40 Cool Products On Amazon That Have At Least 5,000 Reviews

By Andrea Hannah

Imagine it: You come across a genius product on Amazon and are about to click the "Buy Now" button, but then you notice the reviews. Whether it has no reviews or only a few decent ones, it can be a bit dicy to invest in a product that hasn't been put to the test. Realistically, cool products on Amazon with great reviews are the way to go.

Here's why: People usually only take the time to write a review if they love or hate a product. If you see a product with over 5,000 positive reviews, it means that product is an absolute must-have. Take this electric foot file for example: I'd never consider it an essential without thousands of reviewers insisting it is. With that many passionate reviews telling me I can ditch expensive salon pedicures for good, you know what? I'm sold.

Reviews are also key when it comes to truly innovative products. For example, how would you know this hair growth shampoo is actually worth the price without 6,000 reviewers insisting this stuff works? Let's face it: It's easier to take a leap of faith on a budget fitness tracker or toilet bowl night light when a bunch of other people have done it, too.

It's not always easy to find the coolest stuff on Amazon that's already been vetted by hoards of passionate reviewers. Here's a round-up of some of the best options to make the search way easier.

Lifestyle — 40 Cool Products On Amazon That Have At Least 5,000 Reviews
by Andrea Hannah

1. A Fitness Tracker That Takes Your Phone Calls

This fitness tracker has all the bells and whistles of pricier models, plus major love from reviewers. It features a heart rate sensor that continually tracks your pulse, and a seep tracker that tracks how many hours you sleep per night. It even allows you to switch between tracking all-day activities, like walking and step counts, and workouts. Plus, it notifies you when your texts and calls come through, and you can charge it with any standard USB cable.

2. Gloves That Prevent Cuts And Nicks

If you're prone to cuts while working with knives in the kitchen, these super durable gloves are a must-have. They're made from a unique blend of glass fibers and spandex so they're stretchy and strong. And even though they're thick, reviewers swear these gloves are lightweight enough to wear while chopping veggies or grating cheese. Some even insist they'll last for years.

3. A Brush That's Gentle On Your Scalp

Not only is this ergonomic brush easy to hold, it also detangles your hair with zero pain. The key is in the bristles — they're cone-shaped to gently separate hair horizontally instead of puling straight down. It also features straight, yet flexible, bristles with no little beads on the ends so there's no rubbing or poking against your scalp. Reviewers write that this brush works even on the thickest, knottiest hair.

4. A Travel Pillow That Cradles Your Head And Neck

This Y-shaped travel pillow offers tons of support that traditional travel pillows don't. It features a third arm that hooks under your chin for added support, while the other two arms gently cradle your head. You can twist this pillow into different positions depending on how you like to sleep, and the cover is ridiculously soft. Reviewers say this is the only travel pillow they'll ever buy again.

5. A Wireless Keyboard And Mouse With A Long Battery Life

This wireless keyboard and mouse combo is so easy to use, it'll change the way you work at your computer. For one, the keyboard is ultra slim and lightweight so you can take it anywhere with you, and it features an innovative "wave" wrist rest. The keys also have enough give so your fingers won't get tired. On top of that, the battery power is top-notch — the batteries in the keyboard live up to three years, and up to two in the mouse.

6. A Foot File That'll Replace Your Pedicure

No more dropping cash on pricy pedicures with this electric foot file. The package comes with the electric foot file, batteries, and two roller heads — one regular and one ultra coarse. Just flip on the pedi file and dry roll the bottom of your feet to gently sand down any tough skin or callouses. Reviewer mention that only a few strokes with this little tool leaves their feet just as silky soft as a visit to the salon.

7. A Shampoo That Helps Your Hair Grow Faster

With over 6,000 positive reviews, it's easy to see why reviewers rave about this growth-stimulating shampoo. It contains something something called CaffinoPlex, a nourishing caffeine compound that not only helps your hair grow, but prevents future hair loss. It features saw palmetto, an ingredient that makes your hair feel silky and luxr. This shampoo is also infused with essential oils so it smells like bliss every time you wash your hair.

