46 Unexpected Products On Amazon That Reviewers Are Loyal To

By Lisa Fogarty

There are some products in the world that you can take or leave. And then, every now and again, you come across a product that's so useful, you know it's going to become a keeper. These 46 unexpected products on Amazon that reviewers are loyal to fall under that category — they may seem like weird items at first, but, once you realize all that they can do to make your life better and easier, you'll be hooked.

Falling in line with the "unexpected" theme, it should come as no shock that these products are truly diverse. There are plenty of grooming tools and gadgets that make DIY beauty a joy — like a peel-off nail polish barrier that captures stray polish or a unique body cream made with seaweed that provides deep hydration to dry, callused skin.

This list is packed with wellness products that range from a magnesium oil spray for natural muscle pain relief to a blackout sleep mask that truly keeps all light out.

And then, of course, there are plenty of home goods to flip over. Among them? Eco-friendly bamboo cleaning sheets that replace paper towels and freshness extenders that make produce last forever.

Check out these products that reviewers are obsessed with and loyal to — and don't be surprised if you become their latest fan.

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Lifestyle — 46 Unexpected Products On Amazon That Reviewers Are Loyal To
by Lisa Fogarty

1. The Unique S-Shape Massage Tool That Puts Pressure Right Where You Need It

Pressure Positive Co. The Backnobber II, $30, Amazon

This unique S-shaped back massager contours perfectly to your body in order to place pressure exactly where you need it to alleviate tension and muscle aches and pains. The tool can also be broken down so you can easily pack it in your gym bag or luggage.


2. A Palm-Size Water Filter For Clean Water Anywhere You Go

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System, $20, Amazon

No matter where you go, this mini water filtration system can follow to ensure you have clean drinking water. The filter weighs just 2 ounces but is powerful and capable of removing 99.9 percent of bacteria from water. It conveniently attaches to standard water bottles and drinking pouches.


3. These Copper-Infused Compression Running Socks That Keep Feet Dry

Iseasoo Copper Compression Running Socks, $14-30 (6 Pairs), Amazon

These incredible running and athletic low-cut compression socks support feet and keep them dry and free of odors, thanks to an infusion of anti-bacterial copper. They promote better blood flow and circulation so you can run the distance in complete comfort. Each set of six pairs comes in a variety of colors.


4. An Adjustable Pot And Pan Organizer That Frees Up Cabinet Space

Simple Houseware Adjustable Pan And Pot Lid Organizer, $15, Amazon

An adjustable pan and pot organizer for all of your cookware, this rack gives you back precious cabinet space and makes your kitchen neat and organized. Made from steel and chrome, it doesn't require installation and can hold up to five pots, pans, and lids.


5. These Multipurpose Silicone Lids That Take The Place Of Wrap And Foil

Perfect and Simple Silicone Bowl Lids, $16 (5 Lids), Amazon

This set of reusable silicone lids with handles at the top come in different sizes to fit over bowls, plates, and cups to keep your leftovers fresher for longer. They're dishwasher safe, resistant to heat, and come in four colors. Not only are they better for the environment, but they'll save you money in the long run.


6. The Stretchy Dishwasher Net That Keeps Bowls From Filling Up With Water

Boon Span Dishwasher Net, $10, Amazon

Keep your lightweight dishes and glasses from tumbling around your dishwasher during a cleaning cycle with this silicone dishwasher net, which drapes over them and keeps them in place. The net prevents bowls and cups from flipping over and filling up with water (which is just the worst), and it folds for easy storage.


7. An Electric Egg Cooker That Boils & Poaches Perfectly

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, $17, Amazon

If you're always worried about over- or under-cooking your eggs, take the stress out of making this delish dish. This electric egg cooker boils up to six eggs at one time and can poach two eggs and whip up omelettes, as well. It has an auto shut-off function for safety and weighs just 1 pound, making it the perfect gadget for travel or small kitchens.


