40 Surprising Home Products On Amazon That Are Skyrocketing In Popularity

Sure, Amazon is synonymous with the breadth of its offerings — you can get everything from apple slices to a 1.5-ton belt sander on the site — but it's somewhere in the middle, like with these surprising home products, that it really shines. I mean, sure, it's fun to gab with your besties about the strangest thing Amazon recommended today. At the end of the day, though, it's the products that legit have the capability to make our lives easier that positions Amazon as the change-maker it is in our day-to-day lives.

The examples are plentiful: I love this personal blender that's small but mighty, petite enough to pack with you on business or leisure trips but powerful enough to crunch ice into your beverage, for example. There's this sprayer attachment that cuts your cleaning time in half, whether you're scouring your dishes, scrubbing your windows, or getting your car clean for a big weekend. Or there's this massaging shower mat that scrubs your feet while treating them to a circulation-restoring massage — a winning combination if I've ever heard one.

Who knows — it could be that what you need to really live your best life is just a click or two away. One thing is for sure: Change comes in all shapes and sizes, and whatever it looks like for you, it probably comes with Prime delivery.

This Versatile Temperature-Controlled Chamber Will Also Play Your Tunes

I'm kind of without words when it comes to this product, because it's so absolutely amazing. Built to hold items up to the size of a six-pack, it's essentially an insulated box that, when plugged in, serves as either a fridge or as a warmer — how cool (or hot) is that? The unit comes with an AC cord for wall outlets and a DC cord for cigarette lighters, but even when not plugged in, it holds the temperature of whatever is inside it just like a cooler would. But that's not all: It's also a Bluetooth speaker.

A Compact Blowdryer That Punches Way Above Its Weight

Finding a blowdryer that's small and lightweight enough to travel with — but is still more than a glorified motorized pinwheel in terms of actual drying power — can be a real challenge. Enter this hair dryer from Revlon that weighs in at under 1.2 pounds, but punches way above its weight with reviewers for ease of use and exceeding expectations — in fact, more than 2,100 people give this little number 4.3 stars.

An Adjustable Rack To Get Your Countertop Or Cabinet In Order

Made with durable steel, this rack is the ultimate in versatility: It can be used either horizontally or vertically, on the countertop or in the cabinet, or with a mix of kitchen tools (think: pans, baking sheets, muffin tins, and more). The compartments within the rack are also extendable, from a minimum size of 1.3 inches to a maximum size of 2.9 inches, meaning they'll accommodate your deepest pans.

This In-Sink Rack To Store And Drain Sponges And Scrubbers

Made from durable aluminum with an attractive, corrosion-resistant matte coating, this tray is designed to hold your soap and sponges right where you need them — in your sink, for ease of use while you work on your dishes after a meal. The design includes two separate compartments that allow your accessories to have their own space and promote air circulation for quick drying times, and an expandable frame that accommodates a wide range of sink sizes.

The Comfortable Contoured Eye Mask Has A Secret — It's Hiding Headphones

Molded to keep out all of the light without any discomfort whatsoever, this eye mask has a high-tech hidden secret: It's also a set of Bluetooth headphones for streaming your favorite music, audiobook, or podcast as you relax or drift off to sleep. A must-have for any insomniac or migraine sufferer, this mask is made from memory foam and fitted with an adjustable strap to fit most head sizes, while it delivers stereo sound through its quality speakers that are removable so you can wash the mask ensemble.

This Simple Slipcover That Will Give your Couch A Makeover

Protect your loveseat from pets or people — or simply rejuvenate your couch with this one-piece slipcover that fits right over your furniture and sits snugly up against it to give your room a whole new spark. Available in 20 colors, it's crafted in a soft polyester/spandex blend that's machine-washable for easy maintenance and also provides a tight, customized fit. Matching covers are also available for a variety of other pieces throughout the house.

This Compact, Convenient Blender To Enjoy Fresh Smoothies Right At Home Or On The Road

If you enjoy smoothies and protein shakes, this blender truly is backed by the little engine that could — small enough to be tucked into a carry-on so you can enjoy your favorite breakfast beverage on the road, it even whips through cubed ice to make the perfect frothy drink in just minutes. The BPA-free design encompasses a blender body that detaches into a travel cup for ease of use.

The Knife Set That Offers A Blade For Every Purpose

Made with durable, sharp stainless steel, this knife set includes a blade equal to just about any task you'll face in the kitchen. The five-piece set is comprised of a paring knife for peeling and close-up work; a utility knife that's great for boning, filleting, and assorted tasks; a carving knife for portioning cooked poultry and pork for the plate; a bread knife that slices through baked goods with ease and is also a good choice to slice ripened tomatoes; and a chef's knife to clear everything else, including mincing and dicing veggies with ease. The knives are accompanied by a double-mode sharpener and an acrylic stand.

