44 Of The Wildest & Weirdest Products On Amazon Skyrocketing In Popularity


It doesn't happen often, but every now and then, a slightly odd product will break through and become a smash hit. Who would have guessed that the Chia Pet would be such a popular white elephant gift during the holidays? Who would have predicted the Squatty Potty would sit in so many household bathrooms? If you're intrigued, now's the time to get ahead of the trends with some weird but awesome products available on Amazon.

Not only does Amazon have an infinite variety of items to choose from, but they also have thousands of reviewers backing up these wild and weird products: which means you can snatch them up before they become the next big thing. So when you look at all the reviews for a 3-D printed moon lamp, you know that pretty soon, every bedroom is going to have one. I mean, who wouldn't want to be lulled to sleep next to an accurate model of the moon?

From a set of kitchen sponges that won't grow grimy over time to a skin-repairing beauty cream made with real snail mucin extract, there are a ton of genius products on Amazon that are currently flying under the radar — you just have to know where to look.

The Tool That Gives You Clean, Uniform Slices Of Butter

Whether you need to measure butter for a recipe — or simply want a perfect pat to put on toast or a baked potato, the Momshand butter slicer is right up your alley. This handy tool not only stores an entire stick of butter (which helps keep it fresh), but the slicing edge also makes it easy to cut straight down when chopping off a piece. Plus, since the entire slicer is made from silicone, so it's durable.

A Scraper Tool That Won't Scratch Your Surfaces

Whether you're trying to get rid of dried food, soap build-up, paint, or even putty, the Scrigit scraper tool can handle it all — and it won't scratch up your surfaces either. Safe to use on cars, floors, and non-stick pans, this handy plastic scraper has a built-in pocket clip so it's easy to keep track of while you work, and the elongated design makes it easy to reach those awkward nooks and crannies.

The Leakproof Gadget That Helps Aerate Your Wine

Aerating your wine makes a genuine difference in its quality of taste, which is only part of why Haley's Corker wine aerator is so great. It also has four other uses: it filters out cork particles and sediments, re-corks the wine to keep it fresh for longer, stops it from spilling everywhere, and acts as pourer, Made from BPA-free, food-safe plastic, you can also use this aerator to re-seal sodas, sparkling waters, cooking oils, vinegars, and more.

A Patch That Helps Absorb Toxins From Surprise Blemishes

Perfect for that blemish that popped up overnight (or the one you couldn't help but pop), the Mighty Patch acne spot dot is made without any harsh or drying chemicals, and the formula is completely cruelty-free as well as vegan-friendly. Each patch works as a protective cover on the blemish that helps prevent any picking that may further irritate your skin, and you can actually see it working as it absorbs unwanted toxins and pus — because the patch will turn cloudy.

The Serving Tray Made From Real Himalayan Pink Salt

The Zenware Himalayan salt block set adds a hint of salt to your food, making it an innovative way to cook your vegetables and proteins — and it comes with an included holder that makes it easy to transport the block from kitchen to table to use as a serving plate. This salt block is great for serving hot and cold food alike, plus one Amazon reviewer raved that cooking steaks and fish on her block gave them "excellent results every time."

A Personal Blender That Blends Right In Your Serving Cup

Rather than dirtying up an entire blender and a cup, use the PopBabies personal blender. This blender is powerful enough that it can make everything from smoothies, ice, baby food, and more — plus, it blends directly in the bottle, meaning you can take it anywhere with you. It's BPA-free, has built-in lithium batteries, and reviewers say it's quieter than other blenders.

The Shampoo Brush That Also Works As A Scalp Massager

Designed with thick silicone bristles that help stimulate blood flow in your scalp while exfoliating away any dead skin or flakes, the MAXSOFT shampoo brush is a great tool to add to your hair care routine. You can use this brush on dry hair for a quick scalp massage, or layer it with your favorite shampoo to get an invigorating scrub on your scalp. The handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand as you work, and it can even help stimulate hair growth.

A Toothpaste Made With Activated Charcoal And Organic Coconut Oil

Formulated without any fluorides and sweetened only with xylitol, the Hyperbiotics charcoal toothpaste uses activated charcoal to help keep the pH level in your mouth balanced, and the organic coconut oil helps to keep gums healthy. This toothpaste is great for naturally whitening your teeth without needing to resort to any bleaches or harsh chemicals, and it's gentle yet effective enough that it can remove coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco stains. The addition of probiotics can even encourage gut health.

