42 Things Under $20 On Amazon That You'll Use All The Time

If you're like me, sometimes you don't really need anything in particular, but you can't help but crave a little retail therapy. It's often in those moments that you discover some affordable Amazon products — and suddenly have the urge to add them right to your cart. And, if I'm being honest, it's these purchases that often become my very favorites.

That said, if your kitchen is stocked and your closet is already bursting, that doesn't mean you can't still embark on an Amazon quest to find products you wont be able to resist buying. The mega retailer is the best place to snag some seriously great gizmos, gadgets, clothing, and accessories — all without ever having to leave your couch. Plus, you can easily see just how many shoppers rave about the product before dropping any cash on it. You certainly can't do that in stores without first doing your research.

So if you'd like to take yourself on an affordable online shopping spree without knowing what to buy, get excited. Knowing that there are people out there that get a thrill out of discovering random highly-rated products, I've scoured Amazon to deliver you with dozens of items — ranging from cookware and underwear to skincare and haircare — all under $20 on Amazon that you'll use all the time.

You're welcome in advance.

Lifestyle — 42 Things Under $20 On Amazon That You'll Use All The Time

1. This Best-Selling Skincare Treatment

If you have sensitive rosy skin, it's time to add a jar of this miracle-working skincare treatment to your routine. It's designed to neutralize and protect skin from irritation, all while layering it with broad spectrum SPF 30. One reviewer writes: "This is almost a miracle product, honestly. It’s nearly eliminated my need for foundation after just a few days of use by reducing redness and evening out my skin tone."

2. This Colorful, Space-Saving Dustpan Set

Dustpans are pretty standard, but if you're looking for something a bit more compact than the classic design, add one of these colorful cuties to your collection. The simple square dustpan features a brush and a pan, but instead of a triangular design, the pan has a rounded rectangular shape that makes it a little more modern-looking.

3. A Non-Stick Pan That Will Help You Perfect Your Cheesecake Recipe

Want to become a cheesecake baking pro? This non-stick springform pan will help you perfect your recipe. The sides snap off after baking so that you can serve your dessert straight from the pan. And, because it's such a small size, you can even fit it in your Instant Pot for a faster cook time.

4. A Silicone Sling That Creates Even More Instant Pot Possibilities

Speaking of Instant Pots, if you love to cook in them but often use smaller pans inside of them, it will be super helpful to have one of these silicone bakeware slings on hand. It's designed to fit inside all pressure cookers so that you can set the pan on top and once it's done cooking, simply use the handles to lift out the tasty goodness.

5. The Silicone Gadget That Makes Cooking Eggs In Your Instant Pot Easier Than Ever

If you like to expedite egg boiling, make sure to add one of these silicone egg racks to your cart. It comes with add-on straps so you can use it on its own as an egg steaming rack or with straps as a bakeware sling. It's dishwasher-safe and heat-proof, so you don't need to worry about melting.

6. An Over-The-Door Organizer That Will Help You Reuse All Those Plastic Bags

If you find yourself always carrying home loads of plastic bags, do your part to keep them tucked away for another use instead of in a landfill. This over-the-door bag rack will help you do so. Just toss your bags in the top and pull them out of the bottom when you're ready to use.

7. A Lid Holder That Doubles As A Spoon Rest

Why dirty your kitchen counter with lid and spoon drippings when you can neatly place them on this lid holder and spoon rest? The simple stainless design fits any spoon or lid, and can even be used to prop up pans that aren't currently in use.

8. An Extendable Duster That Makes Cleaning Less Of A Pain

Ready to dust like you've never dusted before? This flexible extendable duster makes cleaning hard-to-reach places easier than ever. Tall ceilings; ornate window fixtures; behind the couch? No problem. Simply adjust the pole to your desired length and dust accordingly.

9. A Reusable Bag That Absorbs Odor Right Out Of The Air

Don't let pets, trash, or everyday odors stink up your house. You can store this activated bamboo charcoal bag anywhere around your house (even in your fridge) too easily and naturally absorb odors straight out of the air. And since each bag is reusable for up to two years, you'll save money by not having to constantly restock air fresheners.

