4 Bride-Approved Tips For Posting Your Engagement Announcement On Instagram

Sharing a wedding announcement on social media is a surefire way to get likes. People who rarely post on social media can garner over 1,000 likes from an engagement post. Mazel tov on the engagement, but really, congrats on the likes (kidding – sort of). There must be something in the air (cloud?) when a couple shares their special moment together. Maybe we're all just nosy for details, or just plain excited for the couple to share their lives together. Since I've never been engaged, I sought out some tips for announcing your engagement on Instagram from women who have done it themselves. If you're getting engaged soon, their advice can help you make the most of the moment.

Their strategies varied from posting a photo in the moment to posting a throwback picture in which the caption announces the engagement. Some recommended that you alert the close people in your life before sharing on social media, and others suggested that you don't overthink the caption. What each of these women did worked for them and their fiancés, and maybe it'll help you figure out what you want to do, too. Anyway, on to the advice from the fiancées and wives.

Carrie, 24, has a large social media following, so that's something she had to consider.
officialcarrielane on Instagram

Carrie, a model, blogger, and body-positive activist, posted her announcement photo at the same time as her fiancé. Their captions varied in that hers said #Isaidyes and his said #Shesaidyes.

"We both are in the spotlight, so it was important for us to kind of strategize what we were going to post," Carrie, 24, tells Elite Daily. "We both posted a pic of my hand close-up with the ring, because we wanted to have an authentic picture from right after it happened, and both of us were crying messes."

It's important to focus on your partner, and remember what it's all about.

The moment Sharon, 24, and her husband got engaged was a private one between the two of them at around 2 a.m. They changed their relationship status on Facebook, and the next morning, Sharon Instagrammed an old photo announcing their engagement.

"I strategized in the sense that I had to consider my audience," Sharon tells Elite Daily. "So even though it was one of the best days of my life, I didn’t feel like everyone deserved a wide-open window into my life. My photo was simple and my caption was a bit private – short and sweet."

Sharon recommends that any newly-engaged person out there not overthink an Instagram caption.

"Don't spend too much time planning or checking on [your post], and enjoy that time with your partner as much as you can."

Use a prop to make showing off the ring feel a bit more natural.

Jacqui, 25, and her husband decided to hold drinks in their engagement announcement picture so that showing the ring in the photo would feel a little bit more natural. When Jacqui and her now-husband were in Seattle (where Starbucks was founded), they decided to stage a photoshoot for their engagement holding Starbucks cups. The photo Jacqui ended up sharing on social media was a candid shot from the photo shoot.

Stage a photo later to recreate the moment if you're too busy calling everyone after it actually happens.
beccastories on Instagram

Becca, 29, got engaged while traveling with her now-fiancé. The two staged a selfie of themselves the day after they got engaged to share on social media.

"I waited until I had told all the important people and then posted," Becca tells Elite Daily. As for a caption tip, she says, "Less is more! Just keep it short and sweet and genuine."

Becca's caption reads, "And just when I thought this trip couldn’t get any better...💕💕💕 #ENGAGED"

So when you're planning out what to post on social media to announce your engagement, remember that even if you'll get so many likes on the post, it's a super exciting time for you and your new fiancé. Enjoy this new part of your lives together – post quickly then get off your phone. The likes will be there for you to check back on later.

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