45 Products On Amazon Under $20 That Are Just So Damn Good

Arguably one of the best feelings in the world? Stumbling across a genuinely awesome product, looking at the price tag, and audibly asking yourself, "That's it!?" Personally, this happens to me a lot more often now that I'm well-versed in the shockingly useful Amazon products you can get for under $20. Adulting is expensive, so unless an item offers both quality and affordability, I'm not interested.

The internet has obviously made a huge impact in the world of retail, but few people realize just how much Amazon alone has changed the way people shop. In addition to shifting expectations about delivery services and offering a one-stop website for all different categories, Amazon is also really transparent about the prices of comparable items. If you scroll down to the bottom of a listing, you'll see similar products in different price ranges. You'll also see the things that other people have bought instead, and how highly they've rated them. As a result, if you're in the market for affordable things you'll actually want, Amazon is a great place to find them.

So rather than waste your hard-earned paycheck on something that requires compromise, check out these awesome things under $20 that are just so damn good, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Entertainment — 45 Products On Amazon Under $20 That Are Just So Damn Good

1. This Waterless Aromatherapy Diffuser That You Can Take Anywhere

Youlanda Portable Aromatherapy Diffuser, $18, Amazon

Rather than using water and a clunky plug, this Youlanda essential oil diffuser operates via a quiet fan and batteries or USB. It's extremely small and lightweight, and all you need to do is drop your favorite oils onto the sponge pad to reap the benefits of aromatherapy anywhere.


2. This Easy-To-Apply Body Glitter With An Epic Name

Unicorn Snot Holographic Body Glitter Gel, $13, Amazon

Despite the name (or perhaps because of it), reviewers are obsessing over Unicorn Snot body glitter. It comes in a lightweight gel formula that dries clear, so you don't have to worry about primer or glue, and it removes easily at the end of the night with makeup remover or baby wipes. People say it's the "best glitter gloss around" because it actually "stays on."


3. This Lint Remover To Make Your Old Sweaters, Coats, And Leggings Look New Again

Rechargeable Lint Remover, $15, Amazon

Most sweaters and leggings can last you a few seasons, but the balls of lint and fuzz make them look older than they are. This lint remover literally shaves your clothes with a three-blade cyclone design to remove all those pills in seconds. It's USB-rechargeable so you don't have to worry about plugs and batteries, and it holds a ton of lint so you're not constantly emptying it.


4. This Charcoal Conditioner That Clarifies, Detoxes, And Balances Hair

First Botany Charcoal Clarifying Conditioner, $16, Amazon

Like any other conditioner, this First Botany formula repairs, strengthens, and hydrates. However, because it's infused with activated charcoal, it also clarifies and detoxes the hair and scalp without drying things out. Reviewers say it's wonderful for removing product build-up, helping out with volume, and leaving hair feeling extra clean without the frizz.


5. This Genius Hanging Toiletry Bag With An Antibacterial Interior Lining

MelodySusie Travel Toiletry Bag, $13, Amazon

Whether it's for home use or travel, the MelodySusie toiletry bag keeps all your essentials organized and accessible. It has eight internal mesh pockets, two side pockets, and one front zipper, all of which hangs from a convenient hook for use in small bathrooms or hotel rooms. Most importantly, the bag is made from quality materials: the polyester exterior is durable, lightweight, and water-resistant, while the anti-bacterial lining protects your makeup and bottles from mold and germs.


6. This Cute Acorn Speaker That's Little, But Produces Fierce Sound

JSAUX Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker, $15, Amazon

Hang it from your rear-view mirror, keys, bike handle, or backpack. Wherever you decide, the JSAUX mini acorn speaker plays your favorite songs, loud and clear. It syncs up to your devices via Bluetooth, is made with a smooth wood-grain design, and charges via USB for a playback time of up to six hours.


7. This Best-Selling Detangling Paddle Brush That Can Handle Any Hair Type

The Wet Brush Paddle, $10, Amazon

No matter what hair type, the Wet Brush paddle detangles and removes knots without breakage, pulling, or pain. Its secret is the IntelliFlex bristles that glide through strands to separate them, whether wet or dry. It's available in four colors, holds up well in the shower, and reviewers say "five stars isn't enough" because they're "blown away" by how well this works.