10. These Little Poaching Cups That Will Turn You Into An Eggs Benedict Pro

Step up your brunch-making skills with these easy-to-use silicone egg poaching cups. Simply spray the cup with a non-stick spray or oil and crack an egg into it. Plop into the water, take it up to a boil for a few minutes, remove, and enjoy. After use, toss them in the dishwasher and they'll be ready for the next time you need brunch.

11. A Brush That Can Detangle Even The Most Stubborn Knots

Tangled tresses can be a pain — literally. Luckily, with this specialized Wet Brush, that won't be the case. The flexible thin nylon bristles easily de-tangle even the most stubborn strands, so you'll never have to labor over brushing your locks again. You can use this on wet or dry hair, too.

12. A Pitcher That You'll Want To Keep Perpetually Filled In Your Fridge

Leak- and shatterproof, this air-tight pitcher makes storing your favorite drinks easier than ever. You can use it to store ice cold or boiling hot beverages, standing up or tossed on its side, and you won't have to worry about any spills. Leave it in your fridge or take it camping. Either way, you'll be glad you bought it — according to Amazon, nearly 1,000 other shoppers were.

13. These Divided Containers That Make Food Prep A Cinch

Tired of storing your meal prep in a million different containers? These divided storage containers let you easily organize veggies, meats, and starches (or whatever you're eating), so that you can stack full meals right on top of each other in your fridge. Talk about streamlining your fridge.

14. These Resistance Bands That Turn Any Location Into Your Own Personal Gym

No time to head to the gym? No worries. You can slip into any of these resistance bands for a quick and effective workout anytime, anyplace. Each band has a different resistance and you can use them for everything from glutes and legs work to arm and core exercises.

15. A Three-In-One Kitchen Tool That Simplified Slicing Avocados

It seems like everybody and their mother loves avocados these days. However, few know how to cut them to get your money's worth and keep them fresh. That's where this avocado slicer comes into play. It's designed to pit, slice, and divide your fruit without having to switch tools each time. Not sure if you need it? Given the 4.5-star review, over 3,400 Amazon shoppers say you do.

16. These Fitness Sliders That Will Change The Way You Look At Home Workouts

Another way to get in a powerful workout outside of the gym is to stock up on these fan-favorite core sliders (they have over 2,000 four- and five-star reviews). What look like random little discs are actually your gateway to an intense workout: You can put your hands or feet (or hands and feet) on them to perform challenging full-body workouts without the help of any other equipment.

17. These Reusable Straws That Come With A Handy Cleaning Wand

Restaurants everywhere are swapping out plastic straws for paper straws or ditching straws altogether in an attempt to doo some good for the environment. If you'd like to do so in your home (or if you just hate how soggy paper straws get, because same), you should stock up on these best-selling reusable silicone straws. Over 800 Amazon shoppers applaud the dishwasher-safe straws that come with their very own little cleansing wand.

18. These Thigh Bands That Make Chafing A Worry Of The Past

Chafing isn't fun, but it's totally normal. And just because you deal with the discomfort of chafing doesn't mean you should exile yourself to a life lived in nothing but pants. Instead, add a few pairs of my personal favorite anti-chafe thigh bands to your wardrobe. The stretchy material fits comfortable over thighs and eliminates the pain associated with chafing. In other words, you can finally wear skirts and dresses without putting your legs in an uncomfortable position.

19. These Cleansing Rounds That Help Put An End To Wasteful Makeup Remover Wipes

Why constantly stock up on makeup remover wipes and micellar water when you can rinse away the days cosmetics, dirt, and impurities with these reusable makeup-removing pads? All you have to do is soak the pad and it miraculously rinses away whatever's on your face without irritating your skin or adding to a landfill. After use, just pop it in the wash, hang dry, and you're ready for another rinse.

