53 Lesser-Known Products On Amazon That Are Constantly On The Bestseller List

If the aficionados of these products — the often-overlooked lesser-known products on Amazon that are constantly on the best-seller list — could say anything if you could hear them right now? It would be "I told you so."

You may think some of these products are LOL-inducing, but not so fast: Their appeal will sneak up on you, just as it has the hundreds of influencers who have made them the best-sellers that they all are. Witness the questionably named Tinkle eyebrow razors. I'll admit I myself was a skeptic when I first encountered them. However, given their super-low price point ($5 for 6), I thought I'd give them a whirl. Now, I will not be without them — yes, I use them for grooming my brows, but I'll cut to the chase: I also use them to give myself an all-over dermabrasion treatment that leaves my face glowing and makes my moisturizer sink in deliciously. I'm officially #obsessed and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

And therein lies the manner in which these items gain an enthusiastic and dedicated following — so don't be afraid to jump on the bandwagon. Look at these little secrets of the interwebs as the products on which your fellow shoppers have kicked the virtual tires for you so don't have to — just click Add to Cart and your retail therapy session is complete.

Entertainment — 53 Lesser-Known Products On Amazon That Are Constantly On The Bestseller List

1. These Patented Gadgets Mean Everything Is Good To The Last Drop

Last Drop Bottle Drainer/Dryers, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

Made to fit bottles of all sizes and shapes, these gadgets will help you drain all your condiments, or shampoos and conditioners, or whatever precious liquids you have laying around. The patented design is sturdy and stable enough to even hold a heavy bottle of laundry detergent, upending it to eliminate waste. Also great for use in drying items including water bottles, these devices will save you money.


2. A Night Light That Turns Itself On And Off With A Sleep-Friendly Glow

GREENIC Plug-In Night Light, $13, Amazon

Featuring a soft hue that won't interfere with your body's natural production of melatonin, this night light turns itself on and off automatically to illuminate your path in the dark. Its gentle light won't pose a threat to your power bill, either, and it's cool to the touch, so it's safe for pets and kids. Seven colors are available for your selection.


3. These Yoga Pants Have Pockets For Your Stuff

Fengbay Yoga Pants (XS-XXL), $17, Amazon

Pockets are officially the greatest thing since sliced bread, and these yoga pants are replete with them: Two on the outside — one on each leg — that are sized for your smartphone, plus hidden pockets in the waistband for valuables like your keys, gym ID, and debit card. No more wondering where you left your stuff and retracing your steps thanks to these high-waisted workout wonders crafted with four-way stretch, and you get your choice of capri or standard length and a bevy of color options.


4. The Tough-Scrubbing Sponges That Are Made From Cactus

Twist Scrub Sponges, $6 (6 Pack), Amazon

Prickly stains have met their match in these sponges made from cactus. You read that right: 100 percent, all-natural cactus, and they're dye- and plastic-free, with no toxic adhesives. Reviewers praise their scrubbing capacity as well as the fact that they're compostable — can you imagine? — and the fact that the neutral coloring doesn't clash with kitchen décor.


5. A Bowl That Won't Scald Your Hands After It's Been In The Microwave

Chef Buddy Handy Gourmet Cool Touch Microwave Bowl, $11, Amazon

With a heat-resistant silicone outer container to protect your hands from discomfort and a ceramic inner container to keep your food warm, this microwave bowl is the best of both worlds when it comes to heating anything quickly. The set, which has a spacious 24-ounce capacity, also comes with a vented lid to prevent splatters while cooking. The outer, silicone piece is fitted with a handle that gives you a convenient way to hold the bowl so you can nosh while you Netflix and chill.


6. A Straightening Brush You Can Use On-The-Go

DWave Hair Straightening Brush, $40, Amazon

For perfecting your 'do when you're on the run, this straightening brush is the compact, cordless hair care that can't be beat. Lightweight and offering 30 minutes of styling from one charge (it's rechargeable via USB), you can chuck it in your backpack, briefcase, or messenger bag for use while you're out and about. Plus, three temperature settings deliver solid performance for all hair types.