8. These Toppers For Adorable Unicorn Cupcakes With Minimal Work

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers, $10 (Set of 24), Amazon

These unicorn cupcake toppers are the number one bestseller in their category, and I doubt anyone's surprised. They turn your baked goods into adorable, mystical unicorns using 24 eyelash and blush wrappers and horn with ears that stick into the frosting. Minimal hassle; magical AF.


9. This Silicone Ice Tray That Lets You Make Massive Diamond Cubes

Adkwse Diamond Ice Molds, $10, Amazon

Throw the classiest, blingiest dinner party ever with these Adkwse molds. They make massive, sparkly ice cubes in the shape of diamonds, and since they have a bigger surface area, they keep drinks cooler for longer. The silicone mold is easy to fill, resistant to leaks, and safe in both hot or cold temperatures, so you can use it to make chocolate, candy, and soap, too.


10. This Peel-Off Blackhead Mask That People Are Obsessed With

Scuddles Blackhead Peel-Off Mask, $11, Amazon

"I have tried so many of these black masks before," one reviewer writes, but this one is "absolutely amazing." Scuddles peel-off mask uses charcoal to draw out impurities and blackheads so you can actually witness the results. People say it dries quickly, peels well, and makes their pores look smaller and cleaner.


11. This Set Of 24 Quality Brushes For All Your Makeup Needs

VANDER LIFE Makeup Brush Set, $7 (Set of 24), Amazon

It includes 24 essential brushes, it's made from dense, cruelty-free bristles, and it comes in an attractive champagne color. No wonder this VANDER LIFE brush set is a number one best-seller. "So soft and work so well," one reviewer raves, while another writes that they're great for "color correcting, liquid foundation, powder foundation, setting powder, and concealer," not to mention shadows.


12. This Glass Oil Sprayer To Dress, Coat, And Grease Without Hassle

MAYBEST Olive Oil Sprayer, $13, Amazon

Made from glass and stainless steel, this food-safe oil sprayer makes it extremely easy to dress salads, evenly coat meat and vegetables, grease baking pans, and baste food. It can also be used with vinegar, soy sauce, lemon, wine, and melted butter, and since it's dishwasher-safe and comes with two brushes and a silicone funnel, clean-up and use is a breeze.


13. These Adorable Wallets That Hold All Your Essentials While Protecting Your Identity

Yolin RFID-Blocking Wallet, $13, Amazon

Available in black, light green, and rose pink, the Yolin wallet is extremely amazing quality for the price. It's made from PU leather and has built-in RFID-blocking technology. Even though it fits in your hand, it boasts nine card slots, one ID slot, two cash pockets, one zipper pocket, and one hidden pocket.


14. This Gentle Coconut Cleansing Milk To Wash Away Makeup Without Drying Your Out Skin

Georgette Klinger Coconut Cleansing Milk, $10, Amazon

Drawing from traditional European ingredients, this Georgette Klinger coconut milk uses fruits and herbs as a natural base to cleanse and purify skin. It washes away makeup, dirt, and impurities, but due to its anti-inflammatory extracts and soothing oils, it won't dry your face out, so it's safe for any skin type.


15. These Bright-Colored Tweezers That Grab Every Last Hair With Ease

TweezerGuru Blue Precision Tweezer, $10, Amazon

In addition to coming in bright blue and hot pink so you'll always find them in your makeup bag, these precision tweezers might just be the best you'll ever own. Over 6,500 reviewers are thrilled with how durable, comfortable, and effective they are: "They grab on the the hair and don't let go," one says. Plus, since the tip is stainless steel, it's easy to sanitize to avoid the spread of germs.


16. This Genius Power Bank Compact Mirror That Illuminates Your Face And Charges Your Phone

Shinngo Light-Up Mirror And Power Bank, $20, Amazon

This Shinngo compact gives you two mirrors (normal and magnified) as well as a bright LED vanity light for dark environments. It also has a built-in 3000mAh lithium polymer battery to charge your phone when it's running low. It's compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Androids, and it's available in two shapes and three colors.


17. This Electric Hair Remover Tool That Won't Cause Any Facial Irritation Or Pain

Laxcare Painless Hair Remover, $20, Amazon

Rather than plucking, waxing, or shaving, this Laxcare hair remover uses a protected electric blade to painlessly get rid of facial hair right up against the skin. It's waterproof, runs on batteries, and even has a built-in LED light to make sure you get every last one. "I have sensitive skin," one reviewer writes, "but this caused no irritation. Buy it, you won't be sorry!"


