41 Awesome Finds On Amazon Reviewers Universally Rave About

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Life requires taking occasional risks, but some are more necessary than others. Maybe you're crossing four lanes of traffic to make it onto the exit ramp, or you're willing to take a chance on milk that expired four days ago — but either way, I think it's safe to say that the less risk involved, the better life generally is. So tell me: Why are you trying out products online that have no reviews, when you could just peruse through all the Amazon products with high ratings?

With Amazon, it's incredibly easy to tell if your purchase is going to be a surefire hit: When there's an entire community at your disposal who already purchased a product you're interested in (and wrote about it extensively), you can really zone in on those items that are always raved about. And all the Amazon products on this list with five-star ratings are truly that beloved.

So whether you're late for work and cutting off people on the highway left and right, or desperate for a cup of coffee with a little cream in it, go ahead take the risk. Why not? You know from the reviews that your Amazon purchase isn't going to be questionable — might as well push your luck elsewhere.

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