5 Bad New Year's Eve Kisses, According To Men Who Unfortunately Experienced Them


Any time you're sort of required to kiss the person next to you, there's potential for awkwardness to ensure. Seven minutes in heaven, spin the bottle, mistletoe... New Year's Eve is no exception to this rule. There are good New Year's Eve kisses, there are bad New Year's Eve kisses, and then there are just plain sad New Year's Eve kisses. If you're not sure what the difference is between the last two, you can ask any of these five men. They've bravely volunteered to share their unfortunate NYE anecdotes solely for your entertainment. Sure, they can all laugh about them now, but these experiences definitely stung for a while. From the ones who got kissed to the ones who were dissed, none of these New Year's Eve pairings lived happily ever after.

If you're looking for a silver lining, here's one for you: the girls below might have missed out, but that just means these five eligible bachelors might still be available to kiss you come December 31, 2017. (Maybe don't tell them I said that, though.) So go ahead and read their stories, cringe a little, and then make your first resolution of the new year: vow not to break anybody's heart on New Year's Eve.

This guy was a victim of circumstance.

— Rob, 23

This guy's white lies eventually caught up to him.

- Josh, 22

This guy's kissing wasn't up to par.

— Tyler, 22

Like life, this guy's New Year's kiss came at him fast.

— Preston, 22

This guy shared too much, too soon.

— Seth, 29

Happy New Year, and good luck out there.

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