7. The Massage Stick That Releases Big Knots And Tiny Pressure Points Alike

PharMeDoc Muscle Roller Massage Stick, $10, Amazon

Iron out even the tightest muscles and increase blood flow to speed up recovery after injuries, tough workouts, or, heck, long, stressful days with this massage tool. Its nine rings spin independently of each other, distributing the pressure you place on the bar, and it's easy to maneuver with the rubberized grips. The really great thing about this device is that its size makes it easy to take with you to the office, gym, or on the road — so much more portable than a foam roller.


8. These Kitchen Accessories Help Keep Food Fresher, Longer

The GRIPSTIC, $6 (3 Pack), Amazon

Keeping chips, cereal, baking ingredients, frozen foods, and more fresh has never been easier with the GRIPSTIC. These patented devices don't just seal your bags — they actually lock them airtight, so you get more out of your hard-earned food budget. Just fold your bag top over, slide the device on the crease, then create the seal by sliding the zipper tab on the device across its length. So easy and so smart.


9. The Measuring Cup That Eliminates Both Spills And Scorches

OXO 2-Cup Squeeze & Pour Measuring Cup, $10, Amazon

You'll be getting two for the price of one with this measuring cup: Thanks to the unique honeycomb design on the sides, you can use it to heat ingredients and it stays cool to the touch. Then, its durable, BPA-free silicone construction enables you to pour them out without drips or spills. It also has easy-to-read ounce, cup, and milliliter markings on the outside and a smooth interior for easy pouring, and it's a must for any cook's kitchen.


10. A Wristband That's A Must For Anyone Handy Or Crafty

ZhuoLang Magnetic Wristband, $5, Amazon

At this price point, you'll want to order several of these magnetic wristbands, because they're incredibly useful for anyone who loves to DIY, craft, or sew. Suitable to fit just about any wrist, it features six powerful magnets, so it's more powerful than its competitors. You'll get a hand back when you're working on that important project, and you won't have to chase down all those little metal bits and pieces.


11. The Underwear That's Made From Renewable Bamboo Fabric

Boody EcoWear Bikini Underwear (XS-XL), $11, Amazon

Cool and comfortable as well as eco-friendly, this underwear is crafted primarily from rayon that's made from organically-grown bamboo. With a hint of nylon and Spandex, they're form-fitting without being overly snug, and they're seamless to give you a nice clean line under your clothing with no rolling. With its unique breathable qualities, it's also extra-comfortable, and this fabric is hypoallergenic, too. It's available in six colors.


12. The Turntable That Has Compartments That Pull Out

YouCopia Crazy Susan Turntable, $22, Amazon

It's a lazy Susan with a difference: This turntable features four pie-piece-shaped shelves that slide out to offer enhanced ability to access and retrieve items in hard-to-reach places. It's fitted with stainless steel ball bearings to ensure smooth and easy 360-degree operation, even with a capacity that reviewers note is capable of accommodating more than 20 bottles of oil, vinegar, or the like.


13. A Plunger That Works On Every Toilet In Existence

Korky Beehive Plunger & Holder, $28, Amazon

Don't take a chance that you'll be caught in the midst of an unsavory bathroom emergency with a plunger that doesn't fit your toilet — get this model instead, the Cadillac of plumbing suction devices. Its beehive shape is engineered to create a vacuum seal in any toilet, enabling a suction release of the clog at hand. The non-marking rubber is topped with a smart T-handle design that will give you a better grip for easier plunging, too, and the whole assembly sits right down into the included holder when not in use to keep it concealed and your bathroom drip-free.


15. A Tube That's Your Spackle, Primer, Putty Knife, And Sanding Pad All In One

3M Patch Plus Primer 4-in-1, $7, Amazon

Forget about a triple threat: This tube is actually a quadruple threat, with everything you need to repair a small hole in drywall or particle board. Inside the tube is a compound that's spackle plus primer in one, great for filling nail and screw holes and strong enough to hold a nail or a screw once you're done. When you've dispensed the compound, reapply the cap and use the putty knife on the opposite end to level it out; once it's dry, there's a sanding pad on the cap's top for a smooth finish.


