48 Products On Amazon That'll Make You Happy Just Looking At Them

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Not to be a Debbie downer, but a lot of life is... drudgery. From paying bills, doing your taxes to getting your oil changed to standing in line at the store to waking up to that dreadful alarm at 6 a.m. on Monday morning, it can be painfully monotonous. The good news? There's still a lot of delight to be had: the smell of summer rain, a warm chocolate chip cookie, the feel of a cozy sweater on a snowy morning, and also — these 48 products on Amazon that'll make you happy by just looking at them.

Each one of these products truly embodies the adage that "it's the small things" in life that really make a person happy. Some of them are adorable, like a pan that makes silver dollar pancakes with smiley faces on them. Some of them are clever, like a pair of slippers you can warm up in the microwave. And some of them are awe-inspiring like a 3-D-printed spherical nightlight patterned after the surface of the moon, accurately recreating all its craters and shadows.

I guarantee that each one of these products is so happiness-inducing that you'll get a kick out of just clicking through them. So go ahead, inject a dose of retail joy into your day.

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