8. The Legendary Pink Pimple Spot Treatment That Heals Acne

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $17, Amazon

Got an annoying pimple? This is the legendary pink drying lotion that will shrink it overnight. Made with a blend of zinc oxide, calamine, and salicylic acid, this pimple spot treatment soaks up excess sebum and reduces inflammation so that you wake up with a less angry zit that is well on its way to healing.


9. A Set Of Elastic Bed Sheet Grippers That Keep Sheets From Slipping

The Nyche Designs Bed Sheet Grippers, $11 (Set of 4), Amazon

Your flat sheet will never wrinkle or slip around while you sleep again. Just attach these adjustable bed sheet grippers to sheets, and they'll be held securely in place against your mattress. Reviewers say these suspenders prevent sheets from coming off the mattress, plus they're simple to remove on laundry day.


10. The Fastest Drying Towel That's Resistant To Mold & Mildew

Life Miracle Nano Towels, $15, Amazon

If you want a better towel in your life, this is the one to turn to: It dries at lightning speed, which makes it more resistant to mold, mildew, and odors. It's also excellent at absorbing water from any surface including your body after a shower. One reviewer wrote: "This towel is truly amazing and literally you seem to just blot yourself dry and the water vanishes off your body."


11. An Aluminum-Free Deodorant Spray That Kills Odors

Weleda Sage Deodorant Spray, $13, Amazon

This natural deodorant spray is completely free of aluminum and freshens your body with essential oils that are completely safe. Unlike many natural deodorants that come in a jar, this one is a non-aerosol spray that delivers a fast, mess-free application.


12. This Bamboo Cutting Board Duo With Juice Grooves For Less Mess

Pratico Kitchen Bamboo Cutting Board & Serving Tray, $29, Amazon

This bamboo cutting board duo consists of large and small boards that were both designed with helpful juice grooves that capture liquids for mess-free food prep. The sustainable boards double as serving trays and easily wash clean with soap and water.


13. These Stackable Storage Bins With See-Through Windows That Help Organize Your Life

Sorbus Storage Bins, $29 (2 Pack), Amazon

Whether you're searching for a better storage solution for seasonal clothing or for your everyday wardrobe, these durable, stackable storage bins are a real solution. They have convenient handles, front and top zippers that make it even easier to fill them up, and two clear windows so that you never have to guess what's inside.


14. The Convenient Bag Holder That Attaches To Cabinet Doors

Lunies Hanging Trash Garbage Bag Holder, $7, Amazon

If you're constantly racing from your counter to your trash bin when you prep food, stop the madness and attach this convenient garbage bag holder to your cupboard or cabinet door. Plastic bags fit right in the holder and are easy to install and slide out.

One reviewer wrote: "I love this product because Im always chopping vegetables and cutting up meat. I would be making several trips to the trash. Now I'm able to make meal prep quicker and easier and cleaner! A good way to use up some of those plastic bags from the grocery store too!"


15. A Powerful Foot Cream With Urea That Heals Dry, Scaly Skin

PurSources Urea Foot Cream, $16, Amazon

Made with 40 percent urea, this foot cream is called a "miracle" by some reviewers who say it actually works and hydrates dry skin on feet. The cream also contains a blend of healing aloe vera and antibacterial tea tree oil that helps kill fungus and keep your feet smooth and healthy.


16. The Plug-In Insect Repellant That Relies On Safe Ultrasonic Technology

Pop View Pest Repeller Plug In, $30, Amazon

If you have pets, children, or are just concerned with the effect that many pest repellant sprays can have on the environment, this plug-in insect repellant will put your mind at ease. And it works. The repellant relies on ultrasonic technology to drive pests away from your home.


17. An Easy-Peel Nail Polish Barrier For Professional-Looking DIY Manicures

Magique Nail Art Liquid Latex Barrier, $12, Amazon

Even if you're not a pro at DIY manicures, this liquid latex nail polish barrier will make it look like you got your nails professionally done — and it saves you a ton of time. Apply the barrier to the cuticles around your nails, go on and have fun with messy nail art and polishes, and then simply peel off the barrier when you're finished and it takes any polish slip-ups with it.