18. This Quick, Safe, And Easy Way To Open All Cans And Jars

Elenest Electric Can Opener, $18, Amazon

"Takes the lid off clean with the push of a button," one reviewer writes about this Elenest electric can opener, and since there are no sharp edges, you don't have to worry about hurting yourself. It runs on two AA batteries, so it's great for camping, RVs, and travel, and it even comes with a handy lid-twisting tool for jars of all sizes.


19. These Aromatherapy Bath Bombs To Compliment Any Mood

Divine Botanics Bath Bombs, $18 (Set of 6), Amazon

Made with Dead Sea salt, shea butter, and real essential oils, these Divine Botanics bath bombs come with one blend for every mood. The scents are formulated to help induce happiness, bliss, romance, allergy-relief, energy, or a boost of optimism, and reviewers love them because they're huge, fizzy, moisturizing, and "smell amazing."


20. These Adorable Sleeping Dogs That Mark Your Wine Glasses

Fred Winer Dog Wine Markers, $13 (Set of 6), Amazon

These punny little "winer" dogs are color-coded and sit around the stem of your wine glass so you always know which one is yours. They're made of soft, washable, BPA-free silicone, and they come in a pack of six for when you have company over.


21. This Easy-To-Install, Cloud-Shaped Key Holder To Place Next To Your Door

TWONE White Cloud Magnetic Key Holder, $6, Amazon

Never again misplace your keys with the TWONE White Cloud key holder. Its adhesive backing lets you effortlessly install it above your desk, next to your door, or even on a window, and the strong interior magnets grab onto your keys from any angle. It's also great as a catch-all for hairpins and office supplies.


22. This Smart Keychain That Ensures You Always Have A Fast-Charging Cable Nearby

X-Level Charging Cable Keychain, $11, Amazon

Even though it looks like a sleek metal ornament, this X-Level keychain actually has a retractable USB and iPhone plug. It ensures that you've always got a fast-charging cable wherever you go, and since it's made for portability and protection with its flexible braided cords and metal bullet, reviewers say it actually lasts.


23. These All-Natural Lip Balms Made With Essential Oils For Aromatherapy Healing

Ora's Amazing Herbal Lip Balm, $11 (Pack of 3), Amazon

Combine healing moisture and aromatherapy with Ora's Amazing Herbal lip balm. It's slow-infused with organic herbs, pure essential oils, and mood-altering scents like vanilla and basil rosemary. Because it's free from synthetic ingredients and infused with grapeseed oil, coconut, beeswax, and vitamin E, people say it "goes on smoothly and keeps [their] lips well-hydrated."


24. These Magnetic Salt And Pepper Shakers That Look Like Two Cuddly Peas In A Pod

Peas in a Pod Salt And Pepper Shakers, $14, Amazon

Your condiments have never looked so cute. These Peas in a Pod salt and pepper shakers are made from hand-painted glazed ceramic and feature two adorable cuddly peas. They have built-in magnets so they stay put on the leaf base, and one reviewer writes, "They make me happy in my kitchen."


25. This Easy Way To Make Your Own Professional-Looking Cake Pops For Any Event

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker, $18, Amazon

Create your own festive cake pops for any holiday or event with the Babycakes mini cake pop maker. Its non-stick baking plates work like a waffle-maker to create up to nine pops at once, and it has a latching handle, non-skid rubber feet, and power light, so the whole process is effortless. It saves a ton of time, ensures that each one is uniformly sized, and is also great for biscuit bites, hush puppies, meatballs, and more.


26. This Brilliant Stamp Pen That Creates Uniform Wings On Both Eyes

Vogue Effects Eyeliner Stamp Pen, $13, Amazon

If you're still getting the hang of the winged look, this brilliant Vogue Effects stamp pen can help. On one end, it has a felt tip to line your lashes, and on the other, it has a curved, easy-to-use stamp for the perfect cat eye — and it ensures that both are uniform and even. It's made with a blend of waxes, so it's resistant to water and smudges, and all the ingredients are hypoallergenic and vegan-friendly.