20. These Little Patches That Stop Stubborn Breakouts In Their Tracks

Few things are more annoying than feeling a large zit pop up unexpectedly. But instead of squeezing the spot to no end, try putting one of these hydrocolloid pimple patches on it. They're designed to soak moisture and pus directly out of the zit without any potentially-scarring picking or prodding.

21. These Silky Scrunchies That Help Prevent Hair Breakage

Never snag your strands on tangled hair ties again. These silky scrunchies are designed to slip easily in and out of your hair, but promise to stay in place as you go about your day. They have nearly all five-star reviews and keep your hair from denting after you let it loose.

22. A Rinse-Free Makeup Remover That Streamlines Cleansing

No water? No problem. This no-rinse makeup remover washes away even the most stubborn dirt and impurities to reveal crystal clear skin in a single swipe. Just squeeze some onto a cotton pad, wipe across your face, and marvel at how it rinses away everything from foundation and eyeliner to mascara and matte lipstick.

23. These Electrolyte Packets That Offer Plenty Of Hydration

Sipping on sports drinks provides athletes and everyday folks with loads of electrolytes, but with them comes a lot of sugar too. To stay hydrated without it, try these electrolyte packets. Each bag comes with watermelon, berry, and lemon sticks — all of which are easy to use. Just dump one in your water for instant hydration wherever, whenever.

24. A Compact Kitchen Tool That Has Eight Different Uses

Why stock up on nearly a dozen different kitchen tools when you can score the same use with just one? This eight-in-one kitchen tool set is designed to funnel liquids, juice fruits, grate cheese, crack eggs, shred veggies, open cans, separate eggs, and measure whatever you're cooking with. Just pick the tool you want to use, remove it from the stack, and get to work.

25. The Rack That Will Finally Help Organize Your Collection Of Pans

If you're like me, few things irk you as much as opening a cabinet to reach for a pan only for an avalanche of teflon to come clattering down. To organize your cupboard and protect your feet from sudden spills, store your cookware on one of these handy pan racks. It fits on top of your counter or within your cabinets for easy use.

26. These Cutting Boards That Keep Juices From Running All Over Your Counter

When you're cutting fruits, vegetables, or meats — the last thing you want is for all that extra liquid to go flowing onto your counter. To avoid creating another mess, swap your classic cutting board out for one of these reversible ones. On one side you'll find a traditional flat surface and on the other, a flat surface surrounded by a groove that catches any and all liquids.

27. An Inverted Umbrella That Won't Blow Inside Out In A Storm

Getting caught in the rain is rarely fun, but it's especially frustrating when you're working with an umbrella that continually flips out at the slightest gust of wind. To avoid getting drenched the next time it pours, add one of these inverted umbrellas to your cart. The innovative design prevents it from flipping inside out, so you'll always stay dry.

28. A Microfiber Towel That Helps Prevent Frizz And Hair Damage

Whether you have coarse strands or curly tendrils, it's worth adding one of these microfiber towels to your beauty routine. The best-selling design gently dries hair without ever snagging it or putting stress on the cuticle, so you can expect a smooth, frizz-free finish after each rinse.

29. A Soap Dispensing Brush That Prevents Touching Soggy Food While Washing The Dishes

Save yourself from super pruny fingers with this soap-dispensing dishwashing brush. You can fill the brush with the soap of your choice and squeeze it out as you wash dishes by hand. Finally, you'll no longer have to touch soggy food remains when rinsing dishes clean.

30. This Mini Fan That Creates A Powerful Cooling Sensation On The Go

If you're perpetually toasty, it's time to ensure you stay cool with one of these compact mini fans. The USB-rechargeable design has adjustable speeds, so that you can tailor your cool-down to your preference. Best of all, it's small enough to fit in your pocket for on-the-go use, making it especially great for festivals, camping, and other outdoor adventures.