18. This Handheld Strainer That Strains Liquids From Foods Right In The Pot

Fred Big Blue Whale Strainer, $11, Amazon

This charming blue whale strainer will come in handy around the kitchen more times than you can count. Hold it against pans and pots to strain liquids without needing a separate colander. One reviewer wrote: "This strainer fits every pot I've tried, is small and easy to store and never loses noodles or even small veggies (like peas and corn)."


19. This Deep Tissue Massage Ball For Every Part Of Your Body

Pro-Tec Athletics Orb, $20, Amazon

Roll this deep tissue massage ball along any and all aching parts of your body, from your feet to your neck. It measure 5 inches in diameter, making it the perfect portable massage tool, and one reviewer says it's "phenomenal for getting into very tight spots (better than any foam roller)."


20. An All-Natural Magnesium Spray That Can Alleviate Body Pains

Pure Vitality Minerals Pure Magnesium Oil Spray, $19, Amazon

When you've tried everything else for body pains and have come up short, don't get discouraged — reviewers say this natural magnesium oil spray is just the thing you need to alleviate aches and pains associated with muscle spasm and cramps. Apply it directly on your skin and, as one reviewer says, "the cramps [will go] away AND with no lingering sore muscles."


21. These Blue Apple Freshness Extenders That Prolong The Life Of Produce

BluApple Freshness Extender, $20, Amazon

These little blue apples are more than just cute — they're freshness extenders that extend the life of produce two to three times longer. Place these in your fridge and produce drawers, then replace the packet inside every three months. You'll save a money on produce — and your fridge will smell fresher and cleaner.


22. The Pocket-Size Screwdriver Tool That Takes Care Of Everyday Fixes

Stanley 4-In-1 Pocket Screwdriver, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

This pocket screwdriver tool has two double-ended bits that attract and hold onto small screws. One reviewer says this tool is so practical and simple to use that anyone will appreciate it: "The four different tip types can take care of a majority of your screwdriver needs as most people generally use the flat-tip or the Philips."


23. This Fresh-Smelling Toilet Spray That Blocks Bad Odors

Mask Toilet Spray, $15 (3 Pack), Amazon

Before you go, apply a few spritzes of this toilet spray to toilet water and its natural blend of essential oils neutralizes bad odors without making your bathroom smell overwhelmingly like perfume. Instead, it smells like fresh coconut and lime, and reviewers say it's perfect if you aren't a fan of floral scents.


24. A Breakfast Sandwich Maker With Compartments For Every Ingredient

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $25, Amazon

Assemble the best breakfast (or anytime) sandwich you've ever had with this breakfast sandwich maker, which features compartments to place bread, fresh eggs, and meat. The electric maker cooks everything in about five minutes and all the dishwasher-safe parts can be disassembled.


25. These Washable, Reusable Produce Bags That Are Better For The Planet

Earth Junky Reusable Produce Bags, $23 (6 Bags), Amazon

This set of six reusable produce bags comes in a variety of sizes and is made of breathable mesh and muslin that can be washed and used over and over again. Each bag has a convenient drawstring closure. Plus, the set comes with an eco-friendly swaddle sheet.


26. This Smart Wall Charger That Powers Up To 3 Devices At Once

Mugenter Compact USB Wall Charger, $11, Amazon

No need to wait for your charger to free up — this compact USB wall charger has three ports that can handle charging up to three different devices at the same time. Its voltage is perfect for at-home use or travel, and it automatically detects the specific charge your device requires and works fast to deliver it.


