47 Bizarre-Looking Items On Amazon That Have TONS Of 5-Star Ratings

I'll never forget my first trip to the H-Mart. Inside the Target-sized Asian food store, I was dumbfounded by all of the exotic fruits and vegetables that were totally unfamiliar to me. Though they were odd-looking, they turned out to be amazing...kind of like these bizarre-looking items on Amazon that have TONS of five-star ratings are.

What started out as a 30-minute drive-by that day ended up as a two-hour safari, and considering all of the odd-but-genius things you'll find on the limitless shelves of Amazon, you could easily spend a lifetime virtually browsing their wares. Never fear: This curated selection highlights the best of the slightly offbeat five-star genre, like these paddles that look like oddly-wrought jigsaw puzzle pieces but are in fact part of the hottest facial massage trend going, and these latex wine bottle seals that not only look just like condoms but are applied just like them too — but provide an no-fuss, airtight stopper for those precious last drops of vino left in the bottle.

It has been many years since my trip to H-Mart, but I'm always happy to discover something new and awesome — whether it's a fruit or a cool new beauty gadget — if for no other reason than it makes me look totally smart to my friends. Join me: Variety truly is the spice of life!

Lifestyle — 47 Bizarre-Looking Items On Amazon That Have TONS Of 5-Star Ratings

1. The Multi-Bladed Scissors That Cut And Chop Fresh Herbs Without Bruising Them

Chefast Herb Scissors, $14, Amazon

Fresh herbs add an unparalleled zing of flavor to any dish, but sometimes the prep work involved to chop or mince them can be a pain. These scissors make adding herbs to any dish fast, easy, and fun, with their five 3-inch blades that make short work of stalks and leaves. The ergonomic handle makes cutting easy and means the scissors won't slip around when they're in use; simply rinse off and they're ready for the next job.


2. This Tool Set Is Everything You Need To Give Yourself The Hot New Facial Massage

Hana Emi Gua Sha Set, $24, Amazon

A traditional East Asian therapeutic technique, gua sha is a type of energetic massage that's incredibly popular right now in the A-list set, and these tools crafted from 100 percent sibin bian stones — those used in traditional Chinese medicine — are everything you need to try it at home. Designed primarily for facial massage, they detoxify and exfoliate, leaving the complexion refreshed and invigorated.


3. The Face Mask That Blocks Out All Light And Provides A Cooling Treatment, Too

Sleep Whale Premium Comfort Sleep Mask, $12, Amazon

Made from breathable, hypoallergenic material that resists mold, mildew, and dust mites, this sleep mask has a luxury satiny feel and completely blocks out all light from the eyes. It comes with a purpose-made gel insert that slips inside and is designed to be stored in the fridge or freezer to provide a cooling treatment for the eyes when needed to soothe them and provide headache relief and relief from tension. An adjustable head strap means that it can accommodate wearers of all different sizes.


4. A Kitchen Gadget That Strips Corn Effortlessly Off Of The Cob

OXO Good Grips Corn Peeler, $10, Amazon

With a blade made of durable stainless steel and the ergonomic, comfortable grip that OXO Good Grips products are known for, this kitchen gadget is uniquely-designed to peel corn quickly and easily off of the cob five rows at a time. The blade is serrated on both sides for use in either hand and angled to get the kernels off without cutting in too deep and without wasting that delicious corn.


6. Enjoy Push-Up Popsicles At Home With These Silicone Molds

Sunsella Silicone Popsicle Molds, $12 (Set Of 6), Amazon

The rainbow of colors in this popsicle mold set is as varied as the panoply of different flavor combinations that you can dream up for the popsicles you'll freeze inside. Made from high-quality, BPA-free silicone, these molds are 8 inches long and hold 1/2 cup of the fluid of your choice. Make smoothie blends, frozen lemonade, or even adult popsicles with these fun and flexible, dishwasher-safe molds.


