43 Of The Coolest Things Under-$25 On Amazon You've Probably Never Seen Before

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How did George Herbert, the English millionaire who financed the hunt for King Tut's tomb, feel when he finally had a chance to look at the treasures for himself? Full of wonder and amazement, I'm sure. I hope he enjoyed it fast, though, because he lived only 130 days after they gained entry to the burial grounds. Herbert died from mosquito-borne blood poisoning (or King Tut's curse): but unlike the never-before-seen treasures he unearthed, I've made sure that these cool things under-$25 on Amazon you've probably never seen before don't come with any spells. I promise.

Amazon is far from a desert of course — it's so chock-full of bargains that it can be difficult to pick out the truly awesome buys. You may have missed this clip-on LED light with three illumination levels that's so bendy it belongs on the front row at hot yoga, or the mask that will firm and illuminate the skin on your nether regions so that it's ready for your close-up. Yes, that's right: Masking your bottom is now a thing. And if you didn't have Amazon, how would you have ever known?

Basically, this is a treasure trove in its own right — and everything comes in at under $25, so you won't have to spend a George Herbert-like amount to fund it.

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