46 Strange Finds On Amazon That Are Actually Legitimately Useful

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Many times, the things that are just a little offbeat that are actually the most practical — like these 46 strange finds on Amazon that are legitimately useful. Sure, when their inventors first brought some of these products to market, they may have gotten odd stares. I mean, can you imagine how many times people must have looked at the prototypes of these wool dryer balls — basically, oversized orbs of Kiwi sheep's wool — and said, "What the heck?" But sometimes what makes something strange, is also what makes it genius.

Take, for example, the case of Knickers the giant cow. If you don't recall Knickers, he's the 2,800-pound Holstein who enjoyed a moment of fame late in 2018 when a picture showing the 6-foot-4-inch Australian towering over his cow friends went viral. He may be strange — but now, he's actually helping to herd the other cows. Yep. He's now employed and useful AF.

Now, think of these strange finds on Amazon as giant cows — they're all a little weird, but look a little closer, and you'll find just how helpful they are. This list is jam-packed with time- and money-saving products that, taken at face value, might seem a bit off. At second glance, these 48 products are all are game-changers, so get to shopping!

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