44 Of The Coolest Items On Amazon With Hundreds Of 5-Star Reviews

Like so many of the best things, we borrowed the phrase "the cream of the crop" from the French. For all intents and purposes, it's basically nicked from "la crème de la crème," or "the cream of the cream." I'm telling you this because you're getting something really special here: The items I'm presenting you with today are 44 of the absolute coolest items on Amazon with hundreds of five-star reviews. They are the very foam on the froth of the cream of the cream.

There are salad shears whose design means you can make a finely chopped salad with one hand quickly and easily. Car wash mitts that look like Muppets but are actually microfiber washing gloves designed to clean wet or dry and are packed with effective cleaning power. And there are bamboo-blend bedsheets that reviewers rave have the feel of cashmere but with durability that's better than cotton. What do all these products have in common? Literally hundreds — and in some cases, thousands — of enthusiastic reviewers enthusing all over Amazon about their effectiveness. Their usefulness. Their sheer delightfulness.

With regard to the products on this list, I'll sum up my advice to you with a phrase you'll recognize in another language: "Carpe diem" — Seize the day. You won't want to miss out on these genius items, so get going!

Lifestyle — 44 Of The Coolest Items On Amazon With Hundreds Of 5-Star Reviews

1. The LED Worklight That's Magnetic To Mount Anywhere

FAJ Magnetic LED Multi-Task Light, $17, Amazon

Whether you're using it to read, work, or craft, this light will prove invaluable — and the great thing about it is that the base is magnetic, so it can mount easily to any metal surface. With 20 LED bulbs, it provides an ultra-bright light that's convenient and portable, and the 12-inch long gooseneck is adjustable to aim its beam wherever you need the illumination.


2. This Soak Will Cure All That Ails You

Asutra Soak Pain Away, $14, Amazon

Made with the world's purest magnesium chloride flakes, this soak will wash away whatever ails you, from muscle aches and pains to headaches and will even ease stress and anxiety and promote deep, healthy sleep. A time-honored curative, magnesium chloride has long been recommended by doctors for such varied purposes as increasing collagen production, boosting energy, and regulating bladder function — so one bath could do you a world of good.


3. This Unique Backpack Has Is The Epitome Of Futuristic Style

DIOMO Giometric Lingge Backpack, $28, Amazon

Truly a distinctive fashion statement, this backpack is crafted from PVC that has a holographic finish to appear purple or green in dim environments but flash with a laser-like rainbow shimmer when it catches the light. The fully-lined, roomy interior makes it perfect for an everyday carry, with one main pocket, one zippered pocket, and two small open pockets.


4. A Ball That Encapsulates All The Healing Power Of The Foam Roller

HEALTHYMODELLIFE Foam Roller Massage Ball, $13, Amazon

All the relief of your favorite foam roller is packed into this massage ball that provides enhanced performance and targetability. Firm and the ideal size to dig into the small muscle groups within the hips, thighs, and lower back, this device is ideal for athletes, post-workout stretching and therapy, and for pain relief for anyone who suffers back problems.


5. This Pen-Sized Tool Gives You Seven Screwdrivers In One

Maxcraft 7-In-1 Precision Pocket Screwdriver, $15, Amazon

Styled like a pen with a rugged aluminum holder, this device is actually a precision screwdriver with seven magnetic bits that store in a quick-change holder right in the handle. There's a bit for every need you might have, including four flat-head bits and three Phillips-head bits — ideal for most DIY projects and small home repairs. The pocket clip means you can make sure it's always with you when you need it the most!


6. These Bedsheets Are Crafted From Naturally Hypoallergenic Bamboo

Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheet Set, $44 (4 Pieces), Amazon

Crafted from cloth that's 60 percent sustainably harvested, eco-friendly bamboo fiber, this sheet set is not only soft and comfortable, but naturally hygienic and breathable as well. With a touch that's comparable to fine cashmere, these sheets are also stronger than cotton and very easy to care for, and have earned nearly 1,400 four-plus star reviews. They're available in a baker's dozen of the fashionable shades of your dreams.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, King Split

7. A Pair Of Night Lights That Turn On Whenever They Sense You're Near

Mr. Beams Wireless Motion Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, $19 (2 Pack), Amazon

Now you don't have to spend a ton to have motion-sensing lighting wherever you want it with these LED lights that you can stick anywhere. Wireless and battery-operated, they detect motion at a distance of 10 feet and are perfect for illuminating hard-to-reach areas like stairways, long halls, and garages. Best of all, you can also use them inside cabinets and closets or even outdoors — anywhere you need a little extra light.


