44 Genius Products That Fix Life's Hot Messes

Feeling like hot mess central? Amazon has many solutions for that. Whether your coffee just spilled all over your shirt, your eyeshadow got all over your cheeks mid-application, or your clothes fell out of your cluttered closet when you opened the door, these genius Amazon products that fix life’s hot messes are here to save the day.

This list of genius items includes tools and gadgets that'll fix you right back up, from stain-removing pens that'll lift the most stubborn marks from your clothes to handy wipes that'll remove red wine residue from your lips or teeth (and, yes, they can be discreetly used anywhere — even at a restaurant).

Maybe you’re tired of fruitless searches for that jar of cinnamon or your favorite shirt. The many organization products on this list — like the spice rack of your dreams, vertical hangers that free up half of your closet, and packing cubes for organized luggage — will stop hot mess stress right in its tracks.

From on-the-go oil-blotting tissues to a key ring that holds up to 22 rings (and even a heated eyelash curler that'll extend your lash life), these products can reduce serious stress. Look out world, you’re about to dominate.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

These Buttons That Extend The Waistbands On Your Pants

Don't twist and squeeze yourself into an older pair of pants — just use these pant extenders to make the waistband looser if you need to. They're easy to detach so that you're not left struggling during trips to the bathroom, and they're available in a variety of colors to match your pants: black, blue, grey, khaki, and more.

A Tool That Lets You Zip Up Your Own Dress

The next time you don't have another person around to help you with the zipper on your back (or another hard-to-reach area), just use this zipper assistant tool as a second set of hands. It's designed to work on zippers of practically any shape or size, and it's great for anyone with limited mobility in their hands — no matter what age.

The Board That Helps You Fold Your Shirts Neatly And Evenly

Use this clever clothes folding board to neatly fold shirts, towels, or even blankets so they're ready for storage. It'll help ensure that all your clothes are folded evenly (like you'd find in stores) — and it'll help your closet become tidier in the long run.

An Elastic Pair Of Laces That You Don't Need To Tie

Just switch out your shoelaces with these no-tie lock laces, and you'll pretty much never have to bend over to tie your shoes ever again. The elastic laces are available in a variety of gorgeous shades so that you can add a splash of color to your shoes, and they're designed to fit on kid- and adult-sized sneakers.

These Pens That Are Perfect For Removing Quick Stains

The next time you spill a few drops of red wine on yourself, use these stain-removing pens to erase them from your clothing before that mark settles and sinks in. The pens work on upholstery, as well — and they're effective on all kinds of stubborn stains like grease, ink, blood, and more. The cruelty-free formula is completely biodegradable and non-toxic.

An Expandable Organizer For Your Underwear Drawer

Looking for an easy way to tidy up your underwear drawer? Search no further than this drawer organizer. The insert is shaped like a honeycomb with different compartments — and since it's flexible, you can squish it to fit into your drawers. One Amazon reviewer raved: "I also love that you can make your own custom size (within limits), and that there are different configurations you can use."

The Cordless Handheld Vacuum With Over 1,600 Positive Reviews

With more than 1,600 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear that customers can't get enough of this handheld vacuum. Since it's compact, it easily powers through small messes on your stairs and all around your home. The vacuum comes with a crevice tool for those tight nooks and crannies, along with an upholstery brush to suction up pet hair and debris from sofas and chairs. Its dirt bowl also means there's no messy bag to deal with when emptying it out.

A Cleaning Kit To Make Your Shoes Look Like New

As long as your shoes are made with washable fabric, you can use this shoe cleaning kit to get them looking like new. You only need a few drops since a little goes a long way — and you can use it to breathe new life into sneakers, boots, and even flip flops. Each order also comes with a convenient scrubber brush.

This Rotating Spice Rack That Comes Free Refills For 5 Years

Not only does this money-saving spice rack come with five years' worth of free spice refills, but it spins a full 360 degrees so that it's easy to view and reach for every bottle. Spices include all of the cooking necessities — like basil, garlic salt, rosemary, coriander, and more — and the sturdy rack itself is made from rust-resistant stainless steel.

