The Nude Photo Pose To Try Based On What Body Part You Want To Highlight

To snap or not to snap? That is the question when it comes to nudes, I mean. There's nothing wrong with sending a tantalizing pic of yourself to bae while they're at the library cramming for finals — for moral support, of course — or just for your own safekeeping. Hey, if you're feeling yourself and the lighting is bomb, you're practically obligated to selfie. This is millennial law. Whatever the inspiration behind your risqué photoshoot, it couldn't hurt to know one of the best nude photo poses for your favorite body part.

I know no one wants to confront Beyoncé about this, but there is no way in hell she woke up like that. I learned from Nomi Ellenson, boudoir photographer and creator of Boudoir by Nomi, that taking a flawless pic is actually all about positioning yourself to create interesting and dynamic angles. Whether you're crossing your arm over your body so it’s touching a leg, pointing your toes if you’re laying down, or having your hands rest delicately wherever they fall, each of these positions adds character and dimension to your photos.

If that sounds complicated, you're not alone. I know I'm not the only one who has trouble figuring out where to place my hands in an Instagram shot. Posing is so complicated that we've actually started faking candids and calling them plandids, now. Ugh, where is Kendall Jenner when you need her?

Turns out, you don't need to be a supermodel to nail a pose. All you need is a little show and tell. Enter Boudoir By Nomi. "I demonstrate all the poses for my clients because a lot of people don’t know how to accentuate their bodies. They think, 'I want to look as skinny as possible,' and that’s not really what it’s about," Ellenson tells Elite Daily in an interview. Women are beautiful at any shape, size, and weight. The ultimate goal of taking a steamy photo should be to feel confident in your own skin — not to strive to look like you weigh less than you do to fit into society's arbitrary standards of what "sexy" is or pretend to be someone you're not.

Ellenson demonstrates a pose for her client to mimic during her shoot.

Here's what you need to be doing to highlight your favorite physical features next time you strip down for the camera, whether you're taking selfies in your bathroom mirror, posing for a partner you trust, or posing for a professional photographer.

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No, you don't need a push-up bra, and don't let anyone con you into thinking that way. All you have to do is roll your shoulders back so that you sit or stand upright and your chest comes forward. Rather than just sticking your chest out, working from your shoulders creates a natural, graceful look. Ellenson says it's her go-to piece of advice when she's working with a new client: not just to accentuate the chest area, but also to improve their posture.

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Annnd stretch. No, really. It's more casual than flexing, so you look like you were just walking around your apartment in your underwear. Alternatively, if you'd prefer more coverage in this area, Ellenson suggests draping your arm across your belly button to draw focus to your chest, waist, and hips.

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A personal fave! A photo of your back or of your silhouette from behind is always attractive. It allows you to be mysterious and flirtatious without feeling too exposed. To add a more personal touch, glance over one shoulder and gently let your hands rest on your tricep. You're doing amazing, sweetie.

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The point here is to emphasize the natural curvature of your body. Ellenson says, "In terms of creating the illusion of a curve, [if you're laying down] take your top leg and cross it over the other to give yourself a more rounded tush." This works if you're standing up, too, and heels are optional. If heels aren't really your thing or you'd prefer to bare it all, you can point your toes for a similar effect. Remember: shoulders back, torso long, legs crossed.

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Ellenson says that booty shots are always very popular with her clients. Again, one way to make your booty pop is to cross your legs, regardless of whether you're laying down or standing up. The natural twist of your body creates a deeper angle in the small of your back. Don't forget to include the peach emoji in your text or photo caption for this shot.

The best part about taking nude photos is that all you really need is you — no partner, no expensive lingerie, no professional lighting. It's all about you, your body, and your captivating poses.