If You Love A Good Bargain, These 39 Products Are Under $10 On Amazon

I buy a lot of products on Amazon. Most of the time, the online retailer has fairly reasonable prices, but it's always welcome when you can find that shopping sweet spot — good products that are also affordable. Considering I'm always somewhere between a dwindling checking account close to payday and the luxury of ordering too much food delivery once that paycheck hits, I'd like to keep things as cheap as possible when I can. Luckily, finding awesome products on Amazon for less than $10 that are actually high-quality is pretty easy.

Let's see what we have this time around: a nourishing eyelash serum for $6 that actually works, fashionable braided bracelets that repel mosquitoes up to six weeks, and even a non-stick sushi knife that's aerated to reduce friction while cutting. Think of it like this: if your thought process when it comes to buying quality Amazon products at low prices is anything like mine ("Oh wow that's cheaper than I thought, let's get MORE"), then at least this way you're getting six items for $60 that you might actually use — as opposed to one item for $60 that's currently sitting in the back of your closet still wrapped in its original packaging.

Besides, it's only $10 — why not try out something new?

Entertainment — If You Love A Good Bargain, These 39 Products Are Under $10 On Amazon

1. A Massage Ball That Helps Stimulate Blood Flow Using Acupressure

Therapist's Choice Spiky Massage Balls, $7 (2 Pack), Amazon

You could drop major dollars on a professional massage, or you could go the bargain route with these brilliant massage balls. The spikes help stimulate acupressure points to increase blood circulation in your hands, feet, legs — all over and practically anywhere, really. Use them to relieve soreness after a long and tiring day, or if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, reviewers swear these offer an incredible source of relief.


2. The Sheet Masks That Are Formulated Around 12 Natural Ingredients

LABUTE Revive Sheet Masks, $9 (12 Pack), Amazon

"These are great sheet masks and you get a ton for a great price," one Amazon reviewer gushes about the LABUTE revive sheet masks, "I have given these masks out as gifts and everyone finds them to be moisturizing and does what each mask says it will." Each order comes with 12 masks, and each mask is formulated around a different natural ingredient — think skin powerhouses like avocado, olive, shea butter, black pearl, and honey. And because they're made with only gentle ingredients, these sheet masks are also safe for sensitive skin.


3. The Insole That Lets You Wear Your Shoes Without Socks

Pedag Washable Cotton Insole, $8, Amazon

Wearing flip flops in the summer is great because you don't need socks, but what happens when it's 80 degrees outside and you're stuck with sweaty feet in closed-toe shoes? These Pedag washable cotton insoles not only let you wear shoes without socks, but the grooved and perforated design helps promote air circulation to keep both your feet and shoes fresh. When it's time to wash them, just use mild soap and lay them flat to dry.


4. A Silicone Spatula Set That's Stain- And Odor-Resistant

iHomeGarden Silicone Spatula Set, $8 (Set of 3), Amazon

Scratching up your pots and pans with metal utensils only makes sense if you're looking for an excuse to buy a new set, but with these silicone spatulas it's practically impossible to scratch anything. Each spatula is stain- and odor-resistant, and will not discolor, warp, melt, or chip — use them to cook eggs, pancakes, or even scrape cake batter out of a bowl. And of course, because no one likes washing dishes, they are also dishwasher-safe.


5. The Therapy Wrap That Uses Hot And Cold Compression To Alleviate Pain

NatraCure Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap, $10, Amazon

Perfect for use at home or when you're out and about, the NatraCure cold/hot therapy wrap can be chilled or heated — depending on what you're feeling that day. Each therapy wrap compresses tight on your body to help alleviate swelling and inflammation while increasing circulation, and if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, it helps to lift the fascia tissue to relieve arch and heel pain.