7. These Socks Give Your Toes Some Real Wiggle Room

FUN TOES Cotton Toe Socks, $20 (6 Pack), Amazon

Designed to keep each toe separated and spread, which provides hygienic benefits while also cutting down on friction to reduce the risk of blisters, these toe socks are made from a moisture-wicking blend of cotton and polyester with a hint of spandex for stretch. The socks in this mixed-color pack are ideal for wear with toe shoes or with regular everyday shoes to promote foot health.


8. The Laces That Turn Any Shoes Into Slip-Ons

Lock Laces, $8, Amazon

Ideal for kids, older folks who have trouble tying shoes due to the pain of arthritis, and anyone with reduced hand strength and dexterity, these patented laces can perform magic by turning any pair of lace-up shoes into slip-ons with their simple elastic construction that closes with a locking mechanism. Available in a dozen stylish colors, more than 4 million pairs of these convenience-enhancing laces have been sold worldwide, so get in on the trend!


9. This Device Has 15 Separate Tools And Is Perfect To Keep In Your Glove Compartment Or Backpack

Pro-Master Multi-Tool, $13, Amazon

Make like a Boy Scout and Be Prepared with this multi-tool that has 15 functions including four screwdrivers, two pliers, a saw, a knife, and much more. At this price, you'll want to buy multiples of this versatile tool — keep one in your car's glove compartment, one in your home toolbox, one in your office drawer, and stow one in your handbag or backpack. They make great gifts, too, so stock up!


10. This Steamer Gives You A Spa-Quality Treatment Right At Home

Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer, $37, Amazon

A thorough steam treatment is a critical part of any salon or spa facial, and now you don't have to skip out on this relaxing and cleansing step at home with this at-home steamer. Designed to improve circulation and promote proper sinus drainage at the same time as it opens your pores, this device combines a conventional heating element with an ultrasonic vaporizer to produce steam that's infused with negatively charged ionic particles to better penetrate the skin.


11. The Tea Strainers That Are Adorable And Effective

The Friendly Swede Silicone Tea Infuser, $17, Amazon

Maybe The Friendly Swede makes these infusers because when they're sitting in their drip trays they look like little tomten, the Swedish version of Santa. Whatever the case, these BPA-free, food-safe silicone and stainless-steel infusers are cute and ultra-functional. Simply fill the infuser body with your favorite loose tea, then top with the silicone lid. The stem hangs over the edge of your cup while the tea steeps for easy retrieval.


12. These Latex Gadgets Look Like Condoms But Are Actually Designed To Keep Your Wine Fresh

Wine Condoms, $14 (Set Of 6), Amazon

Invented by a mother-son duo, these wine seals are a definite conversation-starter...but they work, too! Made from 100 percent food-grade rubber latex, they roll right on the top of your wine bottle and provide an airtight seal that also prevents spillage to allow for side storage. The seal stays flush with the lip of the bottle so no bulky stoppers get in the way of placing your bottle in the refrigerator door, either. These fun and functional wine accessories also make a great gift.


13. A Fitness Accessory For All-Over Body Toning, Core Strength, And Balance

URBNFit Balance Board, $28, Amazon

Designed to help surfers train their core strength, this board can work a whole panoply of miracles from a fitness perspective. Strengthen your core and your back and feel the burn in your abs like never before — all while boosting your balance and posture. Everyone can get a benefit from this, from workout fanatics to skilled athletes to physical therapy patients coming back from a surgery.


14. This Memory Foam Pillow Twists Into Any Shape You Need For Comfort While Traveling

Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow, $25, Amazon

Shaped like a noodle and just about as twisty as one, this travel pillow is crafted from memory foam to conform to every contour of your body and cradle you in comfort. Mold it to support your lower back, your neck, your head, or other parts of your body, and it comes with a breathable, machine washable cover so it's always fresh for your next trip.


15. The Rotating Gooseneck On This Device Mount Provides The Ultimate Viewing Flexibility

B-Land Device Holder, $24, Amazon

With its flexible, U-shape gooseneck, this device holder is designed to be worn around the neck or shaped into a variety of stand configurations for comfortable, easy viewing of your tablet or smartphone. The mount is compatible with so many devices, with an adapter that gives you the flexibility to accommodate just about anything you're looking to view. Engineered with strong aluminum alloy, its durable and built to last, for stable viewing.


