49 Newly-Released Products On Amazon That Are Flying Off The Shelves

by Mackenzie Edwards and Anna Anderson

The one thing I love about Amazon is the sheer volume of products that the company sells. There are products that solve problems, products that entertain, and even products that make you laugh. Plus, they're all just a click away from arriving at your door. TBH, there seems to be no shortage of fan-favorites lining the shelves — but still, new deals are added on a regular basis. With that being said, say hello to the newly-released products on Amazon that are flying off the shelves.

Based off reviews, it's clear that customers can't get enough of the new-to-market gadgets and tools that've graced the retailer's site. Things like indoor s'mores makers are super fun, while anti-theft travel backpacks are practical and problem-solving. Whether these new products are totally fresh or simply improved, shoppers are stocking up and checking out fast.

If you don't order yours today, the items that you've had your eyes on might be gone soon. Load up on camping gear (like an inflatable couch or travel utensil bag), or complete your kitchen with a panini maker or a spice-organizing carousel. Orders are being filled quickly, and they're out for delivery — so snag your new faves while you still can.

These Silicone Cup Lids With Room For Reusable Straws

These stretchable, BPA-free silicone lids are your solutions to less spills. Since they're stretchy, they can seal drinks in various cups while locking out dust and debris. With room in each lid for a reusable silicone straw, you can sip without a worry. One pack comes with three cool colors, and they can be easily stacked for convenient storage.

The Cotton Wipes That Clean Red Wine Off Your Teeth

People cannot get enough of these cotton wine wipes. The individually wrapped cloths remove that purple-colored film that's usually left on your teeth or lips after sipping. Just wipe each one across the wine-stained area for a brighter, whiter smile as continue to enjoy your favorite bottle of red. Since they're small, they’re the perfect size to keep in your purse.

A Portable Sony Speaker With Intense Bass

Bring the party with you when you carry this portable Bluetooth speaker around. The Sony device packs a bunch with its powerful bass — and its detachable strap makes on-the-go listening easy. With a six-hour battery life, you won’t have to worry about the speaker dying in the middle of a jam session. You can even take calls with the built-in microphone.

The Heated Shiatsu Massager That Can Plug Into Your Car

You can stop paying for expensive spa days and treat yourself to this electric shiatsu massager instead. The wearable device features eight moving nodes, each with bi-directional rotation. Choose from three intensity modes to massage sore muscles in your back, neck, shoulders, waist, or legs. It even comes with specific adapters to help you enjoy a massage in the car or at work. Plus, it features a heated function for extra care.

An Inflatable Couch That Doesn't Need A Pump

Shoppers love this inflatable air sofa that's perfect for camping, hiking, and music festivals. Inflate the lounger by scooping it around and capturing air (there’s no need for a pump or manually blowing it up). The durable polyester material features two pockets and a cup holder for optimal relaxation. Plus, the pillow-shaped headrest makes for a comfortable place to nap wherever you are.

This Digital Scale That Weighs Your Luggage Before The Airport

Never worry about overpacking again with this handy digital luggage scale that weighs your suitcase before you get to the airport. The easy-to-read digital LCD screen gives you an accurate reading every time. It's small and portable, so you can easily bring it when you travel to make sure you never have to pay overweight luggage fees. The device even has an auto-off function to preserve the battery for longer periods of time.

This Indoor S'mores Maker That You Can Use All Year

Enjoy the sweetness of a campfire without leaving your house when you use this indoor electric s’mores maker. Just flip the switch to activate the heater for delicious roasted marshmallows. This kit comes with roasting forks and features a convenient compartment tray to store your s’more fixings. Plus, it’s so easy to clean. The stainless steel base is simple to wipe down, and the trays come apart to wash away gooey marshmallow goodness with ease.

A Versatile Hammer That Serves 14 Different Functions

This is not your typical hammer. With 14 functions in one, this high-quality hammer is extremely versatile, featuring a nail claw, pliers, two kinds of screwdrivers, wire cutters, a bottle opener, and more. The steel design and hardwood handle is durable and sleek. Weighting just 11 ounces, this multi-use tool is easy to store or keep with you while your work or camp.

This Heavy Weighed Blanket That's Also Breathable

Shoppers are adding this weighted blanket to their carts for better relaxation. It’s unique design uses dense quilting and double-stitching for added durability. Plus, the blanket is filled with glass beads and a breathable inner layer for a soothing and comforting sleep each time. The temperature-control fabric is also machine-washable.

A Motion-Activated Light That Illuminates Your Toilet Bowl

Customers love this motion-activated toilet nightlight. For middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom, this LED eliminates the need to turn on bright, jarring overhead lights. It offers eight unique colors to choose from, and it can be added to the side of your toilet bowl. The battery-operated device is easy to install and stays lit for one minute after detecting motion.