8. This Cushion Makes Your Bathtub A Luxury Spa Bed

QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Bath Pillow, $40, Amazon

Enjoy an optimal combination of comfort and support at bathtime with this pillow made from naturally anti-mildew 3-D mesh surrounding an air core that together cradle you in relaxing luxury. The 50-inch full-body length means you get support for both your head and your tailbone, and the quilted design won't ever deflate or puncture. It holds tight to your tub with 11 suction cups and is even machine washable so it stays fresh and clean.


9. The Clamp-On Stand That Angles Your Device Any Way You Like It

MAGIPEA Gooseneck Tablet/Smartphone Clip Grip, $10, Amazon

Designed to provide easy hands-free operation of both smartphones and tablets, this mount features a 30-inch gooseneck that bends into just about any display angle you'd like and clips onto a table edge, bedframe, or other surface with a convenient and durable clamp. Suitable for most devices, the gooseneck is made from an aluminum/magnesium alloy cord that's both ultra-flexible and long-lasting.


10. A Hanger That Keeps Handbags And Accessories Neat And Compact

InterDesign Axis Handbag Hanger, $13, Amazon

With six rounded hooks uniquely designed to ensure that purse straps won't slide off, this handbag hanger is the perfect accessory for your newly KonMari-d closet to keep accessories tidily stored. It's as great for shawls and duffel bags as it is for everyday purses, and the sturdy steel construction means you'll get years of use out of it. The shiny chrome finish looks great in your closet and is corrosion-proof, too.


11. The Lashes That Make Your Eyes Red-Carpet-Ready In Seconds

DeFitch Magnetic False Eyelashes, $11 (1 Pair), Amazon

Designed to be ultra-lightweight for maximum comfort, these lashes are magnetic so they can be applied without messy, sticky glue that can irritate your eyes — and they blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, too. With proper care and storage, they can even be reused again and again, making them also an extremely economical choice for a look that's red-carpet-ready in a flash.


12. The Open-Weave Liner That Helps Keep Shelves Organized And Tidy

Gorilla Grip Original Drawer And Shelf Liner, $18, Amazon

From the sticky specialists at Gorilla Grip, this shelf liner is made with high-quality, open weave material that's slightly tacky to prevent items in your drawers or on your shelves from moving around once they've been placed. Available in 10 styles and six widths, the material can be customized to suit your space simply by cutting it with regular household scissors.


13. A Cushiony Floor Mat That Will Get You Up In The Morning No Matter What

instecho Rug Alarm Clock, $62, Amazon

This rug is loud, and it's not the pattern that makes it so. No, it has a 90 to 120 decibel alarm clock built right into it that only turns off after you stand on it for five seconds! Designed to wake up even the heaviest of sleepers, this memory foam rug can play your custom MP3s or it can play regular alarm tones, and features an imbedded digital display clock.


14. This Aromatherapy Balm Will Help You Get To Sleep

Wild Thera Goodnite Balm, $16, Amazon

Crafted with a range of organic ingredients including chamomile, clary sage, valerian, lemon balm, and lavender, this balm is designed to be massaged into the skin around your face and deliver an aromatherapy treatment that will assist you in drifting peacefully off to sleep. Not tested on animals and completely free of all the bad stuff like GMOs, parabens, sulfates, and preservatives, this balm is completely non-toxic with no harsh side effects.


15. The Hair Accessory That Gives You A Seriously Perky Ponytail

Beauty Hair Ponytail Holder And Enhancer, $8, Amazon

Use this gadget to create the perfect volume and lift for your perkiest ponytail every time. Made with food-grade silicone, this thumb-sized device is designed to have hair wound around it and both fill out your ponytail and hold it upright. It's lightweight to use and once secured in your hair, won't slip around. Plus, it's versatile enough to be used with braids and other styles, too.


16. A Universal Opener For All Your Essential Oils

SOLIGT Multi-color Metal Essential Oil Key Tool, $7 (3 Pack), Amazon

Anyone who enjoys essential oils definitely needs a set of these tools that make it fast and easy to open bottles and remove rollerball tops from favorite scents. Made of sturdy metal with accurately-sized holes in a range of the most commonly used sizes, these tools are a must for both professionals and hobbyists, and the three-pack means you can keep one for yourself and share the others with friends.


