41 Ridiculously Useful Products On Amazon That Are All Under $12

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Adulthood can be a constant struggle: you typically have more money than you did when you were in high school, but the laws of maturity dictate that you be fiscally responsible with your money, so you feel like you shouldn't spend it on the fun stuff. A $40 purchase here and there may not seem like much, but it can quickly add up over the course of a month — which is why I like to try and limit myself to buying quality products at bargain prices on Amazon.

It turns out that it doesn't matter what I buy in order to scratch that persistent impulse shopper itch, just more that I bought something — to me, a $200 coat is the same as an $8 coconut lip scrub, which is why I've started limiting my shopping to all the genius products on Amazon you can find for $12 or less. Not only does my wallet thank me at the end of the month, but it means I also get to pick up fun products you wouldn't normally think to buy, like a retractable lint roller or a set of reusable straws.

Besides, there's only so much damage you can do to your bank account buying thrifty products at low prices...right?

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