16. The Foot Sleeves That Protect You From Bunion Pain

BRISON Light Feet Cushions, $18, Amazon

Made from medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer, these sleeves are terrific for anyone suffering from painful conditions like bunions, plantar fasciitis, blisters, calluses, and more — providing cushioning and relieving pressure and pain upon impact. They're breathable, so they don't cause excess sweat while you're wearing them, and while they're adjustable, they don't slip while you're wearing them. With their patented design, they go on and off easily, and can be washed with soap and water for repeated wear.


17. The Cutting Board That Has A Strainer Built In To Slash Your Prep Time

Prepworks by Progressive Over-the-Sink Prep Station, $29, Amazon

Clean, rinse, and chop all in one central location with this unique prep station that features an integrated cutting board and colander design. With a 7.5-inch extension arm to reach over most sinks, the set-up enables you to stand right at the sink while you remove stems and stalks from your veggies, then shift them to the 3-cup silicone colander to wash them up. Finally, return them to the cutting board to slice or chop. The colander collapses for easy storage.


18. A Hair Iron That Curls Or Straightens Hair

FURIDEN 2-in-1 Hair Tool, $69, Amazon

Go straight or go curly — it's up to you with this multi-functional hair tool. It heats up in just 15 seconds and gives you salon-high heat whether you want to straighten your hair or craft a curly look. A 360-degree swivel cord makes maneuvering easy, and floating flat plates mean you won't snag your hair. It comes with a handy heat-resistant glove to help with styling, plus a carrying bag and other accessories.


19. A Spray For Your Feet So You Can Get Some Zzzzz's

Seven Minerals Sleep Well Magnesium Spray, $19, Amazon

It might seem odd that you'd spray something on your feet and legs to cure insomnia, but believe me, it works. This spray relieves magnesium deficiency — which is a key component of sleeplessness — to help you get a good night's rest simply by massaging it into legs. All-natural, it's formulated with pure magnesium oil, plus cedarwood, lavender, sweet marjoram, and clary sage: all of which are trusted calming, relaxing agents. Unlike many sleep remedies, this is a totally non-toxic alternative, with no risk for dependency, so it's a great choice to ease your insomnia — and it helps with restless leg syndrome, too.


20. An Ab Wheel That Offers Variations For Advanced Users And Is Super Safe

KANSOON Ab Wheel, $18, Amazon

With a patented three-wheel design that makes it more sturdy than its competitors, this ab roller offers beginner exercises as well as enhanced variations that provide a more challenging workout for advanced users. It features comfortable soft rubberized grips that make it easy to use, plus a unique stand-alone brake. It even comes with a high-density foam knee pad to keep you comfortable while you're getting your sweat on.


21. A Cult-Favorite Spot Remover For Practically Any Mess

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, $21 (6 Pack), Amazon

As the little spot remover that could, this solvent has assumed cult-following status on Amazon, with nearly 2,000 reviewers giving it more than four stars. It's safe to use on colors and gets out just about anything you use it on, from blood and grease and oil to wine — "I don't believe I have met a stain that could resist this magic formula," says one enthusiastic five-star purchaser. With this buy, you'll get a half-dozen 2-ounce bottles, so you can keep one with you wherever you go.


22. These Lozenges Stop Your Stress In Its Tracks

Bach's Rescue Pastilles, $7, Amazon

You've heard of Bach's Rescue Remedy, the dropper-dispensed homeopathic stress reliever favored by supermodels and supermoms alike — well, these lozenges are the Jolly-Rancher-for-grownups version that will calm you right down when your nerves are going jingle-jangle-jingle. They have a soothing orange and elderflower flavor that's not quite candy, but not medicinal, either. They're also alcohol-free.