27. This Bed- Or Sink-Side Friend That Keeps Your Rings Safe

OYLZ Ceramic Dinosaur Ring Holder, $12, Amazon

Rather than losing your ring in bed or by the sink, there's this ridiculously cute OYLZ dinosaur jewelry holder. He's made from ceramic and hand-painted with gold dots, and his neck creates a secure place to hold your engagement ring while you sleep, shower, or wash dishes.


28. This Twinkling Light Curtain To Transform Any Backyard, Reading Nook, Or Holiday Display

Twinkle Star Light Curtain, $18, Amazon

"Now I have a Pinterest-worthy reading nook!" one reviewer writes. Others have used this Twinkle Star light curtain to create awesome backyards, festive holiday living rooms, mystical bedrooms, and eye-catching entrances. The 300 warm LEDs come in an easy-to-hang waterfall design and can be set to eight different modes: waves, sequential, flashing, fading, slogs, twinkling, and perpetually on. They look especially whimsical when placed behind a translucent curtain.


29. If You're Looking To Start A Practice, This Extremely Affordable Yoga Mat Is Super High Quality

Gold Armour Premium Yoga Mat, $19, Amazon

Even though it's only $19 (which is significantly less than most other brands), this Gold Armour yoga mat is designed to give you the safest and most comfortable practice possible. It's double-sided to offer both non-slip balance and thick cushioning for your joints, and it's made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Reviewers also say it's "great quality," a "perfect length," and has "no smell upon opening."


30. This Light-Up Magnification Mirror That Also Organizes Your Makeup Essentials

Daisi Lighted Organization Mirror, $20, Amazon

Store and apply your cosmetics like a pro with this Daisi organization mirror. The mirror has a powerful magnification and 16 quality LEDs that run on batteries to illuminate your face during makeup application. Then there's the durable acrylic base that has multiple compartments for your brushes and other essentials.


31. This Set Of Three Quality Beauty Blenders In All Different Sizes

EmaxDesign Makeup Blender Set, $8, Amazon

Made from a latex-free antimicrobial foam, the EmaxDesign makeup blender set creates an "airbrushed look" for concealer, foundation, blush, or powders. It includes three different sizes that are all shaped like teardrops for both large and hard-to-reach areas. They're easy to clean, simple to get the hang of, and "provide awesome and level coverage," according to reviewers.


32. This Genius Contraption That Reseals Open Bags With Heat

Rechargeable Bag Resealer, $16, Amazon

Seal open bags of chips, pretzels, and vegetables in seconds with this rechargeable bag sealer. Since it creates another air-tight seal on the original bag using heat, you'll save money on Ziploc bags and storage containers for your stale groceries. It also has a magnetized base for easy storing on the fridge and a recharging cable so you don't have to worry about batteries.


33. If You Go Through Post-Its Like No One's Business, This Electronic Board Is A Must

Boogie Board eWriter, $13, Amazon

According to reviewers, the Boogie Board eWriter is a life-saver for doodlers and note-takers: "I use it every day about a million times at work and it keeps me from going through post-its like crazy." It feels like a pen on paper, but instead uses a clip-on fine-tip stylus and an electronic board that erases at the touch of a button. It's also compact, lightweight, and available in three colors.


34. This Adjustable Cup To Measure Dry, Liquid, And Sticky Ingredients

OXO Good Grips Two-In-One Measuring Cup, $12, Amazon

Use and wash just one tool every time you cook or bake. The OXO Good Grips cup has a genius two-in-one design with an internal track that lets you measure up to two cups of dry or wet ingredients. Since the turning knob pushes the interior tube all the way up, it's awesome for transferring sticky ingredients like butter, syrup, honey, or jelly.


35. This Silicone-Padded Lash Curler For All-Day Lift And Curl

Kaasage Eyelash Curler, $11, Amazon

Rather than pulling and unintentionally damaging your lashes, there's this Kaasage professional eyelash curler. It uses a spring-loaded mechanism, high-grade silicone pressure pads, and advanced grip to hug each and every lash without damage. It even comes with replacement pads, and reviewers say it gives "lift and curl that lasts all day."


