40 Bestsellers Under $40 On Amazon That Are Well Worth The Hype

Stumbling across an inexpensive product that delivers on function is like hitting the jackpot — but it's even better when that product is a bestseller. As you could imagine, these bestsellers under $40 on Amazon are well worth the hype — and you can own them with just a few clicks. From beauty products with proven results to innovative gadgets that aim to make your life easier, these shopper-favorites won't break the bank (and they're completely worthy of the cult-followings they've earned).

Reviews don't lie, and the products in this collection have accumulated tons of stars from happy and loyal customers. I'm referring to selections like the handy-dandy key finder that'll save you time and headaches, and the small-but-impressive Bluetooth speaker that's splash-proof. There's even an electric blackhead extractor that's totally portable for on-the-go use. All of these popular products will have you adding to your cart instantly.

Let's face it: There's nothing like ordering something off Amazon, only waiting a few days for it to be delivered (thanks to Prime), and then being thrilled by the size, function, and durability it. With hundreds of pleased customers backing these bestsellers, you can shop with confidence while knowing that what you see is what you get... or who perhaps, even better.

This External Battery That Powers 3 iPhones On 1 Charge

Charge your phone quickly with this lightweight external battery, which is smaller than a deck of cards. You can use it to fully charge three iPhones before having to recharge the battery itself. It’s compatible with various devices, and it's built to last a long time. For less than $30, this charger also includes a micro-USB cable and travel pouch.

An Alarm Clock That Gently Wakes You Up Like The Sun

Fall asleep easier and wake up gently with this clock that simulates the sunrise and sunset. After setting your preferred alarm, the light will slowly get brighter to wake you up when it's supposed to. At night, you can even set the device to gradually dim as you start relaxing. The clock features seven color settings and seven natural sounds for personalized experiences. And with dual functions, you can set two different alarms. It also includes an FM radio.

The Polish Remover That's Actually Gentle On Your Nails

Get rid of stubborn nail polish with this acetone-free nail polish remover. The cruelty-free formula cleans nails without over-drying them — and it's also free of parabens, artificial colors, and phthalates. Not only does it remove old nail polish, but it also preps your nails for the next manicure.

This Collagen Powder That Has Over 10,000 Glowing Reviews

Easily add collagen to your diet with this collagen peptides powder, which will help promote thriving skin, hair, bones, joints and more. Just mix into your coffee, water, oatmeal, or yogurt for a collagen boost that over 10,000 Amazon customers love. Like always, consult your doctor before trying this supplement.

A Splash-Proof Sony Bluetooth Speaker That Comes In Vibrant Colors

This Bluetooth speaker keeps the party going wherever you are. The small, lightweight speaker lasts for six hours and features extra bass. Don’t let its small size fool you, though: This splash-proof device also comes with a built-in speaker, and you can buy it in various colors. Plus, the detachable strap means you can carry this speaker with you wherever you go.

The Phone Mount That Keeps Your Device Secure In The Car

Keep your phone in view while you drive with this silicone car phone holder, which secures your device over bumpy roads and fast turns. It fits various phones and most GPS units by simply securing them horizontally inside the provided slots. The washable stand can be used for many different scenarios, like glancing at a virtual map before hitting the road. If you're using it at home, you can also use for reading or watching movies. It doesn’t use any magnets to stay in place, either — just adhesives.

This Transmitter That Connects To 2 Bluetooth Headphones At Once

Use your wireless headphones anywhere you want with this wireless transmitter. The device works to connect your music-playing devices to your Bluetooth-compatible speakers. It even lasts about 10 hours and includes a USB charging cable. You can even connect the transmitter to two headphones sets and listen with a friend.

An Adjustable Cell Phone Stand That Fits All Phones

This cellphone stand keeps your phone in clear view while sitting on your desk, nightstand, or kitchen counter. The aluminum unit is adjustable, so you can customize the angle of your phone. Plus, the anti-scratch and anti-slip design keeps your device stable. It's also compatible for phones of various sizes — even while they're charging (thanks to the bottom opening). Overall, the stand is built for durability and looks elegant in any setting.

This Tracker That Helps You Find Your Keys When You Lose Them

Spend less time searching for your keys by adding this key finder to your home. The remote control comes with four receivers to attach to your keys, phone, wallet, or anything else you might lose often. Plus, it works throughout your whole house (up to about 98 feet). With a flashlight at the end of the transmitter remote, you can even search for your lost items in the dark.

These Rainbow Resistance Bands That Help Build Strength

Build strength and increase your stretches with these resistance bands, which are less than $10 for a five-pack. Whether you’re working on training your muscles or healing an injury, these bands are optimal for your legs, knees, and back. Made of 100% natural latex, this pack comes with different colors and resistances to customize your workouts.

The Light-Blocking Sleep Mask That's Made With Mulberry Silk

Get an incredible night’s sleep with this silk sleep mask, which is made with natural mulberry silk for a comfortable, light-blocking rest. The fully-adjustable headband makes it universally cozy — even for side sleepers. Plus, the silk keeps your eyes comfortable and moisturized without rubbing off existing makeup.

