42 Amazon Bestsellers That Have Such Enthusiastic Reviews, They Deserve 10 Stars

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My mother taught me a lot of things growing up, but the one golden piece of advice she made sure to constantly pound into my head was this: "Make sure you're buying products with lots of positive reviews when shopping online." It was that or brush your teeth — I don't remember. Either way, when it comes to highly-rated products on Amazon, you cannot go wrong. And whether or not you believe my mother said that, the point still remains: you always want to make sure that the reviews on the products you're buying are good.

From a hydrating face mask infused with cruelty-free snail mucin to a stainless steel rolling pin that's not only chic but also rust-resistant, there are thousands of highly-rated products on Amazon reviewers have loved so much they felt the need to leave enthusiastic reviews. And you can tell they're being honest — not only does Amazon not allow paid reviews, but each reviewer has to register a credit card and make a purchase on the site before they can write something up.

So what are you waiting for? Like my mother always definitely said — "With all the four- and five-star reviewed products on Amazon, it's almost impossible to go wrong!"

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