36 Products On Amazon That Are Just Plain Delightful

Obviously, some of the stuff you order online, you actually need. I mean, I use Amazon for socks, lightning chargers (which I should buy by the ton), and the latest best-sellers (that counts as a need, right?). But then there's the stuff you order because you can't help falling down the rabbit hole every now and again — basically, it's the stuff you don't actually require but you see and Have. To. Have. Don't get me started on the Fondoodler, for example. Let's just say that there are some products on Amazon that are so just plain delightful they might as well add themselves to your cart.

This can include things that are useful on their own — like an aromatherapy spray that relaxes you — or it can be an adorable upgrade on something you would buy anyway, and that's exactly why a sheet mask that makes you look like an adorable animal is on this list.

There's no doubt you've felt the same way about a kajillion things on Amazon, too, but here are a few more choice items to add to your haul. Dive right in: There's plenty of clever and delightful things you'll want to bring home right away.

Entertainment — 36 Products On Amazon That Are Just Plain Delightful

1. This Aromatherapy Spray Will Make You Feel Like You're Taking A Walk In The Woods

Zum Mist Frankincense & Myrrh, $12, Amazon

You'll be taking a relaxing stroll through the woods anytime you spray this aromatherapy mist. Crafted with natural, non-toxic pure essential oils, it's a blend of the prized ancient ingredients it bears as its name, which combine to give it a woodsy aroma that's as great on your body as it is at knocking out odors in your home, office, or even your car. Careful, though, where you spray it, as it's intoxicatingly relaxing.


2. These Masks Turn You Into A Real Animal

BIOAQUA Animal Masks, $11 (Set of 4), Amazon

One enjoyable side effect of masking on the regular is startling the other folks who live in your house, including the four-legged ones. What better way to hydrate and get your joy on than with these masks that feature overlays of beloved animals? This set includes a dog, a sheep, a panda, and a tiger, and the masks inside are "more than just cute," according to one reviewer — they're super-hydrating, FDA-approved, and cruelty-free.


3. These Slippers Will Make Cleaning Your Floors Feel Like A Walk In The Park

Selric Mop Slippers, $12, Amazon

When my kids were little, I used to attach microfiber dusters to their footie pajamas and have them glide around on my hardwoods — and I'd tell them we were practicing Olympic speed skating. Not. Kidding. If only we'd had these slippers that are purpose-made for cleaning up your floors the fun way. On top they're fun and super-cute bears, while on the bottom, they're all business: Microfiber chenille loops attract dust, grime, and pet hairs, and they detach to machine-wash when your chores are through.


4. A Machine That Turns Fresh Fruit Into Fresh Sorbet Fast

Yonanas Soft Serve Maker, $40, Amazon

If you love the taste of fresh fruit, or are looking for a delightfully simple treat, you'll love this appliance — it converts fruit into soft serve nearly instantaneously with no added ingredients. Simply push your fruits down the chute of the device and the resulting creamy treat is dispensed from the other end in just seconds, offering a smooth taste that mimics that of ice cream or sorbet. All removable parts are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup, and the machine is BPA-free.


5. This Lamp That Looks Just Like The Moon

Gahaya Moon Lamp, $34, Amazon

Maybe the moon landing really was a hoax and NASA just had one of these lamps and videotaped it in a dark room with little tiny figures. Who knows? Buy one for yourself and see if you can recreate it. Incorporating a low-energy LED bulb, it's energy-efficient and gives off a pleasing low light, which you can switch between cool white and warm white settings to provide different looks.


6. A Terrific Treat For Sushi Lovers — Just Don't Eat It

Fred & Friends Maki Tacks Sushi Pushpins, $15, Amazon

This fun push pin set is incredibly fun while still remaining functional: It's a sushi roll, and the tacks have heads fashioned to look like ikura, or salmon roe. It's great for an office, and comes with 50 tacks, so it'll last you for a while.


7. These Reusable Cable Ties Are Just Plain Goofy

Mziart Cable Ties, $8 (9 Pack), Amazon

Couldn't we all use a little more goofy these days? Whether you're using these cable ties to keep your headphones from tangling, to keep your computer or other electronics cords streamlined, or even to seal a loaf of bread or other food containers, you won't be able to suppress a smile at their silly faces. Crafted from durable silicone-covered wire, they're just under 11 inches long and perfect for so many tasks around the house.