6. A Wine Bottle Foil Cutter That Won't Break With Age

Wine Ziz Wine Bottle Foil Cutter, $6 (2 Pack), Amazon

Sometimes you're just dying for an excuse to spend money, and these wine bottle foil cutters are a great way to scratch that itch without breaking the bank. Would a regular knife suffice just as well? Yes, but then you wouldn't be spending $6 — plus as these foil cutters get older, the dual blade design won't break as easily as competing products with four-blade designs. Think of these as a stocking stuffer, or maybe even a housewarming gift for a friend hoping to deck out their home bar.


7. The Container That Keeps You Organized While Traveling

Humangear GoTubbs, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

"These things have completely changed my travel game," one Amazon reviewer raves about the Humangear GoTubbs, "I went on a month-long trip to Europe and used two of these for pills and the third for a face cream — I highly recommend them for storing just about anything." Each tub closes and opens with just one hand which makes them easy to use, and the transparent top means you can see what's inside without having to open it.


8. A Drawer Organizer That Makes Sorting Your Clothes Easy

KLOUD City Drawer Organizer, $8, Amazon

It only takes about a week before my neat and tidy drawers turn into a mess of clothing, but with this drawer organizer you can easily sort which shirts go where and be sure that they'll stay put. Each organizer has a white honeycomb structure that's easy to install and interlocks within seconds. Use it for socks, shirts, underwear, and more — one reviewer writes that she even used it to organizer a box of Disney figurines.


9. The Dustpan Set That Can Be Used To Groom Pets

Mr. Siga Bristle Brush/Scrubber With Dustpan, $10, Amazon

Whereas most dustpan sets are only suitable for sweeping up around the house, this cleaning set is multi-purpose and can double as a brush for grooming your pets. Soft brush fibers remove pet hair, while the scrubber side works to remove dirt and debris from your home. The squeegee can work on glass or mirrors, and cleaning the bristles is also incredibly easy.


10. A Restoring Foot Balm That Softens Callused And Chapped Feet

The Naked Bee Restoration Foot Balm, $10, Amazon

If you have dry, cracked feet, you need this restoring foot balm. Not only does it use neem and meadowfoam oil to treat dry feet and help itself get absorbed quickly into skin, but the orange blossom honey scent helps deodorize as well. And even though it's an intensive care formula, this balm is still completely free of any parabens and uses no mineral oils.


11. The Ice Cube Tray That Makes Massive Long-Lasting Ice Cubes

Cocktail Cubes Silicone King Cube Tray, $8, Amazon

You could use a bunch of small ice cubes and watch as they quickly melt and dilute your drink, or you could use the Cocktail Cubes silicone king cube tray instead. Each cube measures in at 2-inches on each side, and the unique mold design makes for quick freezing so you're not stuck sitting around waiting for ice. Once they're done, pop 'em in your drink and see how long they take to melt — typically, it's two hours or more!


12. A Clip-On Reading Lamp That Works Via Touch Control

Aglaia Clip-On Reading Light, $9, Amazon

It doesn't matter how old you get or how many lamps you've turned on in life — touching the base of a lamp and seeing it turn on will never not be fun. Simply tap the back of this clip-on reading light to turn it on, then tap it again to turn it off, then repeat a few more times just because you're amused. The clip is not only able to mount to practically any table, headboard or desk, but it's even powered by USB in order to make it as portable as possible.


13. A Knife With An Aerated Design That Reduces Sticking And Creates Less Friction

Kitchen + Home Sushi Knife, $9, Amazon

For $9 you could get a high-quality surgical stainless steel knife, or you could keep using your current set of knives that struggle to even slice a tomato. The Kitchen + Home sushi knife features an aerated design so there's less friction — which makes slicing food easier — and the entire metal blade is coated in food-grade non-stick coating. Great for sushi, chicken, vegetables, and more, this knife is also easy to rock back and forth, which makes mincing and chopping herbs a breeze.


14. The Spray That Adds Shine And Vitality Without Being Oily

Heritage Products Rosewater Spray, $9, Amazon

"I spray my face with it twice daily, morning and night," one Amazon reviewer writes about the Heritage Products rosewater spray, "it is very hydrating and leaves my skin with a beautiful glow. I also spray my hair twice daily for hydration and a wonderful, natural rose scent!" Each bottle of rosewater contains zero alcohol, parabens, or sulfates, and can be combined with facial masks or creams to add a boost of moisture to your skin.


