If You Love A Good Bargain, These 39 Products Are Under $10 On Amazon

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I buy a lot of products on Amazon. Most of the time, the online retailer has fairly reasonable prices, but it's always welcome when you can find that shopping sweet spot — good products that are also affordable. Considering I'm always somewhere between a dwindling checking account close to payday and the luxury of ordering too much food delivery once that paycheck hits, I'd like to keep things as cheap as possible when I can. Luckily, finding awesome products on Amazon for less than $10 that are actually high-quality is pretty easy.

Let's see what we have this time around: a nourishing eyelash serum for $6 that actually works, fashionable braided bracelets that repel mosquitoes up to six weeks, and even a non-stick sushi knife that's aerated to reduce friction while cutting. Think of it like this: if your thought process when it comes to buying quality Amazon products at low prices is anything like mine ("Oh wow that's cheaper than I thought, let's get MORE"), then at least this way you're getting six items for $60 that you might actually use — as opposed to one item for $60 that's currently sitting in the back of your closet still wrapped in its original packaging.

Besides, it's only $10 — why not try out something new?

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