16. A Cooling Headband To Ease The Pain Of Migraines And Other Headaches

Jeff's Authentic Migraine Ice Pack, $22, Amazon

Filled with gel beads and faced with plush on one side so that it can be wetted down to provide soothing moist coolness or warmth, this headband is a terrific tool to have in your migraine or headache arsenal. Also an excellent solution for de-puffing the eyes and face in the morning and after airplane travel, the elastic bands mean you can use it elsewhere on your body as well for the treatment of strains and sprains, so it's super versatile.


17. This Grater Has Six Sides For All The Versatility You'll Ever Need

Utopia Kitchen Cheese Grater, $9, Amazon

Made with sturdy, corrosion-proof stainless steel so that it will last you a lifetime, this grater slices, shreds, and zests, too, among its many other skills. It's topped with a rubber handle that's both sturdy and comfortable to grip, meaning you can get much more done in a much shorter time. Plus, it's dishwasher safe. In the words of one five-star reviewer: There's "[N]o greater grater."


18. The Shiatsu Massager With Heat For Soothing Deep Tissue Relief

RESTECK Shiatsu Massager, $60, Amazon

Ease the constant neck and shoulder pain that comes from days hunched over the computer with this shiatsu massager that's equipped with bidirectional heating nodes and optional, adjustable heat that's oh so soothing. Designed to provide relief from everyday stresses as well as enhance athletic performance, it's also great to unkink the aches and pains of travel. Suitable for use all over your body, it's a cost-effective and efficient alternative to therapeutic treatment.


19. This Silicone Baking Mat Will Change Your Life In The Kitchen

The Original Sili Bake Silicone Pastry Mat, $17, Amazon

I absolutely love this silicone pastry mat, because honestly, even if you don't bake, it's so useful in the kitchen, and if you do, it's are an absolute must. Roll out crusts on it's non-stick surface, and bake cookies and pastries without the aid of baking sprays. Love sheet pan suppers or baking your bacon? Stop using aluminum foil that's not eco-friendly and just sub in this mat instead — so versatile!


20. The Super Spacious Laundry Basket That Collapses For Convenient Storage

SAMMART Collapsible Plastic Laundry Basket, $25, Amazon

When you're not toting your laundry around in this basket, you can use it for so many other things, too. Naturally, it's the perfect vehicle for moving just about anything from room to room, like toys, craft items, pool supplies...but since it's plastic and leak-proof, it's also terrific for icing down cold ones at the picnic or hosing your little dog off when she gets in the mud in the garden. It collapses down to just 3.5 inches in height when not in use for easy storage, too.


21. A Quick And Easy Way To Prep The Fresh Herbs You Love

Chef'N Palm Fresh Herb Mincer, $15, Amazon

Fresh herbs add so much to any dish, but they can be a pain in the heinie to prep. Make it easy on yourself with this gadget that mows them down simply and easily in a flash: Slide the ring over one of your fingers on either hand, then just roll right over the herb of your choice a few times and it will be minced to perfection. Five sharp stainless steel blades make short work of both leafy and woody herbs without bruising.


22. This Hanging Bag Holder Is Everything You Need To Keep Your Kitchen Neat

Lunies Hanging Trash Bag Holder, $7, Amazon

Use this hanging bag holder to catch scraps of garbage in the kitchen, garage, office, laundry or craft room, or for your kids at their desks — it's that versatile. Plus, it's great to take along when you have a barbecue and tuck into the edge of a cooler to collect stray trash for easy cleanup at the end of the day. It installs in just two steps and keeps things tidy anywhere it goes.


23. These Gloves Will Change Your Life When It Comes To Cooking, Baking, And Grilling

Grill Armor Gloves, $26, Amazon

Silicone stripes and insulation that's similar to Kevlar combines to make these gloves heat resistant to almost 1000 degrees and flame-resistant, so it's possible to retrieve hot items from inside the oven and off of the grill and stove with a realistic hand flex grip that can't be beat. Available in four colors, they're also great for anyone who loves the outdoors, ideal for efficiently managing and cooking over an open campfire.