This Flexible Flashlight That Can Bend While It Shines

This flexible flashlight is the must-have device you’ll want to add to your emergency kit. With 16 LED flood lights and a bendable function, it works great for illuminating campsites, garage workspaces, or cars hoods. Both the magnetic rubber base and hanging hook help you enjoy hands-free lighting wherever you need it. With four modes (low, medium, high, and hazard), this weather-resistant light has so many uses.

The Adjustable Bamboo Table That Lets You Work In Bed

Enjoy breakfast in bed with this foldable bamboo tray. The adjustable table is ideal for eating, working on a laptop, reading, or other crafts. With foldable and extendable legs and an adjustable top, you can customize the desk to your ideal height. The table also features a side drawer for storage, as well as a baffle to keep papers or devices from falling.

A Wireless Karaoke Microphone That Syncs To Your Phone

Sing your heart out with this wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone, which has various built-in controls. Sink it up to your phone and sing along to your favorite songs. The rechargeable battery can last up to 10 hours, and the dual speakers make for powerful sound. The microphone is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

The Mug Warmer That Ensures Your Coffee Never Gets Cold

The solution to cold coffee is here with this mug warmer. The 17-watt warmer heats coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other drinks in just two minutes. Plus, the longer power cord makes it perfect for keeping at your desk (regardless of where the outlet is). Just flip the switch to heat up the warmer — and when you’re done, simply wipe off the easy-to-clean surface.

This Felt Message Board That Adds Personality To The Room

Add a little personality to your home with this letter board, which is lined with felt. Hang it on your wall with the built-in metal hook, or use the collapsible stand to keep it on a side table or shelf. This message board comes with pre-cut letters, so you can create the sayings you want to display. There's even an extra set of special characters, symbols, and emojis. Not to mention, the rustic wooden frame adds an elegant touch to match with your home.

A Sleep Mask That Also Plays Music While You Snooze

Fall asleep to your favorite music with this pair of sleep headphones. The eye mask blocks out the light for absolute darkness, allowing you to sleep anywhere. But it’s not just a sleeping mask; it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker with a microphone inside, allowing you to customize your playlist and take calls while you relax. The battery lasts for a full night, and it only takes about two hours to charge.

The Cute Panini Maker That's Small But Mighty

The cutest kitchen appliance is here — and it’s ideal for grilled cheese, paninis, and even burgers. This mini grill is small but mighty, heating up quickly and cooking evenly every time. It weighs less than 1 pound and turns on when it's plugged in. The device comes in six equally adorable colors (including pink, silver, and more). The nonstick, four-inch surface is also easy to clean.

This Outdoor Blanket That Rolls Into A Stylish Bag

This outdoor blanket is a must-have for picnics, park days, or sporting events. Plus, its waterproof material is durable and oh-so stylish. When it's not being used, the whole blanket rolls into a convenient carrying case (complete with a handle). It’s lightweight and easy to carry — and after your day in the wilderness, just toss the blanket right in the washing machine.

A Rechargeable Hand Warmer That's Also A Phone Charger

Amazon shoppers love this rechargeable hand warmer by Zippo. The dual-sided hand warmer heats up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your fingers toasty. Plus, it features six heat settings so you can choose the right amount of heat. It runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts about nine hours — and you can charge your USB devices in the same port.

This Nail Polish Holder That Slides Onto Your Fingers Like A Ring

This wearable nail polish holder is flying off the shelves. The silicone rubber contraption fits over two fingers to securely hold any nail polish bottle while your paint. The soft rings are comfortable — but they're also durable enough to last you a lifetime. Paint your nails anywhere simply by sliding on the ring and picking out your favorite color.

The 10-In-1 Pocket Knife That Looks Like A Credit Card

This versatile pocket knife is basically a survival device that's disguised as a credit card. With ten unique tools included in this one gadget, you’ll feel safe and prepared for whatever life throws your way. It features a serrated knife, a toothpick and tweezers, a bottle opener, and more. The discrete design is great for keeping in your purse, car, or wallet.

The Sturdy Phone Mount That Attaches To Your Car's Air Vent

Mount your phone without taking up too much space by using this air vent phone holder. The stand is easy to install and keeps your phone secure while you focus on driving. It even features an adjustable viewing angle to customize your phone’s display. Made with plastic and solid aluminum alloy, this device is lightweight and compatible with most iPhone, Android, and Google devices.

This Wearable Ice Pack That Helps Eliminate Headaches

Get relief from painful migraines with this soft wearable ice pack, which wraps around your head (or other ailing areas) with ease. Unlike other ice packs, this one includes 24 ice cubes, each of which are individually wrapped in plastic. It's made of cotton, spandex, and micro-fleece to keep you comfortable while the ice works its magic. Just store the package in the freezer in between uses.