A Weighted Blanket That Uses Glass Beads For Heavy Comfort

If you have trouble sleeping, then you need this weighted blanket. Like a hug, this anti-static throw uses a seven-layer design to keep heavy beads in place while providing the benefits of a traditional weighted blanket. It comes in different weights and colors — but all of them are lined in 100% cotton. In other words, they're all cozy and breathable.

This Handy-Dandy Wine Spout That Aerates As You Pour

Aerate your vino while you pour with this premium decanter spout. The attachable aerator infuses your wine with oxygen to help release its richest flavors while flowing into your glass. Plus, the tapered rubber insert fits perfectly into various wine bottles, preventing spills in the process. Its slanted spout also makes for easy pouring and simple cleaning.

A Warm Fleece Blanket That Literally Has Sleeves

This fleece blanket with sleeves is the ideal solution for cold offices, cozy corners, or TV rooms. Made with microfiber that's soft and comfortable, the blanket features large sleeves, giving you full range of motion while staying toasty. Plus, the front kangaroo pouch is great for remotes or cell phones. Pick your favorite pattern or color, and then stay warm all year round.

The Bamboo Cutting Board That Catches Juices Before They Leak

You can cut fruits, veggies, and meat products on this bamboo cutting board without worrying about juices leaking off. It's designed with a unique groove to catch liquids before they splash onto your countertop. Made of strong bamboo, this cutting board is durable and so easy to clean. Plus, it works to keep your knives safe — and it's chef-approved.

This Lap Desk That Makes Working From Anywhere Comfortable

Work from wherever you want with this lap desk. The dual cushions underneath the platform make resting the tray on your lap so comfortable, all while the phone slot and mouse pad keep your essentials within reach. The added ledge also keeps your devices in place without the risk of sliding or moving as you work.

The Bluetooth Device That Monitors Temperature And Humidity

Monitor temperature and humidity levels in your home or storage unit with this mini Bluetooth sensor. The wireless device accurately detects temperatures from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as humidity levels. Control the sensor via your phone and monitor data for up to two years. Plus, the battery lasts for a year before needed to be recharged — so you can set it and not have to worry.

These Touchscreen Winter Gloves That Have Built-In Grips

Keep your hands cozy while still being able to get stuff done with these winter gloves. Featuring touchscreen-compatible fingers, you can text while staying warm. These also feature triangular silicone grips to keep electronics from slipping and sliding. Plus, the elastic bands at the wrists keep the gloves tight while sealing out cold winter air.

Available in sizes: M - XL

The Cooling Microfiber Bed Sheets With Deep Pockets

Sleep like the king or queen you are in these luxury microfiber bed sheets, which includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The fitted selection is designed with extra elasticity to stay on your bed without popping off — and the brushed microfiber fabric soft and cooling. This affordable set is the ideal gift for a loved one (or yourself).

These Cushiony Pillows That Are Packed With Poly-Gel

Enjoy a hotel-level night's sleep with these cushiony gel pillows. The poly-gel fiber filling is encased in 100% cotton for a luxurious and restful snooze every time. They keep dust mites and mildew at bay, and they're good options for anyone with sensitive allergies (per the brand). With fade-resistant and stain-resistant covers that can be cleaned in the wash, they’ll last you a long time.

A Water Bottle That Gets Rid Of The Chlorine Taste

You’ll never go back to an ordinary water bottle after using this Brita bottle with a built-in filter. The double-insulated stainless steel container filters the taste of chlorine out of tap water for a delicious sip every time. It's also BPA-free and keeps water cold for an entire day. The bottle's easy to carry with a convenient loop, and it opens with one push of a button. Plus, the leakproof lid keeps your water from spilling.

The Makeup Remover That's Extra-Gentle On Your Skin

You can stop scrubbing makeup off with harsh products and use this oil-free makeup remover by Neutrogena, instead. The non-greasy formula removes makeup without drying out your skin. In fact, it's made with ingredients like aloe and cucumber to soothe sensitive complexions. It’s dermatologist-approved and can even eliminate waterproof makeup.

This Charming Tea Mug That Has A Built-In Infuser

Brew your tea directly into your cup with this porcelain tea mug. It comes with a built-in stainless steel tea infuser that's designed with small holes to infuse even the smallest tea leaves. The durable porcelain container is also lead-free and non-toxic — and you can use it in the dishwasher. Plus, the lid keeps your tea warm while also doubling as a coaster for the infuser.

A Crystal-Filled Storm Glass That Predicts The Weather

Predict the weather with this storm glass for less than $30. The teardrop-shaped unit will look gorgeous in your home while it predicts weather patterns (like sunlight, clouds, storms, fog, and snow). It'll change appearance in coordination with the weather it’s predicting, all while the crystals adapt to the environment to note changes.

These Workout Shorts That Have A Pocket For Your Phone

These high-waisted workout shorts are stylish and practical. The soft blend of polyester and spandex features four-way stretch for ultimate comfort. And with two side pockets, you can stow your phone or music device easily while you move. The shorts are on the market in a ton of different colors — but you can also buy them in longer versions that reach to your ankles.