The Slippers That Heat Up To Keep Your Feet Warm

If you want to take your comfort to the next level, you definitely need these Smoko heated smores slippers. Charged via USB, they heat up to keep your feet warm in the cold — plus, the overstuffed filling makes them feel super-plush on your feet. The included USB cable is extra-long so that you can wear these slippers while they charge, and one size is designed to fit most.

An Air Sanitizer That Can Rotate To Fit Tight Spaces

The Guardian Technologies air sanitizer is a unique way to reduce airborne bacteria, viruses, germs, mold spores, and pervasive household odors in your home. The UV-C light technology cleans the air around you, and it plugs into any household outlet and will work until you need to change the bulb in eight months. One reviewer writes: "I am in SHOCK!!!! The basement smells better than ever!!!!! It's hard to explain, but it just smells so clean and pure. Like being at the top of a mountain, I suppose."

The Detoxifying Foot Pads Made With Bamboo Vinegar

These bamboo vinegar foot pads are a little odd — but if you wear them while you sleep, they supposedly remove toxins from the body as you're getting your rest. Great for relieving stress and light muscle pain, one Amazon reviewer raved: "I was feeling sluggish and just exhausted all the time. I happen to read about these and I really had nothing to lose. WOW! I just finished my 2nd package and I feel energized."

A Serum That Helps Your Eyelashes And Brows Grow

Simply apply it to your eyelash roots, and the SILKSENCE eyelash growth serum will not only hydrate and nourish them, but the added vitamin E works to rebuild hair cells and boost their growth. There are no harsh chemicals in the formula which makes it safe for most types of skin, and you can even use it on your eyebrows to help promote growth there as well.

The Herb Garden That Works Both Indoors And Outdoors

Made with an LED bulb that simulates natural sunlight, the Mindful Design indoor herb garden is perfect for apartments with little to no lighting — and lets you grow plants that thrive. The smart timer lets you choose when the light automatically turns on and off so you don't have to be home for it to work, and it works with any type of plants — not just herbs.

A Pee Pad That's Washable And Reusable

Constantly using and buying pee pads is a waste of money —when you could be using the PuPee Pads washable pads. These reusable pads won't leak or slide around, and unlike other washable pads, these won't disintegrate after a few cycles in the washer. The multi-layer design helps wick away moisture and hold more liquid than competing pads, plus each order comes with a free puppy training e-book.

The Nail Polish Holder That Fits Right Onto Your Fingers

Bottles of polish normally need a flat surface to sit on, but with the Tweexy holder, you can wear the bottle on your hand, allowing you to do your nails practically anywhere — and safely allow you to polish with one hand. This holder is made from soft, flexible silicone that won't stretch out over time, too.

An Eye Mask Designed To Make You Look Like A Superhero

If you're just tired after a long day (of fighting crime, of course), the LANGRIA superhero eye mask will block out all external light so that you can fall asleep easily. The 3-D eye cavities ensure that there's no uncomfortable pressure exerted over your eyes, and the soft foam material feels comfortable as it rests on your face. You can adjust the fit using the Velcro strap, and one size is designed to fit all.

The Sponge That Won't Grow Stinky Through Repeated Use

Guaranteed to resist unwanted odors for at least 90 days, the Everest Microbial Defense microbial kitchen sponge is designed to resist germs, odors, and bacteria so that you're not stuck having to use a nasty, grimy sponge when cleaning. One Amazon reviewer even noted that she "popped one in the dishwasher after about a month and it came out good as new!"

A Portable Table That's Perfect For Wine, Snacks, And More

Whether you're out for a picnic or just enjoying the weather outdoors, the INNO STAGE portable wine table is a great way to easily enjoy your favorite snacks and beverages. Made from 100 percent heavy-duty bamboo, this folding table screws into the ground so everything that rests on top is secure, and there are four carved slots for wine glasses or cans.

The Shelf That Helps Keep Your Spices Organized

It can be difficult to organize your spice rack — but the Spicy Shelf holds up to 40 pounds, has a non-slip surface, is adjustable for any cabinets, and most importantly, keeps spices visible and neat. It also works for nail polish, crafts, pills, supplements, and more, and the shelves are also stackable to help save you precious storage space.

A Vacuum Attachment That Gets Stubborn Lint Out Of Your Dryer

Excess lint can catch fire and damage your dryer (and of course, it's dangerous) — so try using the HURRICANE lint lizard vacuum attachment to suck out all the residual lint from your dryer. Removing the excess lint also helps your dryer operate more efficiently, and there are three different suction control settings to choose from — depending on how deep of a clean you need.