The Backpack That Protects Your Valuables From Thieves

Keep your belonging safe with this anti-theft travel backpack. The main zipper is completely hidden, so no one can reach inside while you’re wearing it. Designed with convenience in mind, it features a reflective strip for walking at night and a strap for hanging it over luggage. The backpack is also water-resistant, and it has a charging port for USB devices. The comfortable straps and handles make carrying even the heaviest laptops or equipment a breeze.

These Martini Glasses That Keep Your Cocktails Cold

Keep your cocktails cool with these insulated martini tumblers, which are double-walled for extra insulation. Just take them out of the freezer, pour your favorite drink inside, and sip responsibly. These stylish plastic cups are BPA-free, and the silicone grips keep your hands from getting too cold while you enjoy your martini.

This Garden Seat That Keeps Your Back And Knees Safe

Use this garden kneeler to tend to your plants without hurting your back. The foldable design can provide a cushion for your knees, or it can stand as a an upright seat while you take care of your shrubs. The chair itself is extremely lightweight and easy to open and close. Plus, it includes several pouches that attach to the sides for storing tools.

A Stylish Beanie That Also Plays Music From Your Phone

This wireless Bluetooth beanie keeps your head warm while you listen to your favorite music. It has a built-in microphone and speaker that can play music from devices up to 33 feet away. With a rechargeable battery and easy-to-use buttons, you’ll want to use this hat all year long (regardless of the weather).

The Acupressure Mat That Relieves Neck And Back Pain

Relieve neck and back pain quickly with this acupressure mat and pillow set. This unique package uses more than 7,000 spikes to target pressure points and immediately relieve pain from muscles knots, sciatica, headaches, and sore muscles. Just lay on top of the set for 10 to 15 minutes each day to see results. The whole pack even fits into a carrying case for simple travel.

A Memory Foam Pillow That Bends To Fit Your Needs

Online shoppers can’t get enough of this fully adjustable memory foam travel pillow. Bend and twist the pillow to support your neck, head, chin, lumbar, or leg whether you’re on an airplane or at work. The light and breathable cover is easy to remove and machine-washable. This pillow can be personalized to your comfort, whenever and wherever you need it.

This Magnetic Pickup Tool That's Totally Extendable

Find that missing screw, earring, or bolt with this magnetic pick-up tool that extends up to 30 inches. The black cushioned grip keeps your hands comfortable while looking for metal pieces that might've fallen into tight spots. The magnet on this tiny device is also incredibly strong, pulling up to 20 pounds at one time. Keep it in your garage or office so you can find those dropped items in hard-to-reach places.

The Circular Cheese Board That Features A Knife Compartment

Hosts love this $30 picnic cheese board that comes with the tools you need to serve. The wooden swivel boards create a beautiful way to display your charcuterie, and the stainless steel knives fit perfectly inside the bottom for easy storage. The recessed perimeter moat also keeps juices and spreads from running off onto your table or counter.

This Spice Carousel That Measures Before Dispensing

This spice carousel is a chef’s dream. It does double duty, storing your spices in durable plastic containers that are easy to take from. When you need a spice, just twist the dial to measure out the perfect amount. This set has room for 12 flavors, along with the ability to remove them at any time. The rotating base can also be stored in your pantry.

A Starter Kit That Teaches You To Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree

Grow your own Bonsai tree with this starter kit. The step-by-step instructions show you how to grow a tree from a selection of five seeds picked by Budi Sulistyo, a famous grower (per the brand). This kit comes with everything you need: starter pots, nutrient-rich moss, plant markers, plant bases, and a mini shovel. Watch your tree grow right at home.

A Foldable Chair That's Perfect For Watching Live Sports

Sit comfortably at your favorite sporting event with this foldable grandstand chair. The ultra-padded seat will keep you comfy in the stands throughout the entire game. Each one has a built-in bleacher hook and rubber strip to keep it from shifting in the stands. Plus, it's lightweight and has a carrying handle for easy transport when the game's over.

This Sink Organizer That Cuts Down On Countertop Clutter

Keep countertop clutter to a minimum with this simple sink organizer. The tray-like unit features a ribbed design to help speed up sponge-drying time. There are even lips on the sides to keep water from draining out. Made from BPA-free silicone, it's antibacterial, dishwasher-safe, and big enough to accommodate hand soap, dish soap, and sponges.

The Separated Bowl That Keeps Cereal From Getting Soggy

Say goodbye to soggy cereal with this bowl. The plastic container is designed to keep milk and cereal separated, giving you control over how moist your breakfast gets. The BPA-free selection is microwave-safe, lightweight, and stackable. Use it for various meals like salad, soup, or snacks.

A Silicone Water Strainer That Clips Onto Pots And Pans

Drain water quickly with this snap-on stainer. The silicone structure fits perfectly on most pots and pans to drain water with ease. Just attach it to the side of your container and tip it over for quick water removal. The durable material is great for straining potatoes, pasta, or veggies. Plus, it takes up much less space than a typical colander.

