I Went To College In Boston & These Were My Fave New England Weekend Getaways

by Kristin Corpuz

Going to college in Boston was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Not only do I love my alma mater, but being in Boston allowed me to explore New England in a way I likely wouldn't have otherwise. I had the opportunity to really see a lot of the surrounding states and experience New England culture to the fullest. While I was in school, I took some of the best weekend trips in New England where I enjoyed the most amazing food, spent quality time with Mother Nature, and just relaxed.

From Montpelier, Vermont, to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Providence, Rhode Island, there's so much New England has to offer. I truly loved being able to explore all of the other college towns, taste authentic maple syrup, savor many lobster and crab rolls, and see the history of the region.

Though I don't live there anymore, I know New England will always have a special place in my heart. Not only did I spend three and a half amazing years there during my college career, but I was able to see so much more outside of Boston through various weekend trips. If you're in New England and are looking for a small getaway, you can't go wrong visiting any of these places.

1.Cape Cod, Massachusetts

For New Yorkers, there's the Hamptons, and for urbanites in Boston, there's Cape Cod. My friends and I used to go to Hyannis (which is only an hour and a half drive on a good day) to hang out for a weekend, or even just for a day.

There are a ton of beaches to soak up the sun at, and of course, all the delicious lobster rolls your heart could possibly desire. Even when the weather cools down, long walks on the beach with an oversized sweater on and a blanket wrapped around you feels just as good.

Montpelier, Vermont

I always feel like Liv and Fitz from Scandal when I say this, but I truly love Vermont. There's so much nature to explore, but also so much culture and a cozy community feel. My boyfriend and I have vacationed in Vermont quite a few times over the past few years (both when we lived in Boston and even after).

Montpelier is really cool because you get that small town charm and a big city bustle at the same time, and you can even drive slightly out of the city to unplug and enjoy time with Mother Nature. The last time I went, I just strolled through downtown and hopped in and out of stores and restaurants.

Portland, Maine

In my opinion, Portland is one of the coolest cities in New England. It has a really awesome nightlife scene and a ton of live music venues, if that's what you're looking for during your long weekend. My boyfriend loves visiting Erik's Church to see touring country bands, which is outside of Portland in Windham.

Of course, the seafood is pretty close to unbeatable — especially if you want lobster, oysters, or crab — and the food scene in general is a reason worth visiting for on its own. And if you love visiting breweries, there's no shortage of those around the Portland area.

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence is the perfect city to walk around if you're looking for an easy weekend away. It feels a lot like Boston in many ways, but if you leave the downtown area, you can discover some serious magic. When I went, I loved walking around the Brown University and RISD areas because that's where all the fun spots are.

Take a stroll down Thayer Street for shopping, cute restaurants, and trendy coffee shops. And if you're in town during the season, you absolutely have to experience the bonfires at WaterFire. Make sure you check out their schedule to see if it's happening while you're there.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

If you've been longing to visit New Hampshire and want to spend time near the water, Portsmouth is the place to retreat to. Like other cities on this list, it has a buzzing nightlife scene so you and your friends can go out. I used to go to to The Thirsty Moose, which has incredible pizza and a great beer selection for a hoppy time.

And of course, a trip to Odiorne State Park in nearby Rye is an absolute must. You can walk the trails and take in the scenic views just about a 10-minute drive away from downtown Porstmouth.