  • Available sizes: One Size Fits Most, Ladies Small Size

24. A Wearable Fleece Blanket For All-Over Coziness

PAVILIA Premium Fleece Blanket, $23, Amazon

Like a cozy cuddle for the whole body, this fleece wearable has sleeves, a funnel neck, and a front pocket that's perfect for the TV remote and of course, your smartphone. Available in 15 different colors, it's made from an ultrasoft microfiber that's long enough to reach down to your toesies and keep you plenty warm in even the coldest weather.


25. The Fun Forks That Stick With Your Condiments No Matter Where They Go

Chef'N FridgeFork Condiment Fork, $30 (Set Of 2), Amazon

Enjoy your favorite condiments with ease anytime with these condiment forks that come with their own silicone slipover holsters that saddle them right up to the jar so they're at hand whenever you're ready. The caddy catches drips, and the fork is fitted with three stainless steel spears to pierce your pickles and peppers with ease.


26. Enjoy Large, Thick, Juicy Burgers Every Time With This Press

Cave Tools Burger Maker, $20, Amazon

Designed to replicate renowned, beloved Bubba Burgers, this burger press makes 6 square burgers that weigh in at 1/3-pound each. Crafted from BPA-free silicone, the press is designed with a built-in dimpler to ensure that each burger cooks up even in size and doneness. Make a bunch of burgers for your next cookout, or buy ground beef or sirloin and press out your patties for the freezer (they stack up so neatly).


27. These Gloves Make Exfoliating Not Only Delightful, But Easy

EvridWear Exfoliating Bath Gloves, $9 (1 Pair), Amazon

Just suds up with your favorite bath gel or body wash and these gloves will give you a gentle exfoliating treatment and remove impurities from your skin all over your body. Boost your circulation, soften rough skin in trouble spots like elbows and heels, and fight back against bothersome acne and eczema. They're also available in Light, Moderate, and Heavy textures so you can select the amount of exfoliation you desire.


28. The Odd-Looking Brush That's Genius At Scouring Corners And Crevices

Fugenial Fuginator Scrub Brush, $13, Amazon

Designed to get into those tricky small spaces that you used to use your old toothbrush to scour, this scrub brush is a much better solution to an age-old problem. Ideal for removing mold, mildew, and soap scum from your grout and other places in your bathroom as well as for scrubbing dirt and grease from corners around your kitchen appliances, its heavy-duty construction is engineered to stand up to lye and other harsh chemicals so you can truly get those surfaces clean!


29. These Pads Deliver A Green Tea Peel That's A K-Beauty Shortcut For Refined Skin

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea, $18 (30 Pads), Amazon

Formulated to deliver a gentle peel that combines the best components of a chemical treatment with a subtle mechanical buff from the embossed pads, these green tea gauze wipes are perfect for quick refreshment. Your complexion will be revitalized thanks to its hydrating and pore-refining effects, leaving it radiant. They're a great addition to your K-beauty favorites.


30. An Organizer That's Crafted From Renewable, Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Sorbus Bamboo Cosmetic Organizer, $30, Amazon

Designed to not just organize but also show off your expensive beauty products in a way that captures the sleek, modern styling of today's packaging, this organizer is crafted from renewable, sustainably-harvested bamboo that's attractive and goes with any décor. The 360-degree rotating carousel features eight shelf compartments for all kinds of bottles and containers plus three openings for lip pencils, brushes, and other slender, upright items.


31. This Hair Tool Really Can Do It All

SwanMyst Curling Iron Brush, $32, Amazon

With ionic technology to eliminate frizz and leave hair smooth and shiny, this hair tool has three functions in one: It can be used as a curling brush, a straightening brush, or a massage comb. Eliminate tangles without snagging or breaking delicate hair thanks to the ceramic-coated barrel and nylon bristles of this device, which features variable temperature settings to accommodate all hair types.