This Pour-Over Coffee Maker That Helps Retain Flavor And Aroma

This pour-over coffee maker is made with durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a permanent stainless steel mesh filter that doesn't absorb the coffee's natural oils. That means all the subtle flavors and aromas really get a chance to shine. It's dishwasher-safe and available in 17-, 34-, and 51-ounce options.

This Panini Press That Makes The Best Grilled Sandwiches Of All Time

There's nothing more satisfying than a grilled cheese or tuna melt— and this panini press makes it a cinch to make those delicious sandwiches (and more) right from home. The floating, nonstick lids evenly press and toast sandwiches of all sizes — and the top lid flips back so you can make open-face sandwiches and bruschetta. The press is big enough to make two sandwiches at the same time, and you can store it vertically when you're done.

A Clip-On Ring Light That'll Majorly Upgrade Your Selfie Game

Sometimes, the secret to taking clear selfies is a bright ring light. This best-selling selfie ring light is USB-rechargeable, and it features three different brightness settings. That way, you can snap great photos no matter where you are (or what time it is). It's compact, lightweight, and easy to clip onto your phone, tablet, or computer.

This Muscle Roller That Warms Your Body Up Before A Workout

This muscle roller stick features seven individual rollers on a stainless steel core that's guaranteed not to bend or break. Roll it along your calves, hamstrings, and lower back to warm up your muscles before hitting the gym, which will can help reduce the the risk of strain or injury. The roller's available in six colors: blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and red.

An Ingenious Way To Keep Herbs Fresh For Days

Herbs often wilt by the time you get around to using them all, but this herb container keeps them fresh for up to 10 days longer than normal. The container features a clear lid, three dividers, and hydro-felt pads at the bottom. Add water to the container, and the absorbent pads will give the herbs a steady supply of hydration. Use this with rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, and more.

This Ab Roller That Builds Core Strength Fast

This ab roller might look like a tire that fell off a scooter, but it's actually an ingenious workout tool that helps build ab, back, shoulder, and pectoral strength. Just get on your hands and knees, grip the handles on each side, and then roll out until your body is fully extended. Then, roll right back in. The roller is made with durables stainless steel and nonslip rubber — and it comes with a complimentary knee pad and workout guide to help you get the most from it.

An Electric Wine Bottle Opener That Comes With An Aerator

If corkscrews have you stumped, then this electric wine opener will be right up your alley. Just place it on top of your bottle and press the button to instantly and effortlessly remove the cork. (I know, it's almost too good to be true.) The rechargeable opener can uncork up to 30 bottles on one charge, and it comes with a pourer to aerate your wine while you fill up your glass.

This Electric Griddle That Comes With A Bonus Warming Tray

Make breakfast without having to wait around with this electric griddle that cooks food up to 20 times faster. The grill is pretty large, so you can fry up pancakes, eggs, and sausage for your breakfast crew. There's even a secret pull-out warming tray underneath the griddle, so you can keep food warm while you set the table. The griddle is made with a titanium-infused, nonstick ceramic coating that's durable and scratch-resistant.

The Collapsible Water Bottle That Takes Up Less Space In Your Backpack

Once you're done drinking from this collapsible water bottle, roll it up and secure it with the strap. Then, stash in your backpack where it'll take up much less space than your bulky water bottle. Made from shatterproof silicone, the water bottle features a leakproof twist cap — and it's also dishwasher-safe. Choose from colors like bright green, aqua, gray, and purple.

This Card Game That Aspiring Astronauts Will Love

Amazon reviewers say this "hilarious" spaceship-themed card game "is a great party game for small groups." The point of the fast-paced game is to work together to fix a malfunctioning spaceship before it's too late (and you get sucked into a black hole). It's suitable for three to six players, and each round is only five minutes long. It's perfect for those who've always dreamed about being astronauts — or just anyone who likes to have a good time.

A Utensil Organizer That's Great For Camping Or Picnics

Campers will love this utensil set that's stocked with everything you need to make a gourmet meal in the great outdoors. The set comes with a soup ladle, spatula, tongs, scissors, rice paddle, cutting board, chef's knife, bottle opener, and a wine key that are packed neatly into a compact, zippered pouch with a handle. It's available in six color options like orange, blue, and army green.

These Concert Earplugs That Protect Your Ears Without Losing Sound Quality

Protect your hearing at concerts and festivals — without sacrificing sound quality — with these reusable earplugs that lower volume with attenuating filters instead of just canceling out the noise. Made with a clear glass outer shell and silicone ear tips, the discreet earplugs are virtually invisible when they're in your ears. They come with three ear tip sizes for maximum comfort and protection, as well as a hard carrying case that fits in your purse or pocket.

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