8. A Cellphone Armband That's Waterproof

This waterproof armband keeps yours cellphone close by while you run or walk through any weather. It's made from a blend of Lycra and Neoprene so it won't absorb water or slip on your arm. You can even still use your phone while it's in the clear plastic sleeve so you don't have to take it out to change your music while you workout.

9. A Memory Foam Cushion That Relieves Back Pain

This unique memory foam cushion is a fan favorite and for good reason: it's soft to sit on and relieves back pain. The key is in the small cutout at the back — it allows the cushion to hold you without putting any pressure on your tailbone or sciatic nerve. Plus, the high-grade foam conforms with your body as you sit, and the removable velour cover is machine washable.

10. A Cooker That Makes Eggs Super Fast

Over 11,000 reviewers love this rapid egg cooker when it comes to handling their breakfast. You can hard boil, soft boil, scramble, or poach your eggs in this innovative little device — all you have to do is place your eggs inside, set the timer, and you're done. It even features an auto shut-off feature so you never overcook your eggs or accidentally leave the cooker running.

11. A Water Flosser That's Extremely Powerful

Say goodbye to traditional floss with this powerful water flosser. Instead of using waxy thread to get between teeth, this electric flosser uses a thin stream of water and high pressure to blast away plaque and debris. It features 10 intensity settings and seven different heads so you can use it with multiple family members. Plus, this is the only water flosser that's approved by the American Dental Association, so you know your teeth are getting a good cleaning every time you use it.

12. A Brush That Actually Dries Your Hair

This innovative hair brush does it all: it dries, untangles, and gives you extra volume with just a few strokes. It features the same flexible bristles of a standard round brush, but the barrel features 1,100 watts of power to quickly and safely dry your hair. And unlike regular dryers, you can place this tool close to your hair without burning your scalp.

13. A Night Light That Attaches To Your Toilet

Forget stumbling through the dark with this toilet night light. It's super simple to install; just clip the light to the side of your toilet bowl, press the button, and you're ready to go. The motion sensor monitors the room for movement so when you come in, the inside of the bowl lights up. It even features multiple colors for some late night entertainment.

14. An Exfoliating Mask That Bubbles When You Put It On

This exfoliating clay mask literally bubbles as it clears out your pores. That's because the clay is actually carbonated, so when you rub it onto your skin it starts to bubble. And while reviewers rave about how great it feels on your skin, the bubbles also help get deep into pores to remove stubborn blackheads, leaving your skin feeling buttery soft.

15. An Electric Kettle That's Lightning Fast

You don't have to wait for long for your water to boil with this speedy electric kettle. The base heats up quickly and the glass kettle can boil up to 1.5 liters of water in seven minutes or less. Plus, the glass is BPA and chemical-free so you don't have to worry about ingesting any harmful chemicals. This kettle also features auto shut off so even if you forget to shut it off, it powers down by itself.

16. A Plug That Hooks Up To Your WiFi

Once you install this smart plug, you'll never go back to standard plugs again. For one, it's easy to install; just plug it into an open socket and finish setting up the WiFi connection in your Google Home or Alexa app. With the just the sound of your voice, you can control anything you plug in, from commanding your lamp to turn on to remotely shutting off your coffee pot.

17. A Makeup Brush Set That's Literally Got You Covered

With 14 different pieces, this makeup brush set is the only one you'll ever need. It comes with five facial brushes and nine various eyeshadow and liner brushes. Reviewers also gush over how soft and silky the bristles are, and how dense the brushes themselves are. Reviewers also mention that the bristles don't fall out with use over time. Plus, with rose gold plated handles, these brushes are just pretty to look at.

18. A Sandwich Maker That Makes Breakfast Simple

Over 5,000 reviewers have nothing but great things to say about this breakfast sandwich maker. The key is in the layers — this maker features multiple cooking plates that cook your ingredients separately. One layer warms meats and veggies, while another plate literally cooks your egg inside the maker. The other layers are for your bread of choice. Just close the top, let your ingredients cook, and slide it out for a perfect sandwich every time.