23. A Cream That Soothes Foot Fungus And Keeps You Smelling Fresh

Foot Finish Foot Repair Antifungal Cream, $16, Amazon

Formulated to fight a wide spectrum of the most stubborn foot and toenail bacteria and fungus that cause irritating and painful athlete's foot, ringworm, and psoriasis, this cream blends essential oils and moisturizers to stop itching and heal up cracks. Its combination of natural ingredients, including tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, and rose oils, works quickly to ease your discomfort and provide antiseptic reinforcement.


24. A Microbead Pillow That Comforts And Soothes

Total Pillow Microbead Portable Pillow, $15, Amazon

Packed with microbeads that can be twisted and manipulated, this pillow can be manipulated to conform to any part of your body, providing superior comfort whether you're at home or traveling. When unfolded, this pillow is shaped like a flower: use it like that, fold it over for a half-circle, or scrunch and shape into any form that works for you. It's really supportive for the neck your neck, bolsters your lower back, supports your knees and ankle — basically, the possibilities are endless!


25. These Biodegradable Wipes Are Big Enough For Your Whole Body

Alcala Deodorizing Body Wipes, $23 (30 Pack), Amazon

Large enough to swab off your whole body after exercising, getting off of an airplane, or anytime you feel icky, these wipes are made from 100 percent pure bamboo fiber: so they're totally biodegradable. Designed to be soothing and refreshing, they're soaked in a blend of tea tree extract, aloe vera, chamomile, and antibacterial fighting oils to cleanse, soothe, and moisturize, removing the grime and leaving you pleasantly clean and cool.


26. This Multi-Tool Combines 37 Functions In One Smart Gadget

SmartRSQ 37-in-1 Wallet Multitool, $18, Amazon

You'll have a whole toolbox in your pocket when you carry this multi-tool. Its dozens of function include the standard bottle opener, screwdrivers, a ruler, and wrenches — as well as functions like a fruit and vegetable peeler, a nail puller, a cable stripper, and a saw. This multi-tool is super heavy-duty as well as easy to use, and it comes with a key ring, carabiner, and a card holder and cover.


27. An Oil That Will Replenish Your Skin's Moisture And Add Antioxidants

Badger Damascus Rose Antioxidant Face Oil, $15, Amazon

Crafted with 100 percent natural and certified organic rose blossom extract, this oil replenishes your skin's moisture and leaves you with a glowing complexion that's smooth and replete with antioxidants. Although it's incredibly nourishing, it won't clog your pores as it protects your skin from the effects of the elements and works to restore balance and hydration. It's perfect for use morning and night, and especially delightful for use in combination with facial massage.


28. A Stable Smartphone Holder That You Can Release With One Hand

Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder, $13, Amazon

Stay safe while driving and still have easy access to your GPS and your favorite music with this smartphone holder that's hands-free and easy-to-access. Adjustable to accommodate most smartphones, this device mounts very sturdily on your dash and will not come loose in the event of a sudden stop — nor will your phone. Plus, you can put your phone into the cradle or remove it with just one hand, and it won't cause any blind spots in your vision.


29. The Tweezer Set That's Perfect For Crafting And Jewelry-Making

ELLESEYE Precision Tweezer Set, $14 (10 Pairs), Amazon

Whether you're a crafter, enjoy making jewelry, DIY, or doing home facials is your passion, this tweezer set is for you. Made of high-strength stainless steel and coated with anti-static non-magnetic paint as well as acid-base protection, each pair features a different, purpose-made tip for precision operation — specialty applications include circuit board welding, watch repairing, stringing tiny beads, and performing extractions.


30. This Blanket Can Put An End To Your Insomnia And Helps Anxiety, Too

YnM Weighted Blanket, $60, Amazon

Words cannot describe how much I love my weighted blanket that's just like this version. These blankets are filled with beads that emulate an all-over, full-body hug when you snuggle underneath them. When used at bedtime, they can help relieve even chronic insomnia, but they're also terrific for soothing anxiety. The secret to choosing the right one for you is in getting a weighted blanket that's approximately 10 percent of your body weight, and they come in all sizes — and colors.