36. These Unbelievably Soft Sheets That Cost $20 (And Boast Over 13,000 Reviews)

AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheets Set, $20, Amazon

"Softest sheets I have ever felt in my life," one reviewer writes about these AmazonBasics sheets, and thousands upon thousands of other buyers agree. Since they're made from a microfiber material, they're breathable, resistant to wrinkles, and super easy to care for. They're available in six sizes, 20 colors and designs, and come with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.


37. This Aromatherapy Eye Mask That's Packed With Real Lavender Flowers

DreamTime Aromatherapy Eye Mask, $16, Amazon

Whether you use it for relaxation, headaches, or sleep, the DreamTime eye mask has tons of smart features. It's lined with an ultra-soft velvet and packed with real lavender flower petals to provide soothing aromatherapy after a tough day. The adjustable velcro strap ensures a great fit and the nose flaps block out the light without putting too much pressure on your face.


38. This Tea With Thoughtfully-Sourced Ingredients To Reduce Stress And Promote Happiness

Tea Tonix Be Happy Tea, $17, Amazon

Relax your nervous system, ease tension, and boost your mood with Tea Tonix Be Happy tea. It's made from thoughtfully-sourced ingredients like St. John's Wort, lemon balm, and skullcap, all of which promote relaxation and optimism. It has a peachy chamomile scent, and reviewers say it's "absolutely delicious" and "truly helps" to calm anxiety and nerves.


39. This Light That Turns Your Bedroom Into A Soothing Underwater Retreat

IDS Ocean Projector Light And Speaker, $18, Amazon

If you're in desperate need of an ocean getaway, but can't really afford it at the moment, there's this IDS projector light. It creates a soothing blue water design on your ceilings and walls, and it even has built-in speakers to play music or nature sounds from any device with an audio jack.


40. This Magnetic Silicone Holder That Keeps Earbuds Damage- And Tangle-Free

MAIRUI Silicone Magnetic Earphone Holder, $10, Amazon

Forget tangles and damaged cords. This simple but extremely useful MAIRUI earphone holder keeps your buds safe and organized in bags, cases, and pockets. The cord wraps around the soft silicone wheel while the buds snap into the magnetic center to keep everything in place during travel. It's even available in ten different colors to suit anyone's style.


41. This Plug-In Power Strip With Three Outlets, Three USB Ports, And An Automatic Night Light

Huntkey Power Strip Night Light, $18, Amazon

Plug the Huntkey power strip into any vertical outlet to get three new AC plugs and three USB charging ports. Not only does it save energy and automatically detect devices to offer the quickest charging time, but it has a built-in night light that turns on when it senses movement.


42. This Bottle Opener That Then Allows You To Launch The Cap Over Five Meters

Cap Zappa Bottle Cap Launcher, $7, Amazon

Yes, you could use it to launch your bottle caps straight into the garbage, but you'll likely drunkenly aim for your friends, and that's okay. The Cap Zappa opens your beer with minimal effort and then traps the cap inside, so you can shoot it up to five meters with the flick of a button. It also comes with a convenient keychain attached.


43. Feel Like A Princess While Stirring Coffee With These Steel Rainbow Flower Spoons

Rainbow Flower Spoon Set, $12 (Set of 8), Amazon

Even though they're made from stainless steel (so they won't rust, bend, or shed), these flower spoons come in a gorgeous rainbow finish. Each one has a different type of flower, and they're great for parties, sugar bowls, or eating cereal while feeling magical AF. One reviewer says they "make [them] feel like a princess" while stirring their morning coffee, and in my opinion, that's a solid way to start the day.


44. This Brilliant Monitor-Side Memo Board So Your Reminders Are Always Within View

Foster Monitor Memo Board, $9, Amazon

Whether you tend to forget important dates or you're sick of clutter on your desk, there's the Foster monitor memo board. It clips directly onto your computer screen to hold your phone, post-its, reminders, to-do lists, and business cards. It's transparent for a sleek appearance and stays put with adhesive strips.


45. This Travel Mug That Blends Smoothies, Shakes, And Protein Drinks On The Go

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender, $15, Amazon

Even if you're pressed for time in the morning, you still need to have breakfast. Make smoothies and shakes with the touch of a button and then take them with you wherever you go with the Hamilton Beach personal blender, which uses stainless steel blades to liquefy ice, fruit, vegetables, and powders into a delicious drink. The jar then doubles as a travel cup with a spill-resistant lid, so there's nothing to clean up.

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