36 Products On Amazon That Are Just Plain Delightful

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Obviously, some of the stuff you order online, you actually need. I mean, I use Amazon for socks, lightning chargers (which I should buy by the ton), and the latest best-sellers (that counts as a need, right?). But then there's the stuff you order because you can't help falling down the rabbit hole every now and again — basically, it's the stuff you don't actually require but you see and Have. To. Have. Don't get me started on the Fondoodler, for example. Let's just say that there are some products on Amazon that are so just plain delightful they might as well add themselves to your cart.

This can include things that are useful on their own — like an aromatherapy spray that relaxes you — or it can be an adorable upgrade on something you would buy anyway, and that's exactly why a sheet mask that makes you look like an adorable animal is on this list.

There's no doubt you've felt the same way about a kajillion things on Amazon, too, but here are a few more choice items to add to your haul. Dive right in: There's plenty of clever and delightful things you'll want to bring home right away.

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