The Body Wrap Stuffed With Warming Clay Beads

Drape the NatraCure body wrap over your neck and shoulders — it's filled with microwaveable clay beads that latch onto heat, providing you with longer-lasting heat than competing wraps. The soft fleece exterior feels plush and comfortable against your skin, and the hook-and-loop closure makes it easy to wrap it around your thighs, calves, arms, and more.

A Foot Rest That Hooks Underneath Your Desk

Not only can you hook it underneath your desk so that you have somewhere to stretch your legs and rest your feet, but the Gutupet under-desk footrest can also be used on long flights to help improve your blood circulation. The high-density nylon strap is durable, and it's waterproof, too.

The Color-Changing Lamp Shaped Like The Moon

Great as a gift or a quick way to set the ambience in your home, the LOGROTATE moon lamp has four different time settings to choose from so that it turns off even if you've fallen asleep — and there's even an included remote that allows you to cycle between 16 different colors. Each order comes with a display stand, and the surface truly is an incredibly close 3-D duplication of the lunar moon.

A Head Wrap That Helps Relieve Pain From Migraines

Whether you've got a migraine or just need a quick way to decompress after a long day, the Headache Hat wearable ice pack is the perfect solution. This ice pack is made from soft cotton and micro-fleece so that it feels comfortable on your face, and the moldable design makes it easy to wrap around your head for added relief — and you can even use it as an eye mask, neck pillow, face mask, and more.

The LED Candle You Can Blow Off Like A Real Candle

The MIPOW flameless candle is an electronic candle that comes about as close to a real candle as possible. Not only can you blow it out like a real flame, but you can also connect to it using your smartphone via Bluetooth to choose from millions of colors and shades of white light. There are also special effects like rainbow, fade, flashing, and pulsing that you can select, and you can connect multiple candles together to control them all at the same time.

A Laundry Accessory That Takes The Pet Hair Off Your Clothes

All you have to do is toss the FurZapper laundry pet hair remover in with your wash (keep it with your load as you transfer it to the dryer afterwards), and this handy accessory will remove all that stubborn pet hair from your clothes — no re-washing necessary. It's both reusable as well as hypoallergenic, and one Amazon reviewer noted that "it not only helps with pet hair, [but] I've noticed those annoying white tiny balls on all of my black leggings disappear as well!"

The Oven Mitts With Individual Fingers For Added Dexterity

Not only does the individual five-finger design make it easier to handle hot pots and pans, but the KMN Home oven finger mitts are also made from 100 percent food-grade silicone — so it's both heat-resistant as well as exceptionally durable. These mitts are non-slip as well as resistant to stains so you won't have to worry about any discoloration, and you can even use them to handle food directly over a hot grill.

A Stress Ball That Lights Up For Added Fun

The MorganProducts LED stress ball is perfect for anyone who needs to relieve some tension. It's safe for kids since there are no sharp edges or swallowable pieces, and the added color-changing LED light is fun to squeeze on and off — plus, many reviewers noted how it makes for a great addition to your cubicle or office.

The Hydrating Skin Cream Made With Snail Mucin Extract

Not only is snail mucin extract great for hydrating dry, tired skin, but the Seoul Ceuticals snail repair cream is also chock-full of organic shea butter, aloe, jojoba oil, and vitamin E to help leave your complexion feeling refreshed and moisturized. It's anti-microbial, won't clog your pores — and not only does it help out dry skin, but it can heal burns, scars, razor burn, and acne.

A Device That Takes The Work Out Of Slicing Potatoes

It can be easy to accidentally cut yourself when trying to pierce the rounded sides of a potato with a knife, so try using the Prepworks from Progressive fry cutter. This handy device quickly slices potatoes (or other veggies) into french fries, and clean-up is exceptionally easy since there's a pop-out grid to help flush out all the remaining bits — plus, the non-skid base ensures that it stays in place while you push down.

The Washing Machine That's Compact And Portable

Able to wash and spin-dry up to 10 pounds of laundry at once, the KUPPET portable washing machine features a powerful 1,300 rotations-per-minute motor that ensures your clothes will come out as clean as they would in a regular-sized washer. The built-in drainage tube makes it easy to get rid of the dirty water, and there are multiple timer settings to choose from depending on your needs.

An Eco-Friendly Scrubber Designed To Get The Grime Off Your Grill

It's easy to go without cleaning your grill, but it's also easy to use the Compac magic stone grill scrubber to get the grease, dirt, and stubborn grime off as well. Non-toxic, odorless, as well as hypoallergenic, this grill scrubber uses zero chemicals to get your grill clean — and it even helps prevent the spread of bacteria like E. coli and salmonella.