31. This Rack Will Get Everything Up Off Your Garage Or Closet Floor

Berry Ave Broom Holder And Garden Tool Organizer, $14, Amazon

Clean up your act in a big way in your garage or your utility closet with this organizer rack that mounts on your wall and gives you a place to hang all of your brooms, mops, and shovels — as well as your small tools like whisk brushes or shovels and spades. Great for sports equipment, too, this weatherproof unit is made from rubber and combines spring-loaded clamps and hooks to meet all your storage needs. It installs easily with the included hardware and comes with step-by-step instructions to guide you along.


32. The Air Purifier That's Simple And Stylish

Mooka Air Purifier, $40, Amazon

Its full range of features, simple one-button operation, and sleek, stylish design make this air purifier a real winner for use in either the home or the office. It's designed to catch even the tiniest airborne allergens — including pet dander, smoke, odors, and mold spores — and includes both a HEPA filter and an activated carbon layer that soaks up odors. It runs with very low noise, and an LED light emits a soft glow while it's running, lighting your way when you peek in to check on things during the night.


33. This Backpack Makes You Virtually A Human Camel

Mubasel Hydration Backpack, $28, Amazon

With an inner bladder made from that holds 2 liters of water that you can sip as you need it, this backpack will keep you hydrated on demand through the most challenging of hikes. The food-grade, BPA-free bladder is insulated and surrounded by a heavy-duty backpack that also features storage compartments for all your keys, phone, and other stuff — plus mesh pockets that hold even more gear on-the-go. You just drink through the extendable bite valve and keep on going.


34. The Patches Blend In With Your Skin To Cover Acne — And Cure It, Too

Avarelle Acne Cover Patch Variety Pack, $13 (40 Patches), Amazon

With 36 round options in varying sizes and 4 extra-large square ones, this set of acne patches has a little something for every breakout that comes up. Deceptively simple little hydrocolloid dressing patches, they incorporate tea tree and calendula oils to both provide physical cover for your blemish — and to soak up the bacteria and oils from your skin to relieve redness and irritation. The result is that the breakout actually heals quicker than it would on its own and has less of a propensity to spread.


35. This Rack Will Help You Keep Your Spices Organized On The Counter Or Up High

Prodyne Stainless Steel Spice Rack, $25, Amazon

With a dozen spaces for the built-in bottles and a labeling system included, this stainless steel spice rack has everything you need to get your seasonings organized so they're convenient and handy right when you need them. The best thing about this system is that it's incredibly versatile: It's engineered and heavy-duty enough to sit right on your counter if you like, but also has screws so you can mount it.


36. This Lap Desk Has A Dry Erase Surface, A Device Dock, And So Much More

EZDesk Magnetic Dry Erase Lap Desk, $28, Amazon

The entire work surface of this lap desk has a handy dry erase coating, and half of that features a graph rule overlay — which is incredibly convenient when you're brainstorming or doing work on-the-go. Additionally, it has a dock for your device, whether you use it for your smartphone or your tablet. The cushion on the bottom also makes it easy for you to work for hours on end.


37. These Baking Tools Are Crafted From Silicone And Renewable Bamboo

Viable Creations Baking Tools, $30 (Set of 6), Amazon

Chef-designed and crafted, these cooking and baking tools feature paintbrush-style handles crafted from sustainably-grown and harvested bamboo, and are equipped with sturdy, heat-resistant silicone heads. Even the smooth finish is non-toxic vegetable oil so you know they're the most eco-friendly you can put in your spatula drawer. The six-piece set is a great replacement for your worn-out, mismatched version, and makes a great housewarming or hostess gift, too.


38. The Hot Mats That Are Great On Your Hands Or Under Your Pans, And Grippy, Too

Pratico Kitchen PratiPad, $14 (Set of 2), Amazon

With a honeycomb design that effectively disperses heat, these silicone mats protect your hands and surfaces from hot pots and pans, so they're great for use as either trivets or potholders — plus they also make the perfect, ultra-grippy jar- or can-openers. Since they withstand temperatures up to nearly 450 degrees and are FDA-approved and BPA-free, you can even use them for making homemade chocolate chips.