The Most Difficult-To-Reach Bottles Can Be Cleaned With This Silicone Brush

If you need to clean water bottles, baby bottles, champagne glasses, a Hydro Flask, or anything else that's tall and narrow, this bottle brush is what you need. Made from silicone so it's germ-resistant and won't pick up stains or odors from inside your containers, it's equipped with an extra-long 12.5-inch handle so that you can get right down to the bottom of things when you're scrubbing. The brush's silicone construction also means it's heat-resistant, so it can be washed in the dishwasher for easy maintenance.

The Bait Packs That Help You Get Rid Of Annoying Ants

Few things make me angrier than ants. On the whole, I'm pretty zen in the critter department — largely the result of being the mom of two boys, I think — but ants stress me out, which I believe is the result of the fact that where there's one ant, there's 500 million of them. If you feel the same, this ant bait should do the trick. It uses a sugary substance to attract the ants and get them to carry the active ingredient, Borax, back to their colony to spread the wealth around. It has over 4,000 positive reviews.

These Silicone Baking Sheets Are Ideal For Macarons Or Any Other Baked Goods

If you like to bake at all, these silicone mats are the jam. Seriously, nothing sticks to them. You'll love them for sweets like cookies (these are purpose-made for macarons, obviously, given the guide lines), but they also provide an excellent non-stick base for whatever you're putting in the oven — be it cheese straws or a good old meatloaf. Plus, since they're heat-resistant to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, you can also use them to protect your countertops from hot pans coming out of the oven, too.

This Sprayer Attachment That Cuts Cleaning Time In Half

Unless you absolutely love standing around at your kitchen sink doing dishes — or hanging out washing your car or your windows out in the backyard, — this product is for you, because it can cut your cleaning time on those jobs and more in half. How so? Well, it's an ingenious little gadget that attaches to your kitchen sink sprayer and/or your garden hose and features a dual sponge/scrubber at the end that makes quick, one-handed work of dishes and other chores.

A Mat For Your Feet With Hundreds Of Massaging Bristles

When you come home at the end of a long day, doesn't a nice foot massage sound like a good idea? But wait, you want to take a shower, too. Combine the two things into one with this shower foot massager that scrubs your feet and gives them a good rubdown at the same time. Equipped with hundreds of bristles that get right in there to clean your feet while reaching all your achy spots, this mat will just make you say aaaaaahhhh.

An Electric Wine Opener That Smoothly Slides Out The Cork, Every Time

Get your wine on that much faster with this electric corkscrew that's so easy to use. First, remove the foil over the wine bottle with the included foil tool that stores neatly in the corkscrew charging base. Then, put the cork remover assembly in its transparent housing down over the bottle neck and turn on the mechanism. The corkscrew automatically engages and removes the cork — no work required on your part. The device removes up to 30 corks before it needs to be recharged in the convenient base.

An Indoor Trap For Fruit Flies

For a while, it seemed like those electric bug zappers were ubiquitous — was it the '80s? — and I hated them. With this unit, however, the end is swift and silent: It works using a combination of modalities involving glue boards, a UV light, a fan, and even magnets to pull them in and get them stuck without anyone nearby being one bit the wiser. It works on moths, gnats, and flies — and it's non-toxic and odorless.

This Stylish Carafe Makes A Smooth And Savory Cold Brew

Crafted from durable BPA-free Tritan, this cold brew coffee maker will be a real hit with any coffee aficionado. Equipped with an airtight lid to preserve the quality of the liquid inside and a non-slip silicone handle, its fine mesh filter brews a smooth beverage overnight that will be absolutely free from grounds. The 1-quart capacity pot allows for easy and attractive storage and decanting, and it's shatterproof and dishwasher-safe.

This Makeup Organizer Rotates 360-Degrees For Maximum Access

Transform your bathroom counter into a full-fledged beauty counter with this makeup organizer that works on the same principle as a lazy Susan to swivel 360-degrees and offer full access to all of your products. Available in five different styles, the ample shelf space on this organizer is portioned into compartments of different sizes to display bottles and containers of varying dimensions — and keep all of your products organized and stored neatly. It will also accommodate at least 20 makeup brushes.

A Versatile Travel Pillow That's Even Great For Use On The Couch

For frequent travelers, a neck pillow is a must, and this one may look like all its competitors, but in reality it offers several alternatives to cradle your head and neck in comfort while you're on-the-go (or just relaxing at home). Offered in six colors and three sizes, it's made with a flat back that doesn't push your head forward during use, and can be doubled over for "side sleeping," too. With a strap for attaching to your luggage that makes it easy to take along, this pillow is fully machine-washable.

