40 Cool Products On Amazon That Have At Least 5,000 Reviews

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Imagine it: You come across a genius product on Amazon and are about to click the "Buy Now" button, but then you notice the reviews. Whether it has no reviews or only a few decent ones, it can be a bit dicy to invest in a product that hasn't been put to the test. Realistically, cool products on Amazon with great reviews are the way to go.

Here's why: People usually only take the time to write a review if they love or hate a product. If you see a product with over 5,000 positive reviews, it means that product is an absolute must-have. Take this electric foot file for example: I'd never consider it an essential without thousands of reviewers insisting it is. With that many passionate reviews telling me I can ditch expensive salon pedicures for good, you know what? I'm sold.

Reviews are also key when it comes to truly innovative products. For example, how would you know this hair growth shampoo is actually worth the price without 6,000 reviewers insisting this stuff works? Let's face it: It's easier to take a leap of faith on a budget fitness tracker or toilet bowl night light when a bunch of other people have done it, too.

It's not always easy to find the coolest stuff on Amazon that's already been vetted by hoards of passionate reviewers. Here's a round-up of some of the best options to make the search way easier.

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