Available in sizes: XS - XXL

This Motion-Activated Toilet Light For Mid-Night Bathroom Visits

Do you ever get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, only to nearly blind yourself by the bright bathroom light? Eliminate that annoyance with this motion-activated LED light that illuminates your toilet bowl. The light turns on when it detects movement and stays on for two minutes, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off. Easily install it onto your toilet bowl and choose from eight unique colors.

These Colorful Smart Lightbulbs That Are Voice-Controlled

Add a little mood lighting to your home with these smart light bulbs. The LED bulbs can change colors and connect to WiFi, so you can control the mood of your house through your phone. You can even hook them up to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa device. Dim the lights to customize your room, or set schedules for them to activate throughout the day.

A Portable Blackhead Remover That Uses Suction To Work

You can easily get rid of unwanted blackheads with this electric pore cleanser. Like a vacuum, this device pulls blackheads from below the surface for clearer skin. With five levels of suction, you can choose which absorption technique to use (depending on your skin type). This painless device is both rechargeable and portable, so you can take it anywhere to maintain your skin care routine.

The Acne-Treating Mud Mask That's Rich With Vitamins

This mineral-infused mud mask works to sooth different skin types, thanks to its natural ingredients (like aloe vera, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, and more). It helps exfoliate dirt and toxins for smaller-looking pores while treating blemishes throughout the process. It's even free of alcohol, parabens, and sulfates.

This Mascara That Provides 200% Thicker Lashes

Get the lashes of your dreams with this Double Decker mascara. The popular choice curls lashes and works to create a thick, luscious look with each swipe. In fact, it'll give you 200% thicker eyelashes with increased curls. Plus, the lightweight formula provides instant results that won’t clump or weigh down your eyes.

A Selfie Light That Clips Onto Your Phone Or Webcam

You can easily take bright selfies with this clip-on light. The rechargeable device features 36 LED bulbs to illuminate your complexion just like a professional light kit would. Use it for photos or videos on your phone cameras, or use it on webcams for brightness that’s portable and easy to use. In other words, you'll never have to rely on a flash again.

The Mood-Boosting Therapy Lamp That Mimics The Sun

This UV-free therapy lamp mimics the sun while providing brightness that helps improve your mood. It has a built-in timer, and it's compact enough to fold and store when it’s not in use. This structure is perfect for the wintertime or during a season of storms. You can use for as little as 10 minutes every day to see results.

An Electric Neck Massager That Has Built-In Heat

It's true: You can massage away aches and pains at a fraction of the cost of a professional massage. This electric neck massager provides a deep-kneading shiatsu massage to help soothe muscles. With a built-in heat function, the massager works out tight and tired areas on your shoulders, lower or upper back, abdomen, calves, or thighs. Plus, the pillow-like design cradles your head for extra support.

This Essential Oil Diffuser That's Also A Humidifier

Diffuse your favorite essential oils like never before with this five-in-one diffuser. It hold a hefty 500 milliliters of water and features seven unique LED colors. Choose from multiple mist modes to fill your home with your favorite essential oil scents. This diffuser also doubles as a humidifier to keep your skin moisturized.

The Heating Pad That's Extra-Long For Additional Relief

This heating pad is perfect for easing muscle pain in larger areas. With four unique settings, you can customize the temperature to your needs. Plus, the fabric pad is extra-long to cover more spaces (including your back). The micro-plush fabric is super soft while the heat promotes blow flow and works to heal inflammation.

A Modern Corner Shelf That's Really Simple To Install

This innovative corner shelf turns every nook in your home into an opportunities to decorate. With five tiers of durable MDF laminate, you can store photos, plants, or other trinkets safety. It’s easy to assemble and comes with all of the necessary tools. Plus, the modern design comes in six different finishes — so you can add them to all of your rooms.

This Mini Steamer That Doesn't Take Up Much Space

Don’t let wrinkles win anymore and add this mini travel steamer to your day-to-day routine. The 240-milliliter steamer eliminates wrinkles and creases in clothes, curtains, or other fabrics. Plus, the small design makes it easy to keep in your suitcase during travel. And with a 9-foot cord, you won’t have to worry about the steamer reaching your clothes.

The High-Tech Notebook With Reusable Pages

Save paper and add this reusable notebook to your desk. Just open to the dotted page, write your thoughts, send them to your cloud service, and then erase everything with a damp cloth. Use the provided app to send your handwritten notes to your digital platforms in a breeze to prevent a cluttered pad. Choose from eight different colors.

This Smart Plug That Makes Your Outlets Voice-Controlled

Control any plug in your home by your voice with this Amazon Smart Plug. Just plug the smart outlet into your traditional outlet and connect it to your Amazon Alexa. Then, you can begin controlling or scheduling lights, fans, appliances, and more by the sound of your voice (or remotely by the app). It’s easy to install and even easier to use. Start your morning coffee or turn on the lights before you arrive home.

The Magnetic Eyeliner And Lashes For Easy Applying

Skip the struggle of putting on fake eyelashes with glue and use this magnetic liner and eyelashes set. This eyeliner features ultra-fine magnetic particles that attach to the included magnetic eyelashes for a look that stays put. Easily apply them using the featured tool for natural-looking lashes every day.

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