17. These Shears Make Chopped Salad Fast, Easy, And Fun

Chef'n Salad Shears Lettuce Chopper, $10, Amazon

The unique circular shear design of these salad choppers makes it possible to operate them with one hand and make a complete, finely chopped salad with all the vegetables in just minutes. Their serrated nylon blades cut through leafy greens without wilting them; the rubber grip means you can comfortably and quickly cut without worrying the device will slip.


18. A Lid That Provides An Airtight Seal For A Wide Range Of Pots And Pans

J&C Life Silicone Lid, $17, Amazon

The versatile design of this lid makes it suitable for use on pots and pans ranging from 11 inches to 12.5 inches in diameter. Crafted from glass with a silicone surround that gives it its size flexibility plus an airtight seal, this lid cuts down on the number of accessories you need to keep in your cookware drawer, and also limits the amount of time you'll spend searching for the right size lid for the pan you're using.


19. This Car Vacuum Is Both Strong And Silent

Zukaly Car Vacuum Cleaner, $30, Amazon

With whisper-quiet operation that belies its strong suction power, this vacuum is the ideal companion for keeping your car clean on the go. It supports both wet and dry use, and features an LED light that lets you see into the dark corners you're cleaning as you work so you can be even more thorough. It even has a HEPA filter to cut down on allergens in your vehicle.


20. The Makeup Remover Cloths That Lift Off Dirt, Oils, And Colors With Just Water

S&T Always Off Makeup Remover Cloths, $8 (5 Pack), Amazon

A perennial favorite of mine that are always on reorder, these makeup cloths are super-efficient at cleaning your face quickly and with just water thanks to their plush microfiber — you only need makeup remover or cleansing products if that's your jam. They're also ultra-durable so you can wash and reuse them endlessly, and a great eco-friendly replacement for single-use facial wipes.


21. The Accessory You Need For Making Truly Great Rice

Inomata Japanese Rice Washing Bowl, $8, Amazon

Washing extra starch off of the rice is an essential part of preparing sushi rice, and this bowl is the type found in every Japanese household for completing this important step. Made of food-grade plastic, it features both side and bottom drainers for maximum efficiency, so it's easy to use and easy to clean. It's also great for washing vegetables and fruit.


22. A Set Of Sleeves To Keep Your Important Documents Safe From Prying Eyes

Alpine Rivers RFID Blocking Sleeves, $10 (Set Of 18), Amazon

US government-approved and crafted from durable water- and tear-resistant material, this set of RFID sleeves is everything you need to protect your valuable personal financial instruments. The set also includes four sleeves large enough to protect US passport-sized documents, and are lined with electromagnetically-opaque shields to block prying high-tech eyes and the signals of unwanted scanning devices.


23. Get This Pocket Organizer And Keep Everything You Need Handy On Your Couch Or Favorite Chair

Sumee Sofa Organizer, $15, Amazon

Crafted from high-quality, waterproof leather and suede, this entertainment organizer has five pockets to harness all your relaxation needs into one place where they'll always be at your fingertips. Keep your remotes, iPad, books and magazines, game controllers, and mobile phone in the pockets of this organizer that's backed with cloth so it won't slip around on the arm of your sofa or your favorite chair.


24. This Eye Cream Is Like A Full Night's Sleep In A Bottle

Pure Biology Total Eye Cream, $31, Amazon

We all have those days when we're working on a less-than-optimal night of sleep. On those days, an eye cream like this one can really come to the rescue: Formulated with a blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, aloe, caffeine, and argan oil, it moisturizes and perks up the delicate skin around your eyes and leaves it feeling smooth. Keep it in the fridge for an extra dose of pep.


25. This Simple Silicone Tube Peels Garlic In A Flash

ZYLISS Garlic Peeler, $5, Amazon

As simple as it gets but incredibly effective, this garlic peeler is a silicone sleeve with ridges on the inside that rub against the skin of the garlic and make it shed effortlessly in seconds, without the garlic odor transferring to the hands. Dishwasher safe, this peeler will accommodate several cloves at once, including both large and small cloves.


26. The Odd-But-Awesome Toe Spreaders That Amp Up Your Yoga Practice

YOGABODY Toe Stretchers & Separators, $17 (2 Pairs), Amazon

Designed to help improve your yoga practice, these toe separators may look slightly odd, but they're incredibly healthy for your feet and legs. Crafted from naturally soft, latex-free SEBS rubber, they fit on over your toes and can be worn while you're relaxing anytime or even overnight while you sleep to stretch out the connective tissue in your feet and toes, correcting conditions like overlapping toes and even hammertoes.