8. This Headband Will Add Some Fun To Your Facial Routine

DRESHOW Cat Headband, $7 (4 Pack), Amazon

You're going to wash your face anyway, why not add a fun twist to it by holding your hair back with this headband? Soft and fuzzy, it's crafted with a stretchy spandex blend and incorporates an elastic band to fit all head sizes comfortably. The fabric is durable and the headband is machine-washable, so you'll get lots of use out of this delightful accessory.


9. This Foot Massager Comes With A Reflexology Chart To Guide The Way To Relief — And Feels Incredibly Delightful

TheraFlow Large Dual Foot Massager, $18, Amazon

Let the included foot chart guide the way to relief from aches and pains all over your body through manipulation from this massager. It features a texture specifically designed to knead your feet for optimum healing, as well as an arc that's specifically engineered to reach your sore spots — even if you have high arches. It's perfect for restoring circulation to aching feet, as well as addressing conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel pain.


10. An Eye Stick That Combines K-Beauty Savvy With Ingredients From Iceland

the SAEM Hydrating Eye Stick, $9, Amazon

K-beauty standout the SAEM combines storied Korean beauty know-how with ingredients sourced all over the world to create their product line, and this hydrating eye stick is no exception. Don't be fooled by the super-cute packaging, this is a serious beauty product featuring botanical ingredients and water from Iceland to de-puff and brighten eyes, as well as reduce the look of dark circles. It also delivers a cooling effect that helps relieve tiredness. You can keep it in the refrigerator to enhance its effects.


11. This Mask Is Infused With Pearl And Diamond

I DEW CARE Disco Kitten Peel-Off Face Mask, $23, Amazon

If you believe diamonds are anyone's best friend, try some on your face with this peel-off mask that includes not only diamond powder — said to improve elasticity and provide an illuminating effect — but also pearl powder, which provides a gentle exfoliating effect to brighten your skin. The mask's base is rice bran and oat, which together refine your skin's texture, works to hold in moisture, and delivers antioxidant effects, and it also includes natural ingredients like rice bran, elderflower, and orange flower. All this, and you'll look like a wicked cool space robot during your treatment, too.


12. These Wraps Make A Spa Environment Possible Whenever You Need It

Happy Wraps Herbal Neck Wrap with Eye Pillow and Sleep Mask, $20, Amazon

With these microwaveable wraps on hand, you have access to a spa environment wherever and whenever you need it. The set includes an aromatherapy neck wrap and eye pillow, plus an eye mask to ensure that all the light is shut out while you're relaxing. Made from satin, these wraps also feel great on your skin. The eye pillow is filled with flax seed and French lavender for the ultimate in relaxation, while the neck wrap contains flax seed and a 12-herb blend that's targeted to relieve muscles. Both can be microwaved for one minute for heated therapy, too.


13. A Notepad That Helps You Record Those Great Ideas You Get In The Shower

AquaNotes Waterproof Note Pad, $9, Amazon

If you're one of those people who gets their best ideas in the shower, you seriously need this notepad. It adheres to the wall of your shower with suction cups and includes 40 waterproof, perforated sheets that you write on with a regular graphite pencil. When you're done showering, you simply tear off your note and go. This is nearly a universally beloved product, with 4.6-stars from almost 600 reviewers who have a dizzying array of reasons why they love this ingenious gadget.


14. This Fizzy Bath Treat Says Happy Birthday Like Little Else

Two Sisters Spa Birthday Cake Bath Bomb, $7, Amazon

Celebrate your birthday any day you like with this bath bomb made by two moms who clearly know how to help people party. Nearly tennis ball-sized, it smells like a cupcake, and it's packed with olive oil to leave your skin soft and silky smooth. Plus, as it disintegrates, it leaves behind a magenta-colored bubble bath for you to enjoy.


15. This Mold Makes A Super Cute Cat Out Of Your Breakfast

Fred & Friends FUNNY SIDE UP Silicone Egg Mold, $14, Amazon

The designers at Fred & Friends seriously have the best job in the world: From what I can tell, they're simply tasked with sitting around and coming up with super fun stuff for our enjoyment, like this egg mold that takes your eggs and makes them into a cat face with the yolks as the eyes. Crafted from food-safe, heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone, the mold holds the yolks in place as the eggs cook, while allowing the whites to spread out to form the remainder of the cat's face.


16. This Straightening Brush Gives You Great Style For Just $10

Perfectday Straightening Brush, $10, Amazon

If you've thought of trying one of these combination styling tools, this straightening brush with its unparalleled price point is your chance: Coming in at just $10, it's a steal, and the millennial pink finish doesn't hurt either. It features precision temperature control that's offers you the ability to set it anywhere between 370 and 450 degrees so you can customize it depending on your hair texture. It's also designed to enable contact with as much of your hair as possible so that it gets straighter, faster.