39. These Razors Are My Secret For Great Brows And Dermabrasion

Tinkle Eyebrow Razors, $5 (6 Pack), Amazon

The first time I set eyes on these razors, I'll admit, I giggled. Now, I'm deeply in love with what they do for me: I use them to shape my brows in between grooming sessions — I have much, much better luck using this tool than I do tweezing, as the pen-type grip makes it super easy to use. Additionally, I perform all-over facial hair removal and microdermabrasion (which gets rid of all the dead skin) with the tiny blade. It leaves my skin glowing and ultra-soft — and helps my moisturizer penetrate quickly and easily.


40. The Mats That Make It Possible For You To Grill Literally Everything

Grillaholics Grill Mats, $20 (Set of 2), Amazon

Crafted from a combination heat-resistant PTFE and fiberglass coating with zero PFOA, silicone, or other harmful chemicals, these grill mats can be used on any kind of grill or smoker so that small and delicate foods can have that authentic barbecued taste you love without falling through the grates. They're dishwasher-safe so you can reuse them over and over, and you can even use them in the house in your oven for baked goods or pizza. They're completely non-stick, and make a great gift for the grillmaster in your life.


41. These Straws Will Help You Save The Environment

YIHONG Stainless Steel Drinking Straws, $8 (Set of 8), Amazon

These straws are one step in the right direction toward putting a stop to more plastic waste. Long enough to suit even your oversized insulated tumblers, they're made from stylish, corrosion-proof stainless steel that's dishwasher-safe — and great for both hot and cold beverages. The BPA-free, FDA-approved set comes with three brushes perfect for scrubbing down their insides when need be.


42. This Organizer Will Make Your Vanity Look Like A Beauty Counter

sanipoe Rotating Makeup Organizer, $22, Amazon

Featuring sturdy acrylic construction and full 360-degree rotation, this makeup organizer is just what you need to lend order to your bathroom counter or vanity. Its shelves and spaces can contain up to an amazing 30 brushes, 20 bottles, and countless other small cosmetics, and best of all, you can assemble it in the configuration that best suits your needs. No more fumbling in your drawers or constantly staring at a mess on your countertop or bureau — now it's all at your fingertips.


43. The Egg Slicer That Makes Quick Work Of The Versatile Favorite

Norpro Egg Slicer, $9, Amazon

Perfect for anyone who loves to entertain or regularly feed a crowd, this egg slicer features a dual setup: One side creates wedges, the other neat, even slices — and both do their work in a single quick motion. Also outfitted with an integrated piercer to keep the egg's shell from shattering during boiling, this unit also works wonders on small semi-soft fruits and vegetables like kiwi fruits, strawberries, and mushrooms. It's crafted with a durable ABS frame and stainless steel wires.


44. These Miniature Containers Are Great For So Many Things On The Go

Ponderosa Outdoors Silicone Containers, $9 (Set of 3), Amazon

Compact and well within the TSA regulations for in-flight carryon liquids and creams, these silicone containers with lids are super-useful for a wide variety of uses when you're traveling — and even when you're not. Use them to carry beloved spices with you when you're on the road, or decent odds and ends of spices into these handy little pots for convenient storage as you finish them off. They're also useful for traveling sets of your favorite cosmetics, or to experiment with mixing your favorite shades to create new ones. They're great for art projects, too.


45. A Tiny Steam Iron That's Small But Mighty

Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron, $25, Amazon

Weighing in at less than 1-pound, this steam iron is truly small but mighty. It's perfect for travel, yet the powerful water tank heats up in a speedy 15 seconds and powers through your ironing with three temperature settings suitable for any type of fabric. The small size means it's great at steering around pleats, sleeves, and other tricky parts of your garments, and dual voltage settings mean it can accompany you anywhere in the world.