27. A Planner That Will Help You Be More Organized And Happier, Too

PAPERCODE Simple Elephant Planner, $19, Amazon

Undated and based on proven psychological research into productivity and happiness, this planner provides the ultimate in flexibility for your convenience in developing routines to up your daily output as well as routines around gratitude. You'll overcome procrastination and reach your goals with improved focus while also being encouraged to improve your work-life balance. With thick, no-bleed paper and a durable leatherette cover, this planner is also a joy to hold in your hand.


28. You Can Use This Versatile Spandex Band When You're Working Out Or When You're Traveling

Stashbandz Belt, $23, Amazon

With four wide, secure pockets distributed all the way around your waist, this belt is the ideal partner for carrying your valuables while you're traveling and when you're working out. Keep your phone, keys, and debit card inside when you hit the treadmill or the trail; or, store your passport, extra cash, and backup credit cards inside for safety while you're on the move overseas. It's large and sturdy enough to secrete a flask inside, too!


29. The Dispenser That Automatically Gives You A Squirt Of Soap For Better Hygiene

supurst Automatic Soap Dispenser, $25, Amazon

Equipped with an infrared sensor that dispenses foam without mess and more hygienically than a traditional unit, this dispenser is the tidier, healthier way to get hands clean. Its agile and fast response is battery-powered so it can be used wherever soap is needed — even outdoors — and it's leak-proof and waterproof, too. Plus, with the clear design, you'll always know exactly how much soap you have left.


30. With These Gloves, Grooming Your Dog Or Cat Is As Easy As Petting Them

The Original HandsOn Gloves, $25, Amazon

Flexible and fitted so you can handle shampoo bottles, leashes and the like while you're grooming your pet, these gloves are covered with scrubbing nodules that provide a deep clean for your pet at the same time that you're administering a massage that they'll love. Hair doesn't stick to the gloves, and the waterproof design means that your hands and nails stay clean. Animals of all sizes and shapes love these unique gloves that can clean dirt and grime from all over their bodies and down to the skin on even the deepest coats.


31. The Lamp That Releases That Great Candle Scent Without A Flame

Candle Warmers Etc. Candle Warmer Lamp, $35, Amazon

Enjoy the fragrance of your favorite candle without worrying ever again about whether or not you've left it lighted with this candle warmer lamp. Its patented design melts the top of the candle to release its fragrance safely, while creating the ambiance of a gently burning candle at the same time. The pedestal base accommodates many different sizes and shapes of candles, too.


32. No Car Stereo, No Problem With This Bluetooth Smartphone Adapter

JFONG In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter, $25, Amazon

Featuring clear sound for both the radio and your calls, this radio transmitter is a versatile and adaptable device suitable for any vehicle. Its advanced noise cancellation technology suppresses ambient vehicle and wind noise, while the screen allows you to visualize and control your phone calls, music, and even your car battery voltage. Play music from a USB drive or charge your devices while it's plugged in as well.


33. These Pen Holders Are Magnetic To Keep Writing Utensils Right Where You Need Them

Steel Aid Fridge Magnets Pen Holder Clips, $10 (4 Pack), Amazon

Crafted from stainless steel with a loop design that expands to accommodate writing utensils of any size, these pen holders feature a magnet on its reverse so you can keep it on the fridge, on the front of a filing cabinet — wherever you find yourself without something to write with on the regular. Plus, the magnets can be used to hold up to 15 papers while they're holding your pen at the same time!


34. The Mitts That Make Car Washing Quick, Easy And Fun

BlueCare Automotive Premium Car Wash Mitts, $14 (Set Of 2), Amazon

The thick chenille microfiber twists on these mitts give them plenty of cleaning power as they pick up dirt and grime from your vehicle like magnets whether they're used wet or dry. They won't scratch or leave lint behind, and they're machine washable, too, so when you're done cleaning your car, you can launder these mitts for use again and again.


35. These Tooth-Whitening Pens Give You A Stunning Smile With No Sensitivity

drtulz Bright White Whitening Pens, $24 (3 Pieces), Amazon

Formulated with a safe form of peroxide that safely removes years of built-up stains, these whitening pens will leave you with a stunning, white smile without any sensitivity. The soft bristle-brush tip enables you to apply a thin, even layer to teeth that penetrates without damaging your enamel, then dissolves completely without leaving behind only a fresh mint taste in its place.