A Set Of Packing Cubes That Keep Your Luggage Organized

Instead of letting your clothes get jumbled in your suitcase, just use these packing cubes to keep everything sorted. The zippered bags are made from extra-thick nylon that's incredibly durable, and the water-resistant exterior can even help keep your garments dry if you get caught in the rain. The six-pack comes in 11 colors and various sizes to hold everything from coats to shoes.

These Makeup Shields That Help Prevent Eyeshadow Spills

Tired of watching eyeshadow powder flake onto your cheeks as it's being applied? Just use these eye makeup shields to help keep your face clear. The adhesive backing lets you attach them to your face so that you don't have to hold them up, and each one is made from non-woven fabric.

A Makeup Remover Cream That Helps Moisturize Your Skin

Not only does it effortlessly remove makeup, but this timeless cold cream also helps moisturize your skin so that your complexion is left looking refreshed. It's hypoallergenic as well as dermatologist-tested — and unlike other greasy makeup removers, this one shouldn't clog your pores.

The Giant Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

Having trouble staying hydrated throughout the day? Then make sure to grab this gallon-sized water bottle. The helpful time markings on the side let you know when it's time to take a sip, and the BPA-free bottle has a leak-proof, flip-top lid and a hand strap for carrying. Grab the bottle in four fun colors: black, blue, pink, or purple.

An Extra-Long Spatula That Helps You Get Every Last Drop

Throwing away your condiments and lotions before you scrape them clean is wasteful, so use this smart spatula to get every last drop out. The extra-long handle makes it easy to reach into tall bottles. Plus, it's BPA-free and safe in your dishwasher. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that this spatula has "already earned me at least another two uses of my EOS shave cream!"

The Adhesive Clips That Keep Cables Neat And Organized

If your computer desk or entertainment system have a ton of wires showing all over the place, hide them using these cable clips, which combat clutter. A super-strong adhesive on the back helps keep them in place without destroying surfaces, and they're made from durable silicone that won't contribute to the wear and tear on your cables.

A Compact Dustpan And Brush Set For Crumbs And Spills

There's no use crying over crumbled cookies. With a slim profile that easily stashes away into drawers, cabinets, closets, or practically anywhere else, this dustpan and brush set is a must-have cleaning tool for anyone with limited storage space. The brush features an angled handle that makes it easier to use on countertops, and the duo snaps together so you don't misplace them.

The Space-Saving Shoe Organizer That Fits Over Nearly Any Door

Simply hang it over any standard door, and this shoe organizer will instantly give you a convenient place to store up to 12 pairs of sneakers, slippers, flats, and heels. Its 24 mesh pockets are transparent so that you can easily see what's inside without having to unpack anything, and you can also use this organizer to store art supplies, scarves, toys, and more.

An Organizer For Displaying Your Tea Collection

Able to hold more than 100 tea bags, this tea bag organizer features 12 clear, removable bins that make it easy to fill with your favorite blends. There are zero tools required for assembly, and the unit is dishwasher safe. Of course, you can stash this organizer in a pantry or cabinet — but if you're in the mood to keep your teas out for everyone to see, it multitasks as a cute display stand.

The Multitasking Charging Station For Up To 6 Devices

Not only does this charging station come with six shortened cables to handle all of your devices at once (four lightning, one type-C, and one micro-USB), but it's also versatile enough to accommodate large tablets as well as smaller smartphones. The organizer even comes in three fun colors: silver, pink, or blue. One Amazon reviewer raved: "I love how easy it is to plug iPads in when they need to be charged. No more cords getting tangled, or having to move furniture to access every outlet in my room!"

An Electric Scrubber For Tubs And Stubborn Grout

It doesn't matter whether you're cleaning the most stubborn tile grout in the world or washing stains out of your patio furniture — this electric scrubber gets the job done. The powerful, cordless scrubber comes with four interchangeable brush heads that you can use all around your home, from your kitchen to your bathroom and everywhere in between. Its bristles are super-effective on grime, yet soft enough that they won't leave behind scratches.

