40 Glam Photos Of Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip From Back In The Day

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I bet when Lorde first sang, "We'll never be royals," Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were like, "Can't relate!" Though they currently still look effortlessly chic, these glam photos of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip from back in the day will give your Huji cam a run for its money.

For those of you who weren't paying attention in history class, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been married for over 70 years. After meeting at a wedding in 1937 at which Prince Philip's cousin married Queen Elizabeth's uncle, the pair saw each other a few times and began exchanging love letters. As their love grew, the couple continued writing and spending time together, eventually keeping pictures of each other when Philip was doing his naval service. When the pair got engaged in 1946, they initially kept it a spicy secret from everyone, including Queen Elizabeth's parents. Of course, after they told their families, Elizabeth's father was excited for the young lovers but asked the couple to wait until Elizabeth was 21 before going "public" (the 1946 version of Instagram official) with their engagement.

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In a power move for the ages, Prince Philip gave up his titles and place in line for the Greek throne in order to marry Elizabeth, so she would be able to take her rightful place as the Queen of England — really giving a new meaning to "Yas, Queen." Upon tying the knot, Prince Philip also received the shiny new titles of Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth, and Baron Greenwich. Not bad for a wedding gift you didn't register for, eh? As Queen Elizabeth was crowned earlier than anyone anticipated, (her father, King George, passed away from a clot in his heart at the early age 56), Prince Philip had to leave his naval career to become Queen Elizabeth's consort. The political shift took some adjusting (Prince Philip has to walk behind Queen Elizabeth in public, and his children didn't take his name), but ultimately, the pair has made their love last over 70 years and countless outfit changes.

Here are 40 glam photos of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip that are so glam, you almost won't believe that there's #nofilter added.

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