17. This Is A Salt Lamp. It's A Diffuser. It's A Smart Lamp. It's All Three.

SMAGREHO Smart Salt Lamp Diffuser, $43, Amazon

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a diffuser...okay, so this salt lamp may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but it does just about everything else. First and foremost, as per the description, it's a salt lamp designed to create a calm, relaxing environment — but it's also an essential oil diffuser (oh, and incidentally, a humidifier), to be used with your favorite scents to enhance your well-being and your environment. Additionally, it features seven colors of LED lights that can be customized into a light show or set and adjusted as you please. Finally, this "superhero" device also works in coordination with your Amazon Alexa or other virtual home assistant device.


18. These Claws Turn You Into Wolverine With A Pork Shoulder

Cave Tools Shredder Claws, $13 (1 Pair), Amazon

No matter what kind of meat you're handling and whether you're pulling it apart or holding it for carving, these tools help you make short and elemental work of serving meat. They're designed to mimic bear claws — and hey, bears are pretty good at shredding meat — and are heat-resistant and BPA-free, too. The pair ships with 25 professional barbecue recipes and access to a video library of many more.


19. A Tea Infuser That's Shaped Like A Tea Rex

Krierah Baby Dino Tea Infuser, $10, Amazon

It's not actually shaped like a T-Rex — it's shaped more like an apatosaurus — but this dinosaur-shaped tea infuser sure is adorable. Crafted from heat-resistant silicone, you fill the dinosaur's belly with tea and give him a push so that he's standing in your water. It works in a cup or a kettle — simply adjust the amount of tea you feed the dino accordingly. .


20. A Unique Cake Cutter That Works Pretty Great, Too

Fred & Friends Table Saw Cake Cutter, $10, Amazon

How fun would this cake cutter be for a wedding or party? Shaped like a hand saw, it's crafted from durable and food-safe polypropylene. With its serrated blade, it's also great for other uses around the kitchen, like slicing up salad or breads. Kids will get a real kick out of this for parties, too!


21. These Brushes Embody The Word "Delightful"

CINIDY Mermaid Makeup Brushes, $9 (11 Piece Set), Amazon

Want to feel like a mermaid and queen for a day all at the same time? Get a set of these makeup brushes with handles shaped like spectacular mermaid's tails. This full-featured set is engineered with soft, high-density nylon bristles to prevent shedding and plastic handles with 3-D mermaid effects. They're safe for sensitive skin, clean easily, and feature everything from foundation to powder to eyeshadow brushes.


22.This Waffle Maker Is Perfect For Small Spaces...Because It's Teeny

Dash Mini Maker, $10, Amazon

If you have a small galley kitchen or you're living in a loft, studio apartment, or dorm room, this adorable single-serve waffle iron is for you. Even better, you can use it for more than just waffles; it's great for pressed sandwiches like paninis, and other toasted items, too. Weighing in at just over a pound, it's even suitable for use in an RV. It heats up in just minutes, and the non-stick surfaces wipe down easily once you're done.


23. A Microwave Bacon Tray Looks Like A Little Pig

Joie Piggy Microwave Bacon Tray, $12, Amazon

Cook bacon quickly and conveniently in the microwave without splattering grease all over your stove or your oven — if you use this tray that features a splatter-proof lid adorned with a tiny pig head for a handle. Crafted from BPA-free plastic, the tray is designed to hold up to five strips of bacon at one time. It also features a ridged floor to distribute heat evenly and drain fat away from the food.


24. The Scrub That Combines Cacao And Coffee In The Most Luscious Treat For Your Body

Frank Cacao Coffee Scrub, $23, Amazon

Delightful and decadent, this body scrub smells like a cafè mocha and provides exfoliation and circulation-boosting benefits from the natural caffeine contained in both coffee and organic cacao. Just like the drink wakes you up, this blend wakes up your skin, leaving it silky smooth and packed with antioxidants, it's also said to help with varicose veins, acne, eczema, and other skin conditions.


25. This Coloring Book Will Prove Exactly How Much Of A Dog Lover You Really Are

Honey Badger Coloring, #Dogbutt: An Off-Color Adult Coloring Book for Dog Lovers, $7, Amazon

Find out how much you really love dogs with this coloring book that showcases their, um, lesser half. With 80 pages of dogs' hindquarters for you to color in, the author notes that "you'll laugh your butt off" as you fill in these unique portraits that are suitable for all coloring and paint mediums.