These Clothing Dividers That Keep Your Shirts Folded Nicely

Your drawers will look as neat as store display shelves with this clothing organization system. This pack comes with 100 dividers that sit between your shirts and interlock to make an organized stack. It keeps your clothes from wrinkling, and you can even pick a shirt from the middle of the stack without messing up the whole pile.

A Popular Drain Protector That Catches Every Strand Of Hair

Stop hair from clogging your drain with this TubShroom drain protector. It’s shaped like a mushroom to sit down in your drain and catch every single strand of hair. Not only does this stainer allow water to pass through while keeping your pipes clean from debris and stray strands, but it won't float up into your bath like some over-the-drain options.

This Compact Key Organizer That Holds Up To 22 House Keys

Keep all your keys organized with this compact key holder. It holds up to 22 standard house keys and allows you to store them without the clunky, loud key ring. The secret is the S-shaped design that uses aluminum frames and stainless steel to conceal your keys when they’re not being used. It comes in five colors and fits right in your pocket.

These Vertical Hangers That Free Up Major Space In Small Closets

Hang your clothes and keep them wrinkle-free with this set of space-saving vertical hangers. With individual hooks for each hanger, and the ability to stack them vertically or horizontally, you’ll free up half of your closet. Each hanger has space for five garments and holds up to 30 pounds, so even your heavy winter coats can easily be stored.

A Grocery Bag Dispenser That You Can Mount To The Wall

Use this grocery bag dispenser to easily retrieve bags without the mess. It mounts to the wall and allows you to stuff your extra bags through the wide top opening and then pull one bag at a time through the side slat. It’s made of stainless steel, fits up to 30 bags, and looks good in any kitchen or closet.

The Shoe Stretcher That Helps Keep Your Shoes From Giving You Blisters

Break your shoes in with this four-way shoe stretcher. It works to stretch shoes width-wise, length-wise, and even height-wise. Unlike some other shoe stretchers, this option maintains the shape of the shoe and gives you the ability to stretch a specific area.

This Window Blind Duster That Saps Up Dust In A Flash

Clean blinds in one swoop with this blind duster. Simply attach one of the five microfiber cloths to the duster and slide it between blinds to clean dust, hair, and dirt easily. Squeeze the duster (almost like a set of tongs) to tightly wipe each blind. The cloth comes off to be easily cleaned or replaced.

These Reusable Oven Liners That Catch Spills

Spend less time cleaning your oven and more time cooking with these reusable oven liners. The non-stick mats are suitable for gas or electric stoves — and even in microwaves. They provide a durable layer that catches spills and leaks. When you’re done, toss the BPA-free, eco-friendly liners in the dishwasher and use them again.

The Portable Wine Wipes That Help Get Rid Of Teeth Stains

Never worry about wine teeth stains by stocking up on these wine stain wipes. They come in 12 single packs that are perfect for your purse or suitcase. As soon as you're done enjoying that glass of vino, simply open a pack and wipe your teeth and lips to remove the red wine stain that might be there. They leave behind a light orange taste that won't affect the flavor of your wine.

A Waistband Belt That Holds Your Phone While You Work Out

Keep your valuables safe while you run or work out with this running waistband belt. The adjustable belt has a secure zippered pouch that fits any item up to 7 inches tall — even your smart phone. It sits comfortably on your waist, comes in a variety of colors, and features a reflective logo to keep you lit up while running at night.

This Bowl Scraper That Gets Every Last Bit Of Batter

Get every last drop of chocolatey goodness out of your brownie batter with this single bowl scraper. The flexible scraper cleans the contours of a bowl, but it's also an excellent tool for removing flour from flat surfaces. Your recipes will benefit from every last drop of the ingredients, all while your countertops stay clean.