15. An Ice Roller That Releases Tension And Shrinks Your Pores

PRETTY SEE Ice Roller, $8, Amazon

Tired, fatigued eyes can be hard to get rid of, and let's be real here: there is no one in this world that's currently getting enough sleep. With this ice roller, you can massage your eyes and temples, which also help to release any tension or stress from your day while reducing puffiness. Small enough that you can carry it with you for convenient use, this ice roller can also be used to minimize the appearance of your pores after wearing a cleansing face mask.


16. The Makeup Bag With Two Separate Compartments For Easy Organizing

MONSTINA Double-Layer Makeup Bag, $10, Amazon

You can keep palettes and foundations on the bottom, while the top of the MONSTINA double-layer makeup bag can hold all your makeup tools. Each bag is made out of high-quality nylon — making it extremely easy to clean if anything happens to drip or spill onto it — and there's even extra mesh pockets and compartments for storing smaller items.


17. A Body Spray Lotion That Uses Coconut Oil To Lock In Hydration

Yes To Coconut Spray Body Lotion, $8, Amazon

"I have really dry skin and with the northeast winter coming on it will get worse," one Amazon reviewer writes about this spray body lotion. "This makes my skin so SOFT and hydrated! I love the smell and it's totally grease-less...I even rub a little bit through my hair!" It uses coconut and sunflower oils to help penetrate the skin and lock in moisture, and leaves behind no greasy residue. Of course, the unique spray-on aspect of this product makes it incredibly innovative, too.


18. The Spiralizer That Makes Beautiful Citrus Garnishes For Your Dishes

Chef'n Citrus Spiralizer, $7, Amazon

If you're looking for a way to impress friends and family alike with your food plating abilities, search no further than the Chef'n citrus spiralizer. Are lemon and lime peels edible? No, but this is only $7 and the look of confusion on your family's face when you say you spiralized everything perfectly by hand will be priceless. Great for making cocktails or infusing a jug of water with a hint of flavor, this spiralizer is dishwasher safe as long as it's on the top rack.


19. A Balm That Soothes Your Skin After Harsh Sun Exposure

Badger After Sun Balm, $10, Amazon

The outdoor elements can take a toll on your skin — regardless of how much sunscreen you wear — which is why the Badger After Sun Balm is packed with soothing cocoa and Shea butters to help soothe dry, parched skin. Each tin is formulated with organic essential oils, and the delightful tropical scent is great for the summer, too.


20. The Brush Made With 100 Percent Natural Boar Bristles

Minalo Boar Bristle Brush, $9, Amazon

You can keep raking out the tangles in your hair with potentially damaging plastic bristles, or you can drop $9 on this boar bristle brush. Whereas plastic bristles mostly just detangle (and can rip out hair), the boar bristles on this brush help spread your scalp's natural oils down each strand, which helps to reduce frizz. And because it's spreading those oils around, you're in turn preventing them from building up on your roots.


21. A Stainless Steel Vegetable Peeler With A Classic Retro Look

Honsen Vegetable Peeler, $9, Amazon

It's made from stainless steel and it peels vegetables — what more do you want to know about the Honsen vegetable peeler aside from that it's got a super-cute retro look to it? Well, it's also designed with an ergonomic shape, and the non-slip rubber handle makes it easy to grip while peeling. There's also two scraping blades and a built-in potato-eye remover, too.


22. The Ceramic Flat Iron That's Small Enough To Be Taken Almost Anywhere

Bundle Monster Portable Ceramic Flat Iron, $8, Amazon

Perfect for anyone who likes having straight hair but can't afford giving up any space for their regular straightener, this portable ceramic flat iron has 1/2-inch ceramic tourmaline plates and gripped tips for easy gliding through hair. Able to heat up automatically to 220 degrees, this flat iron is also great for anyone with short hair, or for anyone who finds themselves needing to touch up a few crimped spots here and there throughout the day.


