42 Boo Puns For Halloween To Pair With All Your Fab-BOO-lous Pics

It's the most fab-boo-lous time of the year. Halloween is all about creeping it real and making the most incredible memories with your best ghoulfriends (or shall I say your main boos). For all the pics you want to post on Instagram, refer to this list of boo puns for Halloween captions. A punny caption can be pretty (candy) corny, but you also can't help but smile when you read one. It'll take any costume selfie, dancing Boomerang, or cute couples costume picture you want to post from good to un-boo-lievably great.

As much as you love puns, you know they can be difficult to come up with on your own. Since Halloween is all about watching your favorite spooky flicks, hosting themed parties, going to haunted events, and dressing up, you know there will be plenty of opportunities to post pics on Instagram. You don't want to waste any time trying to think of a clever pun. Instead, use any of these 42 boo puns that are read to post. Don't let your main boos wait any longer, and have a spooktacular Halloween.

1. "I can boo it all by myself."

2. "Just boo it."

3. "That's the spirit, boo."

4. "Just me and my boo."

5. "I got a boo boo."

6. "Just trick-or-treating for boo-ritos."

7. "Don't you dare boo-hoo. There's no crying on Halloween."

8. "I'm just here for my boos and the boos."

9. "I've got my best boos with me."

10. "You will always be my boo." — Usher and Alicia Keys, "My Boo"


11. "I'm feeling extra fab-boo-lous today."

12. "Just a couple of boos ready to get our spook on."

13. "Boo-ya."

14. "I have to say, my OOTD is beyond boo-tiful."

15. "If you don't love Halloween, I just assume you're full of boo sheet."

16. "Want to get some boo-ble tea?"

17. "Shake your boo-ty."

18. "Hello boo-tiful, how's it going?"

19. "How boo you boo?"

20. "Clearly having the most fab-boo-lous time ever."

21. "Boo, Felicia."

22. "Is this boo much? I don't want to ghost over the top."

23. "Let's boo-gie all night long."

24. "To boo or not to boo? That is the question."

25. "I'd never ghost you. You're my boo."


26. "It's totally ghoul hanging out with my boos."

27. "I'm having deja boo right now."

28. "The punch may contain some boos."

29. "My boos are the definition of #SquadGhouls."

30. "My boos are lookin' spooktacular."

31. "Not your boo, because I'm a single ghoul."

32. "Don't tell me what to boo."

33. "I boo what I want to boo."

34. "We boo-long together."

35. "More boos, please."

36. "Trick-or-treating with my boos."

37. "Totally boo'd up."

38. "I will always love boo."

39. "Halloween has all these ghosts, but I'm not even looking for a boo."

40. "What do you want to boo on Halloween?"

41. "Chillin' like a villain with my main boos."

42. "This boo is too cute to spook."