These Silicone Bra Cushions That Keep Straps From Digging Into Your Skin

Tired of painful indentions on your shoulder from your bra straps? These silicone bra strap cushions are non-slip pads that protect your shoulders from straps digging into your skin. The adjustable covers fit most bra straps and are lightweight — you’ll barely notice they’re there. They come in a number of colors and are washable and reusable.

This Pineapple Corer Made From Stainless Steel

Tired of trying to remove your pineapple cores by hand? It might be time to give this coring tool a try. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, the sharp blades easily pierce through pineapples, peppers, and more. One reviewer even raved that "the steel is thick and sturdy, and the teeth and cutting edges are sharp enough to make short work of a pineapple."

The Strong Clip That Keeps Your Duvet From Slipping Off While You Sleep

Keep your duvet from shifting around when you sleep with these magnetic duvet clips. They’re stronger than most traditional fasteners and are easy to apply. Just use the pin to secure the duvet and the backer on the pin to keep it in place. The clips hold up to 10 pounds of blanketing perfectly in place.

A Heated Eyelash Curler To Give You Super-Long, Lush Lashes

Get the eyelashes of your dreams with this heated eyelash curler. The electric device uses a standard USB cord to charge up, and it works quickly to heat and curl your lashes for a natural look that lasts longer than a traditional curler. It’s also easy to take on the go, and a helpful digital screen tells you the temperature of your curler.

A Tiered Set Of Shelves That Are Perfect For Spices

With its three-tiered design, this set of shelves makes it easy to see your entire spice collection without having to move bottles out of the way. It also works great with toiletries in bathrooms or on top of vanities, and the shelves are lined with non-slip rubber for added stability.

The Clear Makeup Organizer That's Easy To Find Things In

My makeup used to sit in a jumbled mess on my vanity — until I grabbed this organizer. Not only is it made with chic acrylic that matches any style of decor, but there are also multiple drawers where you can stash compacts, palettes, or even jewelry.

A Seat Gap Filler That Stops Loose Change From Falling Under Your Car Seat

Stop loose change, crumbs, keys, and even your phone from falling into the hole between your car seats by simply installing this gap filler between your driver and passenger seats. As seen on Shark Tank, this expandable neoprene casing is positioned between your car seat and console to catch anything you might drop. It hooks over your seat belt to stay in place.

The Bra Extender That Makes Every Bra Fit Perfectly

Get the perfect bra fit with this bra extender. Each piece in this pack of three adds three additional hook closures that automatically extend the width of any bra band. It easily hooks to your bra and comes in white, black, and beige to match most delicates.

An Organizer That's Designed To Hold More Than 30 Hats

Designed to hook around doors, hang in closets, or mount on walls, this organizer is perfect for anyone with a giant collection of caps. It's able to hold up to 36, and the clips are adjustable so that you can slide them up or down to accommodate larger hats.

The Reusable Paper Towels Made With Bamboo

Reduce the amount of paper products you use by replacing them with these heavy-duty reusable bamboo towels. One roll is the equivalent of six months' of traditional paper towels. They’re tough enough to handle spills, grease, windows, and floors. The best part is that when you’re done, you can just toss them into the washing machine to reuse.

These Oil-Blotting Tissues That Are Made With Green Tea

These oil-blotting tissues are essential for hot and humid days. The small pack of 100 sheets provide the ultimate way of absorbing excess oil on your skin while giving you a more matte complexion. They’re made of soothing green tea, smell great, and easily fit in your purse or bag.

A Cuticle Guard For Perfect DIY Manicures

This cuticle guard latex tape creates a barrier between your skin and excess nail polish. The liquid tape sits on your cuticle and makes nail art even easier. Don’t worry about getting polish on your skin — apply the guard, paint your nails, and peel off the tape to reveal a clean, polish-free finger.

This Jewelry Organizer That Holds All Of Your Favorite Pieces

This travel jewelry organizer is small enough to fit into basically any bag — but it holds so much. It has five separate zones and room for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. With two clear zip pouches, a small zipper bag, and a strong magnet to secure it close (envelope-style), your jewelry will be safe, portable, and remain untangled.