32. This Beautiful Luminescent Light Goes On And Off By Itself

Reminda Motion Sensor Night Lights, $17 (4 Pack), Amazon

Illuminate the dark with a soft glow from these night lights that turn on and off by themselves according to the amount of ambient light. Great for hallways, bathrooms, by your bed, and anywhere you need a little extra light, these UL-compliant LED lights will provide more than 30,000 hours of light. They're also available in red and yellow.


33. The Pistachio Bowl That's Also Great For Edamame And Olives

Joseph Joseph Double Dish Pistachio Bowl, $14, Amazon

Crafted with a unique dual-dish design, this snacker is engineered to provide space to serve in the interior bowl and space to catch and hide hulls and pits in the fluted exterior bowl. Crafted from durable and essentially shatterproof melamine, it's great for use outside and even on picnics, plus it's dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Use the two pieces as separate dishes, too!


34. These Magnetic Pen Holders Feature Expandable Stainless Steel Loops So Your Writing Implement Always Fits

Steel Aid Fridge Magnets, $10 (4 Pack), $10

Combining super-strong magnets that can hold up to 15 papers at a time with genius stainless-steel loops that hold writing instruments of any size, these little gadgets ensure that you have something to write with right where you need it all the time. Use them at home on the fridge or at the office on your whiteboard the filing cabinet to reduce clutter and keep things neat.


35. It Looks Like An Oversized Hot Dog Bun, But It's A Raft, Airbed, And Sofa All In One

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger, $32, Amazon

You don't even need a pump to blow up this inflatable lounger — its unique design means all you need to do is simply whisk it through the air to inflate it. It's ultra-versatile, too: It can be used as a raft or float, as a couch or lounger at your campsite, even sleep on it as an air bed. It features a patented, pillow-shaped headrest for a little extra comfort, no matter how you choose to use it.


36. These Odd-But-Genius Prongs Are The Ultimate Campfire Accessory

SUMPRI Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, $16 (Set Of 6), Amazon

Crafted from stainless steel and extendable to a length of nearly 3 feet, these marshmallow roasting sticks are the perfect accoutrement for your next night around the bonfire. They're color-coded so everyone can keep track of which roaster belongs to them, and the thick, yet lightweight handle and rotating axle combine to prevent uneven cooking of all your favorite campfire foods.


37. Face Oil That Looks Like It's From Another Planet For A Complexion That's Truly Stellar

Teami Soothe Tea Infused Oil, $40, Amazon

Infused with lavender, blue tansy, and white sage as well as green tea that's high in antioxidants, this oil soothes the skin — reducing redness and irritation — boosts its production of collagen, and hydrates it to make it look radiant and refreshed. Designed to offer a repairing treatment from the damaging effects of the sun's rays, this all-natural, GMO-free formulation is suitable for all skin types, and vegan and cruelty-free.


38. The Silicone Facial Cleaner That's So Much Less Expensive And More Efficient Than The Leading Brand

SUNMAY Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, $39, Amazon

Markedly less expensive than the brand-name competitor, this facial cleansing brush is crafted from 100 percent organic food-grade silicone and features more than 2,000 antimicrobial touchpoints to massage and cleanse your skin. The specially-designed, contoured tip reaches the hardest-to-clean areas around the nose and eyes, and the device is programmed to pause every 20 seconds, reminding you to change positions in order to fully clean your face.


39. This Knee Pillow Provides Relief For Many Common, Painful Conditions

ComfiLife Orthipedic Knee Pillow, $30, Amazon

Designed to provide relief for sufferers of back and hip pain, sciatica, and for women dealing with the discomfort of pregnancy, this unique wedge pillow is crafted from memory foam and ergonomically designed to fit between your knees to relieve pressure and provide support. It does its job by helping align your spine and hips so that aches and pains are minimized and circulation is improved. A washable, zippered breathable cover helps increase air flow for comfort and hygiene.


