5 Clever Halloween Costume Ideas To Help You And Your BFF Slay This Year

by Georgina Berbari

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means grabbing your BFF and brainstorming some seriously kickass costume ideas. But, let's be real, it's 2017 and it feels like every single costume has been aggressively overdone. That's why coming up with clever best friends halloween costumes this season is crucial to help you and your BFF slay all of the spooky festivities you're planning to attend.

TBH, as I'm sure you know, coming up with a killer costume for you and your BFF is pretty much the hardest decision ever. First you have to sift through all of the Pinterest ideas that are basic as hell (I'm going to lose it if I see Thing One and Thing Two again). Plus, you have to decide if you want to be funny, sexy, witty, or simply ridiculous AF -- or, you know, all of the above, if you're feeling ambitious this year, or if you have a costume contest to win.

But a competitive costume contest is not for the faint of heart (or the typical angel-devil pair), so with hundreds of different ideas to choose from, you and your bestie need to be prepared when judgment time rolls around.

Here are five clever costumes that are guaranteed to turn heads as you and your best friend walk in the room ready to slay the Halloween game.

1. Tobias And Lindsay Funke From Arrested Development

Lindsay and Tobias Funke have a rocky relationship in Arrested Development, but this clever costume will be a hit when you and your BFF debut it.

Technically, this costume is perfect for a girl-and-guy duo, but, hey, if one of your girl friends is willing to rock a bald cap for Tobias, #YouDoYou, girl.

The two besties pictured above decided to opt for the time that Tobias attempted to join the Blue Man Group. Trust me, you'll be sure to bond with some fellow hardcore Arrested Development fans out there with this costume.

2. The Grady Twins From The Shining

TBH, if you and your BFF opt for this creepy costume, you'll probably win the costume contest just because people will be too afraid to get on your bad side.

(Bonus points if the host's name is Danny.)

3. Daria And Jane Lane

Daria and Jane are basically the definition of gal pals, and the perfect example of all of your BFF goals.

All you need for this duo costume are some quality blazers, the ability to tell it like it is, and maybe even a slice of pizza or two (these chicks are always sharing a quality, cheesy pie in the MTV show).

Plus, you can be sarcastic AF all night and blame it on being in costume! #Winning.

4. Peanut Butter And Jelly

OK, I know what you're thinking: This one is kind of basic.

But it's still too classic to pass up if you ask me, and if you go hard on it, you might even win that costume contest.

These besties featured above rocked full-body PB and J costumes, which is honestly the only way to go with this bad boy.

Pro tip: Carry some bread and literal jars of peanut butter and jelly around with you. Drunk people love a good sandwich, trust me.

5. Curious George And The Man In The Yellow Hat

When all else fails, Curious George comes in clutch and will be cute AF to monkey around in for you and your best friend.

All you need are some monkey ears, knee-high boots, and smiles for days.

Side note: You don't have to carry around your BFF all night long, but it might secure your first prize in that costume contest if you do. Just to be safe, maybe you should start doing some push-ups now to prepare for the big day.