframing this time as not just emotionally challenging, but an opportunity for personal growth and to fall in love again — with yourself. That’s because, the fact is, you are deserving of love, and even more importantly, self-love. Recognizing that is a great way to kick off the healing process. So, if you are currently in the throes of a heartbreak and need a little boost to lift your spirits and get through this tough time, here are some daily affirmations to help you remember that this will pass, your heart will heal, and you are are incredible and worthy of love.

“I am going to be OK. My heart is healing.”

Right after a heartbreak, it can feel like every minute is torture and just pushing through is a victory. This affirmation will help in those moments because it is a reminder that you will be OK, and that with every moment that passes, your heart is healing just a little bit. Over time, those little bits will add up to a big change, so hang in there.

“I am enough, I don’t need anyone else to complete me.”

Spoiler alert: You are enough and you are complete — even when it doesn’t feel that way. When you give your heart to someone completely and then lose them, you can feel like a part of yourself has gone with them. I understand, I’ve been there myself. But part of the healing process is getting back to who you are as an individual and remembering that even on your own, you are more than enough.

“I release the past.”

Part of moving on and healing from a heartbreak is letting go of the past — as well as the future you envisioned together. Sure, that makes sense, but it's a lot easier said than done. It will take time and some intentional effort to release the past and embrace the present. Letting go doesn’t diminish what you once had, it just frees you to be open to what is to come.

“This is my fresh start.”

Heartbreak may feel like it's all about endings, but it’s actually just as much about new beginnings. It’s a chance to make a fresh start, have a clean slate, do things differently with the knowledge that your past has earned you. You are free, untethered, and able to to follow your bliss wherever that takes you. Now is your chance to be the person you’ve always wanted to be, and that is a beautiful thing.

“A greater love is waiting for me.”

Sadly, not all relationships are meant to last, and when they end, they do so for a reason. It's a relief to remember that just because one romance didn’t work out, that doesn’t mean love is gone from your life forever. In fact, it just means that there is someone else out there, better suited for you, waiting to be discovered.

Heartbreak is rarely easy, and that's OK. You get to mourn and heal at your own pace. But sometimes simply reminding yourself that it will pass and that you are worthy of love can help to ease the process. And taking the opportunity to express a little more self love with affirmations that reinforce it is always a beautiful thing.