40. The Time-Honored Tool Of The Pros Provides Plenty Of Chopping And Mincing Power For All Your Prep Work

HIC Harold Import Company Mezzaluna, $7, Amazon

Make quick work of chopping anything under the sun — from fish to fowl and everything in between — with this mezzaluna that gets its name from the Italian for half-moon. The stainless steel blade is durable and long-lasting; the hardwood handles are ergonomically designed to provide a good grip for the rocking motion this blade is designed for. It's an exceptionally sturdy knife and a great addition to your prep kit.


41. Do It The Old-Fashioned Way With This Nostalgic Ice Cream Maker

Nostalgia Old Fashioned Ice Cream Maker, $45, Amazon

Whip up 4 quarts of delicious, home-churned ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato with this ice cream maker that will take you back to the good old days. Its BPA-free real wood construction encases an aluminum canister with a view-through lid and an electric motor to do all of the work for you. Purchase the mixes made by this company separately as a starter or craft your own flavors from scratch.


42. The Exerciser That Helps Prevent Wrist And Hand Issues And Is An Effective Rehab Device

Pykal Hand And Finger Strengtheners, $16 (Set Of 3), Amazon

The design of this hand and finger strengthener combines all the advantages of a stress ball strength device with a stretch exerciser into an all-in-one version that's made from a strong, non-slip material so it's also ultra-durable. Packaged in a three-piece set that includes an exerciser loaded with light resistance, one with medium, and one loaded with high resistance, the set is ideal for athletes, rehab patients, and anyone looking to avoid repetitive stress injuries.


43. A Versatile Pair Of Tweezers That Are The Missing Item In Your Cosmetics Bag

Tweezer Guru Tweezers, $10, Amazon

Care for your brows and ingrown hairs, remove ticks and splinters, and do away with pesky blackheads with these tweezers that feature precision-aligned tips for easy retrieval. They're loaded with the ideal amount of tension that provides control and maneuvering, and their durable stainless steel engineering means they'll be a long-lasting part of your health and beauty tool bag. They're easy to clean, too.


44. If You Need A Brush For Something And It's Not Your Hair, This Set Has You Covered

Yoassi Multipurpose Cleaning Brush Set, $13 (13 Pieces), Amazon

Made from food-grade, BPA-free materials, every piece in this this brush set is safe for use on baby bottles, glassware, and everything that comes in contact with what you eat. Clean everything from drinking straws to window blinds with the implements in this set that includes a variety of handle sizes and flexibilities so that you'll be able to reach into every corner, nook, and cranny.


45. This Footrest Makes You More Comfortable And Helps To Maintain Your Circulation

AmazonBasics Foot Rest, $17, Amazon

Use this foot rest to do your leg stretches so you don't get stiff while you're working or simply to ensure your legs are in a more comfortable position as you're pounding out those important memos at your computer — it's up to you. Take your shoes off for a foot massage from the textured surface off the footboard; it's great for diabetics and anyone with neuropathy, in addition to providing much-needed circulation for all us keyboard jockeys.


46. These Water Bottles Collapse For The Ultimate In Take-Along Convenience

Baiji Bottle Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles, $15 (Set Of 2), Amazon

Perfect for sports and workouts and the ideal water bottle to stow in your backpack, handbag, or briefcase for use on the go, these collapsible water bottles are made from food grade, BPA-free silicone. Feel good about doing your part to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our planet's oceans while upping your daily hydration with these bottles that come equipped with metal carabiners so they'll clip right on to your bag once they're rolled up.


47. A Charcoal Mask Is The Ideal Solution For Removing Blackheads And Getting Pores Clean

Aliceva Blackhead Remover Mask, $15, Amazon

Formulated with activated bamboo charcoal, this mask detoxifies the skin and draws out impurities to refine and leave behind a deeply cleansed, refreshed glow. You'll be able to see some of the ickiness its powerful ingredients have pulled from your pores when you peel it off of your face, yet it's gentle enough for all skin types. Tested by dermatologists, it's free from dyes, animal and mineral oils, paraben, and petrolatum.

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