19. Storage Vacuum Bags That You Can Reuse

These jumbo storage bags protect your thickest sweaters and blankets without taking up too much space. Here's how they work: fit as much stuff as you can into a bag, then place your vacuum hose into the hole in the center of the bag. The vacuum gently sucks all the air from the bag, deflating it while also preventing your clothes from collecting dust, debris, and mold. Even better? You can reuse these bags over and over again as you need them.

20. A Handheld Tool That De-Fuzzes Your Sweaters

This genius fabric shaver removes lint and fuzz in five minutes flat. Just flick it on and run it over any fabric that's plagued with fuzzies for a clean shave without any pulling. This little device also features a lint trap you can empty, and reviewers write that although it's battery-powered, the batteries last a long time before they need to be replaced.

21. A Skillet That's Already Seasoned

This six-inch skillet is the perfect size for a couple of eggs or a smaller serving size of sautéed veggies. Plus, it's pre-seasoned so you don't have to add cooking spray or oils; the pan easily releases food on its own. On top of that, this skillet is made from high-quality cast iron that won't chip or crack, and the bottom heats food evenly throughout.

22. A Skin Serum That's Super Hydrating

This skin serum is so luxe that over 8,000 reviewers swear by it as part of their daily routine. It made from 100 percent pure hyaluronic acid, which acts as a gentle exfoliating and hydrating agent. To use it, gently rub it into your skin after cleansing and before moisturizing. Reviewers swear their skin feels like a dream with regular use.

23. Foot Cream That Heals Cracked Skin

Reviewers swear that this foot cream is a miracle worker when it comes to dry, cracked skin. When you put it on, it creates a thick, protectant layer over your skin so it can effectively heal. The high level of glycerin in the cream also traps in the moisture that your feet need to heal while preventing flaky skin and fissured heels at the same time.

24. A Straw That Works As A Water Filter Outdoors

You never have to be without clean water again with this personal filter straw. While it looks like a thick, reusable straw at first glance, it also features a micro-filtration membrane that filters out 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria and parasites found in lake or river water. It even removes the tiniest microplastics that are found in the environment for crystal-clear water, no matter where you are in the world.

25. A Top Coat That Leaves Your Nails Stronger

Not only does this top coat leave your nails super glossy, but it also makes them stronger. The difference is in the makeup of the gloss. After you paint you nails, you apply this clear coat as usual, but instead of sitting on top, this clear coat soaks through the lacquer and combines with the base coat to create one solid layer. Reviewers also love how quickly it dries, with one reviewer calling this "the holy grail of top coats."

26. A Waterproof Gel That Gives You Luxe Brows

This waterproof brow gel is the only solution you need to plump up thin brows. The gel itself comes in several shades to match to your hair color, and the wand features whisper-thin fibers to naturally fill in your brows, bit by bit. It's also completely smudge-proof so you can wear it out during even the hottest days. And even better: the formula (and brand) is vegan and cruelty-free.

27. A Foundation Brush That Blends Flawlessly

This flat top brush has almost 12,000 reviews and for good reason: it works amazingly well and doesn't cost a fortune. It's made from short, dense synthetic bristles as a sturdy wooden handle with rose gold plating. Reviewers have used this brush to blend everything from liquid foundations to concealers to powders and their makeup comes out perfectly blended every time.

28. An Electric Toothbrush That's Rechargeable

If you're after a squeaky clean mouth, this rechargeable toothbrush is both affordable and easy to use. For one, it's easy to recharge; just pop the toothbrush into the base after each use and it'll be ready to go for the next brushing. It also lets you know when it's time to replace the head. When the small, blue "reminder bristles" start to disappear, you know it's time to change out the head attachment. Plus with multiple speeds and a timer, it's easy to see why this toothbrush is a fan favorite.

29. A Knife Sharpener That Costs Less Than A Large Coffee

This knife sharpener gives new life to your knives and is ridiculously affordable. It features two slots, or stages. The first stage grinds of a tiny bit of metal from the edge of your knife to make it sharper, and the second stage polishes it smooth. This sharpener also features an edge gripper so you can secure it firmly to the edge of your countertop or table so it won't slip while you work.