The Scrubber That Spins For Added Cleaning Power

Putting in that extra elbow grease can leave your arms feeling sore, so try using the WiMiUS spin scrubber. It's made with a stainless steel brush head, and comes with four different types of brush heads so that you can use it to clean in your bathroom, kitchen — all over your home, really. The batteries are rechargeable, can last for up to 75 minutes when fully-charged, and the brush heads are even resistant to mildew and bacteria growth.

A Pair Of Lace Bands That Help Keep Your Thighs From Chafing

Made from durable nylon that's resistant to accidental tearing, the Bandelettes thigh bands are a chemical- and grease-free way to keep your thighs from chafing. These bands stay in place using two rows of non-slip silicone located on the inside of the bands, and since the lace design is undeniably cute, they even look great as a little flair underneath shorts as well as skirts.

The Fasteners That Keep Your Bed Sheets From Riding Up

Having to constantly yank your bedsheets back over the mattress is annoying, so keep your sheets securely in place using the Sheetlock bed sheet fastener. Unlike other fasteners, these don't require you to lift your mattress all the way up in order to put them on, and they're adjustable so you can determine how tightly your bed is made.

A Set Of Nail Caps That Make It Easy To Remove Polish

Instead of wasting time scrubbing away at your nails, try using the Eboot nail cap clips. They have a soft cotton pad that you can soak in nail polish remover, then once you cap them over your nails, all you have to do is wait for the paint to melt away. They're comfortable so that you won't feel like they're pinching your fingertips, and they even work with UV gel and acrylic tips.

The Kitchen Gadget That Chops, Dices, And More

Not only can it chop and dice your vegetables, but you can also use the Fullstar vegetable chopper to spiralize your zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, and more. The handle is coated with soft rubber so that it feels comfortable in your hand as you exert pressure, and the non-skid base ensures that it won't get away from you while you press. And as an added bonus, the container that catches your chopped vegetables can also be used to store them.

A Kit That Makes It Easy To Create Your Own Sushi At Home

You don't have to be a professional sushi chef to make your favorite rolls using the Moxie and Co. sushi making kit. This kit makes rolling sushi easy since all you have to do is load the sushi gun with your preferred ingredients, and you're not limited to just sushi — you can also make fudge rolls, cake rolls, and other baked goods as well, and the high-end plastic construction is exceptionally durable.

The Shampoo Bar That's 100 Percent Biodegradable

Not only is it 100 percent biodegradable, but the J.R. Liggett shampoo bar is also completely vegan — making it an eco-friendly new way to cleanse your hair. The formula rinses clean so that you won't have to worry about any dulling residues getting left behind in your hair, and since there are no harsh chemicals or detergents even people with sensitive skin can use it. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "it literally only took three days" of using this bar before she realized their dandruff was gone.

A Tool That Quickly Chills Your Beverages Without Watering Them Down

Whether you're trying to cool your coffee down quickly or want to get your wine chilled without watering it down using ice cubes, the HyperChiller beverage cooler is just the gadget. This cooler is able to chill hot coffee in just 60 seconds, and it's large enough that it can hold about half of a bottle of wine. And as an added bonus, there's even a pour spout that makes it easy to transfer your beverages back to their original container.

The Device That Gives You Deliciously Bubbly Waffles

Why make traditional waffles when you can have a little fun with the CucinaPro bubble waffle maker? This waffle maker inverts your waffles into fun bubbles (variety is the spice of life, after all), and the non-stick cooking plates ensure that your waffles won't become glued to the machine when they're done baking. It cooks in less than five minutes, and you can even flip it 180-degrees to ensure that your breakfast is cooked evenly and quickly.

A Mask Made With Carbonated Clay To Help Refresh Skin

Not only does the carbonation provide a luxurious bubbly feeling on your skin, but it only takes five minutes for the MS. DEAR bubble clay mask to cleanse away toxins and leave your pores looking clean and clear. The clay in this mask is also great for getting rid of stubborn blackheads, and you only need to use it two or three times a week to experience the full benefits.

The Mascara With Over 4,200 Positive Reviews

With over 4,200 positive four- and five-star reviews on Amazon, the Mia Adora fiber lash mascara works to lengthen and volumize your eyelashes by up to 300 percent. Free from any parabens, this mascara comes with natural green tea microfibers that help extend each individual lash, and the formula is non-toxic and won't clump.

An Exfoliating Brush That You Can Use All Over Your Body

Not only does the ergonomic handle make it easy to manipulate in your hands, but the Dylonic exfoliating brush is also great for getting rid of razor bumps as well as ingrown hairs. All you have to do is gently massage this brush into your skin in order for it to exfoliate away dead skin and other irritating skin condition. You can even use it wet or dry.

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