27. An Eco-Friendly Pack Of Silicone Straws That Can Fit Tumblers

Flathead Products Silicone Drinking Straws, $9 (10 Straws), Amazon

There's nothing flimsy or second rate about these durable and eco-friendly silicone straws, which come in various colors and have a bend at the top to make it easier to drink. The straws are long enough to fit inside 20- and 30-ounce tumblers. These straws are dishwasher safe but come with cleaning brushes and a convenient travel bag, too.


28. This Reversible Plush Throw Blanket That's Warm & Cozy

Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket, $26, Amazon

Chilly night? Cozy up in this ultra comfortable sherpa throw blanket, which is reversible and features warm faux sheepskin on one side and plush velvet cashmere on the other. The generous 50 by 60 inches blanket comes in six rich shades and is machine washable.


29. An Oversized Heating Pad For Back Pain Relief

Mighty Bliss Large Electric Heating Pad, $37, Amazon

Unlike many heating pads on the market, this one is big. In fact, it's so large that it can cover most of your back, which ensures you get the pain relief you need. The 12 by 24 inches pad has three heat settings — low, medium, and high — and an auto shut-off feature for safety.


30. The Temporary Hair Chalk That Makes Your Hair Vibrant And Then Washes Out

FauxPeony Hair Chalk, $14, Amazon

Change your hair color whenever you get the urge, without having to commit to that shade for very long. This non-toxic hair chalk comes with combs for each color that make application a breeze. The color will stay put until you wash it out. You'll get eight vibrant shades in one kit: red, pink, grey, purple, grey, orange, blue, and yellow.


31. An Eyelash Curler With An Open Cage Design That Won't Pinch Lashes

Japonesque Go Curl Eye Lash Curler, $13, Amazon

Create curly lashes in a flash with this unique eye lash curler, which has an easel back that flips down and an open cage design that won't pinch or pull out lashes. Several reviewers rave about how this is the best curler they've ever used. One reviewer put it the ultimate test: "I tested the curler by wearing no mascara all day to see how well it maintained the curl of my lashes... the curled lashes lasted ALL DAY!"


32. This Clip-On LED Light For Late Night Reading

Lepower LED Clip Light, $15, Amazon

If you're up late at night reading and don't want to disturb anyone else, this LED clip-on reading light is perfect. It clips right onto nightstands, headboards, or tables and has a flexible gooseneck that can be angled to provide light where you need it. Its simple flip switch provides three options: warm light, white light, or off. You can even adjust the brightness setting.


33. A Comfy Sleep Mask That Has 100 Percent Light-Blocking Powers

Freshme Blackout Sleep Mask, $25, Amazon

Total and complete darkness and tranquility can be yours when you wear this blackout sleep mask. No joke — it truly blocks out all light. It's made from comfortable cotton and has a thicker, adjustable band that attaches at the back of your head. The mask won't slip off during the night, and it comes in blue or gray and reviewers say it's soft and comfortable.


34. An Inverted Umbrella That Won't Make Everything Around You Wet

Owen Kyne Inverted Umbrella, $24, Amazon

This inverted umbrella may look like an ordinary umbrella at first glance, but it's about the change the way you think about umbrellas. In addition to being able to withstand strong winds and rain without falling apart at the seams, the umbrella closes inside out, which means the wet part doesn't have to touch surfaces inside of your home or car. It comes in more than 25 fun shades and prints.


35. The Manual Food Chopper That Preps Food In Seconds

Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper, $19, Amazon

Sometimes the best kitchen gadgets are simple and low tech — like this manual food chopper, which slices and dices veggies, nuts, fruits, and other ingredients in just minutes with the pull of a hook. The 4-cup chopper comes with a quality chopper attachment and doubles as a bowl with a lid that can be used for storing food.


36. This Detoxing Body Cream Made With Seaweed

The Seaweed Co. Body Cream, $11, Amazon

Hydrate parched and damaged skin with this incredible body cream that contains a blend of seaweed, hyaluronic acid, and argan oil. The detoxing cream is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it comes in unscented or a choice of three scents (citrus vanilla, eucalyptus peppermint, and lavender).