30. A Water Bottle That Keeps Your Drink Cold For Hours

This water bottle keeps drinks ice cold (or piping hot) for hours at a time. Here's how it works: The inner core is made from chemical-free stainless steel, and the outer core is layered with a powder coat that won't form condensation. On top of that, the lid and mouthpiece both seal off tightly to trap in air and keep your drink at your ideal temp.

31. A Pressure Gauge That Digitally Reads Your Tires

This digital tire gauge takes all the guesswork out of reading your air pressure. Just insert the nozzle into the valve stem, click the button, and the display instantly lights up with your pressure reading. The nozzle even features a small light so you can easily find the valve stem in the dark. Overall, reviewers love this little device for its efficiency and small size.

32. An Electric Shaver That's Completely Cordless

If you're in the market for a new razor, this brilliant electric shaver works amazingly well on both wet and dry skin. It features three super sharp, thin blades and a rotating head to gently glide over your skin. The blades are even totally hypoallergenic and simple to clean with just water. Plus, this shaver comes with a detail attachment and you can recharge the battery in between shaving sessions.

33. A Cooking Thermometer That Reads Your Food Instantly

You don't need to guess when your meat's done with this instant read kitchen thermometer. For one, it features a four-inch, stainless steel probe that can be inserted into various meats, or even candy. The thermometer also reads the temperature instantly so you can remove your food from a heat source quickly if needed. And with over 10,000 people loving this thermometer, there's good reason to believe it's a must-have for your kitchen.

34. A Bowl That Makes Popcorn In Your Microwave

This silicone bowl doubles as both a popcorn maker and holder. To use, just put as many popcorn kernels as you'd like into the bowl, apply the vented lid, and microwave. When the popcorn's finished, you can take off the lid and serve right away — the bowl never gets too hot. And when you're finished, collapse the bowl to easily store it in a drawer or cabinet until your next movie night.

35. A USB Charger That Has Two Ports

You don't have to wait for one device to charge to plug in the next with this dual port charger. It features one textured charger block with prongs that can be flipped up when you travel with it. It also has two slots for separate USB cords so you can charge multiple devices without taking up another socket. Reviewers even mention that this little device seems to charge their electronics faster.

36. Wool Balls That'll Replace Your Dryer Sheets

Say goodbye to those disposable, waxy sheets with these wool dryer balls. They're made with 100 percent high-quality wool that naturally collects lint and prevents static. As they bounce around during a drying cycle, they also prevent your clothes from becoming knotted up in each other, reducing drying and ironing time. Some reviewers even add a few drops of essential oil to them to give their laundry a scent boost.

37. A Curling Wand That Has Pearl Plates

This curling wand features pearl ceramic plates that won't fry your hair. You can even crank the heat up to 410 degrees without damaging your hair at all. The barrel itself is shaped like a cone — slimmer on top than on the bottom — to create a soft, windswept wavy look. On top of that, the controls are completely digital, making it easy to adjust the temp as you curl.

38. A Face And Body Mask That Heals Your Skin

Over 17,000 reviewers insist that this clay mask is a lifesaver for your skin. It's made from 100 percent Calcium Bentonite clay that deeply penetrates pores and nourishes skin. Reviewers have used this mask to clear up everything from cystic acne to dry, eczema-prone skin with great results, and other comment that one tub of this mask lasts forever, making it well worth the investment.

39. An Indoor Camera That Works With Alexa

This indoor smart camera does it all — captures recordings during the day, with night vision, and even syncs up with your Alexa or Google Home. It features 1080 pixels of full HD streaming, and you can even watch the livestream directly on your smart phone. This little camera will also let you know when it detects someone in a room and alert you through your app. You can even play back videos or store them in the Cloud for up to two weeks at a time.

40. A Handheld Frother That Makes Your Milk Look Like A Cloud

This handheld milk frother whips your milk into a cloud-like texture within seconds. It's also battery-operated so you can easily slip it out of a drawer and use it anywhere in your kitchen. Just press the button so that the stainless steel whisk vibrates, insert into your warm milk for 20 seconds, and that's it — your cappuccino looks like it came from a fancy coffee shop. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.