40 Cool Products Under $40 On Amazon That Always Get Rave Reviews

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It's been a month of exhausting purchases. Between spending $70 per drink (yes, you read that correctly) during a trip to Las Vegas and dropping way too much money on a semi-futile attempt at growing a green thumb, my wallet is tired. Thankfully, the silver lining to my impending credit card bill is that it's time to reign in my spending. No more expensive trips. No more $63 vodka sodas with a $7 tip. Nope, it's time to focus my attention on the genius products available on Amazon for less than $40.

While that may sound like it pales in comparison to the Strip, let me assure you that there are so many Amazon products with high ratings that this will be anything but boring. There are Himalayan salt blocks that detoxify your feet, miniature fridges small enough to fit into your car, and even a sports bra with a built-in pocket for your phone — I can't be the only person here who's carelessly misplaced her phone at the gym, right?

Whether you're looking to splurge on a personal blender made with borosilicate glass, or simply trying to save money for your next big trip, there are tons of brilliant products on Amazon to choose from.

Besides — who can say no to an eraser that gets rid of deodorant stains? Because as my wallet and I both know, I can't.

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