36. The Air Conditioner That Can Actually Save You Money On Your Energy Bill

MiToo Personal Air Conditioner, $45, Amazon

Small and compact so that it can be used in any room in the house, this personal air conditioner can actually reduce your energy costs during the hottest months of the year by focusing the cool air exactly where it's needed so you don't have to crank up the A/C all over the house. It uses an evaporative mechanism to cool down the air and holds enough water for eight hours of continuous use.


37. These Molds Will Give You Designer Ice To Match Your Designer Cocktails

Shefio Ice Ball Molds, $20 (Set Of 4), Amazon

The next time you go all out for a party with designer cocktails, break out these ice molds and add some designer ice balls to the mix as well. Crafted from FDA-approved, BPA-free silicone, they make large, 2.5-inch spheres of ice that pop out of the molds easily thanks to the "wings" on the molds' sides. Freeze fruits or herbs into the spheres for an even more upmarket look!


38. The Cutting Board That's Naturally Antibacterial And Eco-Friendly

Royal Craft Wood Organic Bamboo Cutting Board, $20, Amazon

Made from sustainably harvested bamboo that's not only renewable but naturally antibacterial, this cutting board is a great eco-friendly choice for your kitchen. Oversized to provide more active space for cutting and chopping, it's designed with a drip groove to catch juices when carving meats, and it's pretty enough to be used for display or as a serving board.


39. These Hemp Drops Enhance Focus And Reduce Anxiety

Hemp Side Ultra Premium Hemp Oil Drops, $27, Amazon

Formulated for premium bioavailability, these drops are crafted from Colorado hemp that's free from herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs. The potency of this non-habit-forming, non-hallucinogenic, non-narcotic formulation means they're useful for a wide spectrum of conditions, including reducing anxiety; improving mood stabilization and sleep; easing pain and stiffness; lowering inflammation and relieving joint pain; decreasing hormonal imbalances; and even boosting metabolism and supporting weight loss.


40. The Super-Strong Magnets That Are Great For Home Or Work

Emperor Magnets, $13 (30 Pack), Amazon

The two sizes of magnets in this set are both small, but don't let their diminutive size fool you: They're each powerful enough to hold up to 15 sheets of paper and make the perfect accessory to keep those important notices on your fridge at home or on your whiteboard or bulletin board at the office. Their brushed nickel finish gives them a distinctive, polished appeal, too.


41. This Device Gives You A Salon-Quality Pore Cleaning Without Extractions

Larspace Blackhead Remover, $16, Amazon

With a delicate vacuum to apply suction and remove your blackheads without the pain of extraction, this device gives you the same pore-cleansing finish as a salon or spa treatment at home in just five minutes or less. Three levels of suction remove dirt and grease from the skin while applying a light massage and exfoliating to leave behind a radiant, refreshed complexion.


42. A Picnic Basket That Keeps Your Food Hot Or Cold For 12 Hours And Comes With Service For Four

SCUDDLES Premium Extra Large Picnic Basket, $40, Amazon

Engineered to serve as a cooler or to insulate your food and keep it warm, this picnic basket truly has it all: The capacity to preserve your meal's temperature for eight to 12 hours, plus a complete serving set for four people with plates, silverware and glasses. Its extra-heavy-duty construction and strong handles make it capable of carrying even heavy lasagnas and food storage containers — all you need to do is tuck a blanket inside and you're set for a deluxe picnic.


43. You Can Count On These Shoe Bags To Keep Your Clothes Free From Dirt While Traveling

Tuff Guy Travel Shoe Bags, $13 (Set Of 4), Amazon

Made from tough, waterproof ballistic nylon that won't rip or leak, these shoe bags are the perfect companion to protect your shoes while traveling and keep any dirt that's tagging along with them from getting to your delicate clothing. High-performance zippers won't strain against your shoes and sewn-in identifiers ensure that if the bags get separated from your luggage you'll be reunited with them shortly.


44. This White Noise Machine Soothes Day Or Night With A Variety Of Sounds

KAILEDI White Noise Machine, $70, Amazon

Choose anything from a summer night to a howling wind and of course plain old white noise when you choose this white noise machine that's perfect when you have a sleeping baby in the house, a snorer, or just need to concentrate to be able to get your work done. Its compact size makes it great for travel, too, and many tinnitus sufferers find these machines useful for blocking out the symptoms of the disease.

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