31. These Reusable Chopsticks That Ensure You're Always Prepared For Takeout

Love ordering sushi or ramen noodles? Same. But who needs tons of plastic silverware when you can use your own reusable chopsticks? These dishwasher-safe fiberglass chopsticks can be used time and time again, making them a must for anyone who is looking to be a little more eco-friendly.

32. A Glass Tumbler That's Much More Eco-Friendly Than Getting A New Plastic Cup Every Day

This best-selling beverage tumbler is a hit among eco-conscious shoppers and hydration enthusiasts alike. The glass design is more eco-friendly than plastic alternatives, and the wooden lid gives it a nice natural flair. The mouth of the tumbler is wide enough to slip ice cubes, and the silicone grip makes it easier to hold onto.

33. These Ice Trays That Create Teeny Tiny Cubes Like Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurants

Any time I'm in the South I swoon over the endless options of pellet ice. Living in the North, however, it can be hard to find at home. Luckily, these mini ice cube trays makes the Southern water delicacy possible from anywhere — which is precisely why they've earned nearly 1,000 rave reviews.

34. These Extra-Long Oven Mitts That Protect Your Hands And Arms From Burns

If you're prone to accidents in the kitchen, it's best to add extra protection to your hands, arms, and wrists when working with hot stoves. These heat-proof silicone oven mitts will do just that. The long design ensures you won't burn yourself in the process of your latest cooking project.

35. The Mesh Laundry Bags That Fit Small Intimates And Larger Delicates

If you wear a lot of delicate items, you're likely well aware that having one laundry bag is a bit of a hassle. To help sort all of your undies, bras, bathers, and any other delicates, add a set of these mesh bags to your washing routine. They'll allow for your clothes to get clean without the chance of any washer blades or dryer friction taking away from their delicate nature.

36. These Reusable Grocery Bags That Fold Into The Size Of A Wet Wipe

You never know when you might go on a little shopping excursion, so it never hurts to keep a few of these compact reusable bags in your purse at all times. They fold out to a hefty sized shopping bag that holds up to 50 pounds worth of goods. Pretty cool, right?

37. A Veggie Cutter That Makes Prep A Breeze

Tired of trying to slice veggies in perfectly even cubes? Toss your knife aside (very gently, of course) and use one of these vegetable choppers instead. It comes with four interchangeable rust-resistant blades that let you dice and spiralize veggies in a single press.

38. A Portable Charger That Will Save Your Phone From Dying While You're Out

Nowadays, one of the most anxiety-inducing hassles is to have your phone die while you're still out and about. Keep this from happening by always having a portable battery charger on hand. This one provides up to two full phone charges, so that even if you're nowhere near an outlet, you'll be plugged in and on the grid.

39. A Retractable Lint Roller That's Great To Take Anywhere

Whether you're always brushing pet hair off your body or have a knack for sitting in staticky particles, having a mini lint roller on hand can help. Just twist the bottom of the roller and the sticky wand will pop out to pick up any fuzz in a single swipe. Each stick has 30 sticky sheets, but you can refill the device as you run out.

40. These Stain-Removing Pens That Save The Day In A Single Swipe

Why, hello, I'm prone to spills. You too? Cool, that means you'll love these fan-favorite stain removing pens. They're designed to spot treat stains as they happen, so that you can save your favorite clothing from being permanently discolored. Just press the life-saving tip into the stain, rub it for a few seconds, and watch as it vanishes before your eyes.

41. The Microwave Cover That Keeps Food Splatter Under Control

If your mother is anything like mine, then she's likely told you a million times the importance of covering food while nuking it in the microwave. Instead of being wasteful with paper towels, use this heat-proof vented microwave cover to keep everything container. That way you want have a messy microwave to clean but you also won't feel bad about a rapidly increasing carbon footprint.

42. A Mini Bathroom Spray That Fits Nicely In Any Bag

Try out this travel-sized toilet spray if you're staying in a hotel with a bunch of friends or just like having the option close by. Look, you-know-what happens, and when it does, there's nothing better than being prepared. Simply spritz the loo before doing your business and no one will know any better. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.