23. A Makeup Sponge Perfect For Beginners And Professionals Alike

Esarora Makeup Sponges, $9 (Set of 6), Amazon

Whereas most makeup sponge packs will just give you a bunch of blenders all in the same shape with varying colors, this pack of makeup sponges comes with two that have edges so you can achieve straight lines. "The ones with a straight edge help with the creases on your nose which is something I struggle with," one Amazon reviewer writes. "I recommended these to my friends who fell in love with them."


24. The Underarm Deodorant Wipes That Remove Excess Perspiration

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes, $9, Amazon

Even though they're marketed as underarm wipes, the Pacifica underarm deodorant wipes can be used anywhere on your body. Take them with you when you're camping and don't have access to a shower, or keep them with you during the day in case you find yourself with some unwanted sweat you'd like to wipe away. Each wipe is formulated with natural ingredients like coconut milk and Shea butter to naturally deodorize — and it's even 100 percent vegan.


25. A Bluetooth Speaker That Can Connect To The Radio

Zosam Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $10, Amazon

When you're finally tired of playing the same downloaded playlist over and over again and there's no Internet available, the Zosam portable Bluetooth speaker is good for 10 hours of playtime and completely waterproof. Able to reach up to 66 feet in wireless range, and compatible with USB cables and SD cards for those days where your Bluetooth is being difficult (you know what I'm talking about), this portable speaker also features a high-performance driver and an enhanced bass system.


26. The Cable Cord Holders That Work In More Ways Than One

O'Hill Black Cable Cord Holders, $8 (16 Pack), Amazon

Use them to organizer pens and pencils on your desk, as toothbrush or floss holders, or just use the O'Hill black cable cord holders as they're intended for organizing cables. These cord holders come with an extra-strong sticky pad that lets them adhere easily to multiple surfaces — attach them to your desk, television, power strips, or anywhere you have messy cables that you'd like to tidy up.


27. A Universal Tablet And Phone Stand Made From Solid Aluminum

Honsky Universal Desktop Tablet And Phone Stand, $9, Amazon

Stacking a bunch of random books to try to get your phone or tablet balancing on a tabletop is a waste of time when you know it'll start slipping eventually — but with this universal desktop tablet and phone stand, you can watch movies and television on your phone without having to constantly readjust everything. Each stand is made from solid, durable aluminum, and in the event it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, and works in both landscape and portrait mode.


28. The Bracelet That Repels Mosquitoes For Up To Six Weeks

Kinven Mosquito Repellent Bracelets, $9 (4 Pack), Amazon

Perfect for both the indoors and outdoors, the Kinven mosquito repellent bracelets give you up to six weeks of mosquito-repelling protection by simply sliding one onto your wrist. These bracelets slowly release a specially-formulated botanic aroma that works within 20 square meters of the area around you. And because there's no DEET and they've been medically tested, these bug repellent bracelets are safe for pregnant women as well as children.


29. A Serum That Hydrates your Eyelashes

Etude House Lash Serum, $6, Amazon

"I was EXTREMELY skeptical about buying this product," one Amazon reviewer writes about the Etude House lash serum, going on to gush that "I've used it for about a month and can tell a HUGE difference in my lashes. They are much fuller and longer than before." Able to be used alone or underneath your mascara, this lash serum helps to nourish and calm your eyelashes while encouraging growth.


30. The Lip Mask That Melts Away Dead Skin Cells While You Sleep

CARENEL Lip Mask, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

Dry, cracked lips with loose skin can get painful and be difficult to fix, so instead of picking at your lips when no one is looking, use this moisturizing lip mask. Bursting with vitamin C and actual berries, simply let this lip mask work its magic overnight as it melts away dead skin cells, and wipe it off in the morning to find nourished, hydrated lips.


31. A Milk Frother That's Portable For Coffee Lovers

MatchaDNA Electric Milk Frother, $7, Amazon

At less than 10 inches tall, the MatchaDNA electric milk frother is a space saver for your kitchen. Not only is it small, but it's battery operated as well so that there's no need to go searching for a plug — and it's great to froth up hot or cold milk (almond, whole, soy, you name it) for a specialty latte without the cost.