46. The Bathroom Shelf That's Super Sturdy Despite Needing No Installation

Launcher Bathroom Shelf, $30, Amazon

Even though you won't be spending hours on end installing this shelf, don't be afraid to store your value-sized shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles on it. No indeed: It's rated to hold over 50 pounds, so you could actually sit a small garden gnome on this thing and be perfectly safe (but don't do that). The strength comes thanks to this company's powerful adhesive suction stickers — no drilling needed.


47. The Tabletop Appliance That Makes Delicious Quesadillas Fast

Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker, $20, Amazon

Quick and easy dinners get a whole lot more fun with this quesadilla maker that cranks out the restaurant-quality specialty in just five minutes. Let your imagination run wild with all kinds of variations on the classic — from beef, chicken, and cheese to pizza and dessert versions as you follow along at home in the included recipe book or freestyle on your own. Just wipe down the non-stick surface to clean and you're ready to go again.


48. This Little Alarm Could Be A Lifesaver

BASU eAlarm, $13, Amazon

With a pull-pin that emits a 120-decibel alarm when removed from its base, this personal alarm is roughly as loud as an ambulance to draw attention to you anytime you're in distress or need assistance. Perfect for attaching to a handbag, backpack, or even simply to a jacket, it's great for wear anytime you want an extra level of reassurance. It sounds continuously for 30 minutes unless the pin is returned to the base, and comes with a carabiner so you can easily attach it wherever it's needed.


49. This Sponge Means You Can Switch Makeup Without Blending Colors

Arsty Makeup Brush Color Remover, $6, Amazon

Ultra-useful whether you're a makeup pro or just a dabbler, this color-removing sponge strips your makeup brushes of color in between applications so you can switch colors on the fly. This handy accessory will not only help you work more quickly when you're applying your makeup, but you'll also get more use from your brushes since the double-sided sponge gently removes the color without harmful chemicals or rough abrasion.


50. The Frother That Makes Your Milk Light And Foamy

Matcha DNA Milk Frother, $7, Amazon

Enjoy the coffeehouse experience right in your own home with this milk frother. Whether you're a cappuccino drinker or you prefer matcha, hot chocolate, or a chai tea latte, this cordless device will make you feel like a real barista, with effortless light and fluffy milk just like the big chains. Just insert it at a slight angle into your partially-filled container of warm or cold milk, then turn it on and move it up and down through the liquid. In just seconds, you'll have the smooth foam you love for your favorite gourmet beverage.


51. The Lint Shaver Will Keep Your Garments Looking Like New Longer

Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver, $17, Amazon

Get more wear out of the wardrobe with this shaver that removes lint and pilling from not only your clothing but also your upholstery, bed sheets, and blankets. It features a wide surface to cover more area quickly and efficiently, as well as three shaver heights, two speeds, and three hole sizes to customize its performance to the type of fabric you're working on. More than five million customers have purchased this little wonder that weighs less than 6 ounces — it's great for both home use and travel.


52. This Roll-On Gel Stops Muscle Aches Cold

Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel, $30 (3 Pack), Amazon

Why take the heat from arthritis and muscle pain when you can freeze it with this pain relief gel? This favorite of chiropractors, massage therapists, and athletic trainers nationwide is formulated with menthol and a proprietary combination of USP-grade ingredients to soothe your aches quickly and topically without NSAIDs. It's great to address chronic pain and to relieve pain from injuries like sprains, strains, and bruises — and can be used all over the body, wherever it hurts.


53. The Spray That Will Give Your Shoes Extra Space — And Extra Life

Four Seasons Shoe Stretch, $8, Amazon

Could you use a little extra room in your shoes? This spray has you covered. Just spray inside and outside your shoes, then use a shoe stretcher overnight and voilà — your feet have room to breathe. If you're in a hurry, throw on your shoes, and walk around for 15 minutes, and you'll have the same results — and the substance is harmless to socks and skin, too. "I had my boots stretched from narrow to medium width," attests one reviewer, who gave the product five stars.

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