An Attractive Diffuser That Makes A Welcome Addition To Any Room

Aromatherapy is good for so many things — from chilling out to powering up — but until recently, so many essential oil diffusers that delivered this therapy were, um, less than attractive. Not so with this knockout unit that's fashioned from eco-friendly bamboo that's both renewable and sustainably harvested. It's equipped with both continuous and intermittent mist settings and features an automatic shut-off timer with options for one or two hours of enjoyment.

These Dividers Finally Get That Junk Drawer Under Control

We all have that one drawer, usually in the kitchen, that's just a catch-all...and a hot mess. Now you can organize it with these drawer dividers that are adjustable so that you can design your space to suit your needs and give all your stuff a place to go so that it's all neat and organized. Made from durable aluminum, the dividers come in three sizes to suit the drawer you have in mind, and the brushed finish makes them appear just as stylish as they are practical.

This Snap-On Strainer To Prevent Pasta, Meat, Or Veggies From Falling In Your Sink

Crafted from BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone that's heat-resistant to stand up to things like boiling water and hot oil, this strainer clips on to the sides of your pot or pan for ease of use and allows you to drain superfluous liquids away from foods with just a turn of the wrist. The strong clips enable this device to accommodate the straining of even heavy foods like potatoes with ease, while its silicone construction means it's flexible enough to attach to most bowls, pots, and pans.

This Miniature Dehumidifier To Keep Mold And Mildew Out Of Your Home

Small in stature and not lacking in performance, this humidifier is perfect for use in small spaces — but encompasses a 500-milliliter tank and boasts performance that's robust enough to take care of moisture problems in most basements and other problem areas. It noiselessly operates and runs all day and night to extract unnecessary, problem-causing water from your air before mold and mildew have a chance to develop — and keeping you home smelling fresh.

An Antiperspirant For Your Hands

Sticky, sweaty palms are no fun, but fortunately, there's a solution in the form of this antiperspirant for your hands that you simply apply twice a day. Non-greasy and easy to use, it's a simple solution to an irritating problem, and since it moisturizes while it remedies, you get extra bang for your buck, too. Nearly 1,500 reviewers give this formulation a solid four stars, so it's bound to be good.

This Clothing Tape Is Every Stylist's Secret

Make like the stylists do and secure your pesky low-cut or otherwise troublesome garments with this double-sided garment tape that's the secret of everyone on the red carpet. It's the solution for those everyday wardrobe malfunctions like the bra strap that just won't stay put, the sleeve that keeps slipping down, the neckline that constantly wants to slide over and, ahem, out. It's easy to remove, too.

A Leave-In Conditioner That Smells Like Delicious Baked Goods

What could be better than a hair product that's packed with natural ingredients and smells like a delicious scone? This Conditioning Detangler Spray naturally softens and nourishes hair thanks to natural ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, jojoba protein, and quinoa extract that smooth the cuticle and eliminate flyaways. Best of all, it's completely free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, silicones, sulfates, and formaldehyde — and safe for use on children.

A Jade Roller For Your Serums And Moisturizers

Handcrafted from lovely, real natural jade, this set pairs a facial roller with the latest tool to become a necessity in everyone's Eastern-inspired beauty routine — a gua sha scraper. Both tools are designed to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage in the face while also boosting collagen production, leaving the complexion refreshed and revitalized. Gua sha, in particular, is terrific for naturally contouring the face, while a treatment with the jade roller leaves you looking rested and relaxed.

The Tongue Scrapers That Are Odd-Looking But Effective

When it comes to keeping away the germs that cause unwanted odors, caring for the tongue is a primary concern — and these tongue scrapers will ensure that troublesome bacteria has no place to hide. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, they're smooth on the tongue to glide across effortlessly, skimming off objectionable material without causing harm to your tongue and undue discomfort. The set comes with a travel case so you can take this show on the road.

These Cute Measuring Cups

With their whimsical design and practical, they've-thought-of-everything construction, these measuring cups are absolutely among the three best things I've discovered lately on Amazon. If you don't think they're legit adorable, you're seriously not looking hard enough: Come on, they're Russian nesting dolls and they're measuring cups! Each half of the doll is a separate increment, ranging from 1/4-cup up to 1-cup with all the standard stops in between

The Fan That's Battery-Mounted So You Can Stick It Right Where You Need It

Easy to mount anywhere, battery-powered and cord-free for use in the house, outside, or on the campsite or the boat, this fan will stir things up whenever it's hot or fuggy and you need some air. With a four-speed motor to suit your needs, it's equipped with a super-strong suction cup that can be attached to any smooth, flat surface, and features a built-in rechargeable battery that can run for two to eight hours depending on how much of a breeze you're generating.