32. The Tea Bag Holder That's Cute And Easy To Clean

eBoot Silicone Tea Bag Holder, $5 (Set of 10), Amazon

Why let your teabag sag over the rim of your mug, when you can keep it looped around one of these adorable silicone snail tea bag holders? Constructed from soft silicone, each order of these orders comes with 10 snails that are easy to use and simple to clean. One Amazon reviewer wrote: "These silly little things are surprisingly handy. They perch right on the edge of a cup and hold the string of a tea bag or diffuser chain."


33. A Shoe Insert That Eliminates Persistent Odors

Household Essentials Shoe Deodorizer Inserts, $10, Amazon

Tired of sprays that only mask odors? Then try these shoe deodorizer inserts that are filled with 100 percent cedar shavings that eliminate odors by absorbing moisture and mildew. Each pouch is firm so that it helps keep the shape of your shoes while working to reduce unwanted smells, and you can even slip them over the prongs on a shoe rack when you're not using them.


34. A Light That Illuminates The Inside Of Your Cooler When Opened

Coghlan's Cooler Light, $7, Amazon

Ever open up a cooler at night just to be left reaching around blind in the dark for a drink? Maybe you've had to use a toolbox or tackle box in the dark without a readily available flashlight — either way, this cooler light attaches to the inside of your toolbox or cooler via the included adhesive tape, and will turn on when the lid opens. And in the event you accidentally leave the lid open and walk away for a bit, this light will automatically shut off after 20 seconds of continuous use.


35. The Packing Cubes That Can Be Used To Organize Almost Anything

Pernulo Packing Cubes, $10 (6 Pack), Amazon

Sure you can store clothes in them and keep your suitcase organized when traveling, but the Pernulo packing cubes can be used for so much more — use them as cosmetic bags, or to even to organize your closet. Each cube has a breathable mesh top so that you can see what's inside without having to open it, and each pack comes with three cubes and three envelopes — and the envelopes are great for laundry.


36. An Ice Pop Mold Set That Saves You Money In The Long Run

Golden Spoon Ice Pop Mold Set, $8 (6 Pack), Amazon

For just $8, you can quit buying ice pops at the grocery store and save yourself some money by making them at home with this ice pop mold set. Each set comes with six brightly-colored molds that easily slide into even the most crowded freezers, and because they're made of silicone you can squeeze them out until even the very last drop is gone, saving you from waste.


37. The Pan That Lets You Make Perfectly Shaped Brownies Every Time

Wilton Brownie Bar Pan, $10, Amazon

Pulling a beautiful tray of brownies out of the oven — only to wind up cutting them unevenly — is a real bummer. But with this brownie bar pan, your creations will come out completely uniform in shape every time, and the non-stick coating makes it easy to pop them out without accidentally crumbling. They're great for blondies and other bars, too.


38. A Concentrated Weekly Hair Mask That Hydrates Over-Processed Hair

Neutrogena Recovery Hair Mask, $7, Amazon

I get pretty excited whenever I get to write about a product I loe, and this recovery hair mask was my savior back when I had a lot of hair damage. Now I don't need it because I only wash my hair once a week, but this mask is definitely concentrated enough that you only need a small amount once a week to keep your hair feeling soft. It also uses olive and meadowfoam seed to penetrate your strands, while sweet almond nourishes the surface — and because it's a recovery mask, it's safe for chemically-processed or color-treated hair.


39. The Makeup Brush That's Concave To Help Apply Liquid Foundation

Anne's Giverny Angled Makeup Brush, $7, Amazon

See how there's a hole in the middle where there'd normally be bristles? The Anne's Giverny angled makeup brush has a concave design so that you can put a few drops of foundation into the center and then buff it onto your skin in a circular motion. Not only does it lessen the chances of making a mess with liquid makeup, but the synthetic fibers are also soft, and the wood handle is sturdy.

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