26. A Fun-Looking Device Picks The Leaves Right Off Your Strawberries

Chef N' StemGem Strawberry Huller, $7, Amazon

Save more of your strawberries with this fun-looking huller that plucks the leaves off your berries with plunging action. Just insert the stainless steel claw, push in the plunger, twist it gently, then retract: The hull will come right out. The tool is dishwasher-safe for easy clean up, and its bright design — itself reminiscent of a strawberry — will be easy to find in your drawer.


27. This Polish Peels Right Off When You're Ready For A Change

Little Ondine Peel-Off Nail Polish, $14, Amazon

Change your manicure as easily as you change your clothes with this peel-off nail polish that's water-based, chemical-free, and non-toxic. It dries quickly in just three to five minutes without the use of a UV lamp, and comes off without the aid of nail polish remover. Great for kids, pregnant women, and anyone who likes changing up their look frequently, it also comes off of your cuticles easily, too, if you accidentally "color outside the lines."


28. The Putty That's So Much Fun To Fiddle With

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, $14, Amazon

The fidget spinner has nothing on this putty when it comes to something to do with your hands while you're working out a problem in your head. Its gorgeous hues of purple and blue (it comes in other colors and finishes too) are reminiscent of a dark, starry night, and it's oddly soothing — cool and smooth — to twist around in your hands.


29. A Fan That Looks Like A Friendly Rabbit

BONTIME Mini Personal Fan, $14, Amazon

Enjoy your own cool breeze anytime, anywhere from this little fan that's shaped like a bunny. Not only is it cute and breezy, but with its two LED light modes, it can double as a flashlight or provide a light show with the seven colors it's capable of displaying. It gives you up to three hours of cooling time on one charge from the included USB cable, too.


30. A Pan That Makes Fun Dessert Cups Out Of Cookie Dough

Wilton Cookie Shot Glass Pan, $15, Amazon

Perfect for entertaining or special occasion desserts, this pan makes edible shot glasses that you can bake out of cookie dough, then fill with ice cream, mousse, or the dessert of your choice — even (ahem, spiked) milk. Just fill the cups with dough, then press the inserts in to squish the dough up and around the cups (squish being the scientific term). Bake, et voilà — fun for the whole family.


31. This Headband Lets You Sleep Comfortably While Wearing Headphones

CozyPhones, $18, Amazon

As an insomniac, I frequently sleep with my headphones in because listening to something can help me turn my brain off. The problem is that bulky headphones don't work and earbuds feel like they're boring into my brain. This headband that has headphones built right in is a genius solution to this problem — you listen to whatever you like in comfort, no matter how you prefer to sleep. The patent-pending design has an integrated, heavy-duty cord that won't break or kink under normal use — no matter how much you toss and turn.


33. These Bizarre Toe Stretchers Are Actually Recommended By Doctors

The Original YogaToes, $37, Amazon

Crafted from BPA-free medical-grade gel, these toe stretchers give your feet a relaxing stretch and provide relief for anyone suffering from painful conditions like bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis. While you're relaxing your feet, you're also strengthening your toes, which helps knock out foot issues before they arise. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic, they work for everyone and are a great answer to chronic foot problems.


34. The Brilliant Magnetic Eyelashes That Are A Dream To Apply

AsaVea Magnetic Eyelashes, $13 (4 Pieces), Amazon

Applied without glue using super-light magnets, these eyelashes take just seconds to apply, and their weight is barely noticeable once you have them on. They won't irritate your eyes or damage your eyelashes — just make them appear more full without glue or extensions. Suitable for daily use, they're handcrafted and made with soft synthetic fibers.


35. A Device That Floats Your Avocado Seed In Water So You Can Grow It In Style

AvoSeedo, $11, Amazon

Grow your own avocado tree, or at least an avocado plant, with this device that will float the pit in water and allow it to take root. It's super easy to use — just peel the pit, place it in the AvoSeedo, float it in water, and you're all set to go. Once it sprouts and has a solid root system, you can plant it in dirt: because avocados make terrific houseplants.


36. A Device That Delivers A Spa Facial At Home

Kingdom Beauty Facial Steamer, $20, Amazon

Get the same steaming treatment you get at the spa at home with this egg-shaped steamer that generates hot mist continuously for eight to 10 minutes. Great for moisturizing, relieving dryness, and unclogging your pores, steam has long been a key tool of aestheticians everywhere in premium facial treatments to prepare the skin to receive products. Now you can leverage the power of steam at home without even having to boil a pot of pasta with this clever appliance.

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