37. An Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow That Travels Like A Dream

STYDDI Travel Foot Rest Pillow, $15, Amazon

Put up your feet and relax anywhere you go with this travel foot rest pillow, an inflatable pillow that folds into a square for ultimate portability. The comfy PVC pillow is simple to inflate and deflate. Reviewers say it's especially perfect for long flights.


38. The Overnight Lip Mask That Gives You Super Soft Lips

Aritaum Ginger Scrub Overnight Lip Mask, $9, Amazon

Made with shea butter, this overnight lip mask treatment heals chapped lips and makes your lips soft and smooth while you sleep. One reviewer says "the product is thick and feels tacky, but it sticks to the lips and stays there. Lasts longer than any lip balm I’ve ever used."


39. A Practical Lipstick Holder That Can Hold Up To 40 Tubes

hblife Lipstick Holder, $8, Amazon

Even the most lipstick-obsessed beauty enthusiasts will find this lipstick holder to be one of the most practical purchases. The acrylic holder has enough slots to hold up to 40 tubes of lipstick, and its transparent design makes it easy to find the shade you want to wear.


40. This Multipurpose Squeegee And Brush For Cleaner Counters

Kohler Kitchen Sink Squeegee and Countertop Brush, $10, Amazon

Keeping your counters spotless has never been easier. This multipurpose squeegee and countertop brush has two sides: the brush side features sturdy nylon bristles that sweep up dry spills, while the blade is perfect for wiping up wet spills. This cool tool has a handle that you can hang on kitchen cabinet drawers. Plus, it disassembles and can be washed in the dishwasher.


41. The Everyday Bikini Panty For When Comfort Is Essential

Amazon Essentials Women's Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty, $12-20, Amazon

Consider this set of cotton stretch bikini panties the everyday panty you need in your life — especially when you just want to be as comfortable as possible. This six-pack of panties is free of tags, and it's available in a variety of colors including black and white.


42. A Genius Washer That Cleans Your Pet's Paws

Paw Legend Portable Dog Paw Washer, $17, Amazon

No matter where your dog has roamed — dirt, sand, you name it — this portable dog paw washer is the simple tool that will get their paws clean in seconds. Available in small and large sizes, the washer consists of a simple cup that you fill with water and soap (which is optional) and silicone bristles to gently, effectively clean off paws. Your rugs and carpets will thank you.


43. The Money-Saving Bamboo Sheets That Clean Great & Can Be Reused

Kitchen + Home Bamboo Towels, $8 (1 Roll), Amazon

Just one roll of these eco-friendly bamboo cleaning towels replaces six months' worth of paper towels, saving you money and helping the environment at the same time. Each sturdy, absorbent towel is reusable up to 120 times before it needs to be replaced.


44. These Silicone Food Covers That Keep Food Fresh

Food Huggers Reusable Silicone Food Savers Set, $13 (5 Pack), Amazon

Once you cut a fruit or veggie in half, the race is on to finish the rest before it goes bad (which seems to happen within hours). Stop the mad dash by storing half-used produce in these durable silicone food savers. The set of five, colorful savers even includes a special banana hugger.


45. A Unique Garlic Peeler That You Roll To Remove Peels In Seconds

ZYLISS Garlic Peeler, $5, Amazon

Prepping garlic shouldn't be a pain in the neck (nor should it make your hands smell for hours). This unique garlic peeler is exactly the tool you need to make the job painless and odor-free: roll pieces of garlic (with skin still intact) within the peeler and its silicone ridges will peel in seconds. The peeler is dishwasher safe.


46. An Attachable Cell Phone Holder Where You Can Stash Cards And Cash

Agentwhiteusa Cell Phone Wallet, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

Why carry two items around when one can do the job perfectly? Stick this cell phone wallet to the back of your phone and it provides a pocket to stash your ID cards, bank cards, money, and headphones.