A Really Good Citrus Juicer

Ideal for use in cooking and baking as well as behind the bar, this citrus juicer features a reamer that drains into a BPA-free container with measurement markings and a convenient pour spout for ease of use. The reamer is equipped with a built-in strainer so you don't have to worry about seeds or pulp sneaking into your food or drinks, and it separates from the measuring container for easy cleaning.

A Rotary Grater For Spirals, Juliennes, Chips, And Many Other Cuts

Available in four colors, this device slices, spirals, and juliennes all manner of fruits, vegetables, and cheeses without electricity — it just uses the manual power that you apply. Great for home use as well as use while camping, in the RV, or in any kitchen where space is at a premium and you don't have room for that hulking food processor, this unit mounts sturdily to your countertop with a suction base and comes with three interchangeable barrel blades that remove easily for cleaning.

An Ingenious Chopper With A Pull-Cord

With a pull-string mechanism that's reminiscent of how you start your lawnmower, this chopper operates intuitively and cuts up heck out of some fruits and veggies — even ice. Ideal for mincing up your ingredients to your perfect consistency thanks to its manual operation, you can throw all your salsa ingredients in the bowl, apply the lid, and give it a few tugs for a chunky blend — or keep it going for a smoother mix.

These Scissors Are Easy To Use For Folks With Hand Strength Deficiencies

Regardless of whether you have hand strength issues or struggle with the challenges of arthritis or similar difficulties or not, these scissors are both a breeze to use and ultra-efficient. With an award-winning spring-action design that relies on a whole-hand, up-and-down motion, they're suitable for use on a variety of different fabrics and much easier to operate than traditional models.

A Steam Iron That's Great For Use At Home And On The Road

You can look like you've just walked out of the dry cleaners fresh whether you're at home or on the road with this steam iron and garment steamer that's compact enough to go traveling with you. Weighing in at just over 2 pounds, it's suitable for use on a wide variety of fabrics, and is great at keeping an even, constant temperature without scorching your fine garments while operating in either iron or steamer mode.

A Simple Board That Makes Folding Fun

This sturdy, durable gadget makes quick and easy work of folding shirts, sweaters, pants, and more — and reviewers even say it makes laundry a little more fun. It comes in five colors and works in three seconds.

A Gadget That Easily And Quickly Core Pineapple

As far as I'm concerned, this gadget is magic. Crafted from premium food-grade stainless steel, you just cut the top off of your pineapple — then drive it down and turn it like you're turning a door handle, and it both cores your pineapple and makes rings from the delicious, juicy fruit. The rust-proof, corrosion-resistant blade lets you enjoy your pineapple and leaves the shell intact so you can use it as a serving vessel if you so desire.

A Mop-And-Bucket System For Easy Floor Cleaning

As awesome as those disposable mop systems are, there's no substitute for good old-fashioned dunk-and-wring hand mopping — but man, is it punishing on your back. Or at least it was, until this newfangled mopping system came along. The mop comes from trusted name O-Cedar, and it has a unique triangle design that allows you to get into corners, but the real innovation comes into play when you get to the bucket. It features a built-in wringer that works with a pedal that cuts out that whole stooping over business and spin-wrings the mop head, controlling the amount of moisture.

An Adjustable Loft Pillow

Stocked with a cross-cut memory foam fill, this pillow offers a unique blend of stability and comfort to help you realize the best sleep you've had in years. It's stuffed with a blend of microfiber and memory foam that means it's soft — but the memory foam is adjustable so you can get a customized level of firmness depending on your usual sleep position and spinal alignment. The queen size gives you room to maneuver, too.

These Bags Let You Store Way More In Less Space

Available in a variety of sizes, these storage bags provide a genius solution for storing space-eating items like towels, linens, and sweaters compactly. Equipped with a double-zip seal and a vacuum valve that has a triple seal, they're easy to use: Simply insert your items inside, seal the bag, attach your vacuum cleaner to the valve, remove the air, and seal. Your items will shrink down flat for easy storage, and the anti-microbial construction of these bags means that they won't recognize any harmful size-effects from long-term anaerobic compression.

These Grip Strips To Keep Your Spices Organized And Close At Hand

Avid cooks will welcome the addition of these grippers to the kitchen: They hold up to 30 spice bottles, gripping them tightly wherever they're placed and keeping them organized just like a spice rack would, only without taking up that kind of space. Designed to be mounted either with the pre-applied 3M adhesive or with the included screws, they can be arranged in any pattern you desire to save space and hung inside any cabinet or closet door.

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