4 Zodiac Signs That Struggle The Most With Committing To A Relationship

If you're in a relationship or dating someone who just can't seem to fully commit to you, you might want to take a good hard look at their dating history, your reason for wanting to be with them, and their zodiac sign. Yes, it's true, some signs can be indecisive and flighty about everything from if they want to be exclusive to what they want to order for brunch. If you're dating any of these zodiac signs with commitment issues, you're probably reading this like, "Hello, it me!"

There are a lot of aspects of commitment that can be intimidating. Emotional intimacy, lack of options, and the responsibility that comes with committing to a relationship can be daunting and just make you wanna run for the door. Different zodiac personalities approach commitment in certain ways, and being wary of commitment isn't necessarily a bad thing! It could mean that the person is taking their time to make sure they get it right, or being extra careful with your feelings and with theirs — or it can mean that they really don't want to delete their dating apps! Regardless, understanding how these four zodiac signs approach commitment can help you understand either yourself or your partner.

Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22)

Virgos are perfectionists, have very high standards, and can be difficult people to please. Because their standards and ideals are so high, the reality of a relationship after the honeymoon phase can be disapointing to them. Virgos are also extremely practical and patient, so they don't settle into relationships that are "fine for now" or "good enough." They are willing to wait for the right thing at the right time, so getting a Virgo to commit to a relationship is no small feat.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21)

A Sagittarius just hates being tied down to anything. They dislike not being free to do what they want, when they want, and with whom they want. They're adventure seekers, free spirits, and insatiably curious, which means they're always looking down the road or for what comes next. When it comes to dating, they like to leave their options open and always keep their independence. A good, lasting relationship requires compromise, and Sagittarius is seriously lacking in that department. Above all else, they value freedom, which can sometimes be hard to square with a committed relationship.

Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20)

Pisces are indecisive. It's hard for them to commit to watching an entire TV series, let alone settle down with one person. They want to keep all of their options open all of the time. Pisces don't make choices based on what everyone else is doing — they makes choices based on what they want to do, so they're immune to societal pressure to settle down in a relationship. They're fluid in their decisions and plans, and prefer to fly by the seat of their Pisces pants, so a fully committed Pisces is a rare thing indeed.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

Geminis change their mind, their mood, and maybe even their hair color on a daily basis. They need constant stimulation and action, but are indecisive about what they actually want. This can make it tricky for a Gemini to be satisfied in a long-term relationship. Because their minds are active and easily distracted, the same thing or person that is extremely fascinating to them one day can seem like a complete bore the next. Geminis also like to experience the life to its fullest, so will often date all sorts of different types of people, before they can actually decide what it is that they do truly want.

So while it's not impossible for a Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, or a Pisces to commit to a relationship, it's clear that for them — it's complicated. Being wary of commitment might be a sign that you've got a few things to work through in your own heart, mind, and psyche, or it can also be an indication that the relationship isn't quite right for you.

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