If Your Love Language Is Quality Time, Try These 4 Intimate Sex Positions

Sometimes, the hardest love language to speak to your partner is quality time. It seems like life gets busier and busier, and the opportunities to take a beat and focus all your attention on your partner are fewer and fewer. But a great way to make sure you're getting that quality time if your schedule is packed? Sex! Sex positions if your love language is quality time can be really special and intimate. If you can't set aside a relatively big chunk of time for a getaway (which, if you can, you definitely should!), find opportunities to squeeze in some bedtime action with positions that speak to your love language.

If you aren't familiar with what "quality time" means when you're specifically talking about love languages, it's basically all about togetherness. That doesn't just mean being in the same room, but being 100 percent focused on one another without distraction. So, when choosing sex positions that speak to the love language of quality time, chose ones that maximize connection and aren’t so complicated that they can't be sustained for longer periods of time — ones that really focus on being present and make it easy to be aware of what you are each experiencing in real time. Sure, there are definitely more complex and adventurous positions, and they can be fun, but they don't aways make it easy to connect. So, for some solid quality time in the bedroom, give these positions a try tonight.


For gentle, connected, and slow lovemaking, nothing beats the Lotus position. To achieve this position, have the penetrating partner sit cross-legged on the bed. The receiving partner then sits on their lap and wraps their legs and arms around them. This positions requires a slow, grinding motion instead of thrusting. Talk about maximizing your quality time.

Coital Alignment

Missionary position may be considered "vanilla" for some, but it is actually an excellent position for quality time sex because it's easy to do while maintaining eye contact. To level up the pleasure, try a slight variation on this position called Coital Alignment. To get in this position, do as you normally would in missionary, then have the penetrating partner move their pelvis slightly higher up than the receiving partner. Then, rather than thrusting, each partner slowly grinds. This position slows things down, allowing each partner to really be present — and the clitoral stimulation is next-level.

Splitting the Bamboo

If you want to get a little more advanced without sacrificing the opportunity to really be present with one another, try Splitting the Bamboo. This position requires a little more flexibility, but the G-spot stimulation makes it totally worth it. To assume this position, have the receiving partner lay on their side. The penetrating partner then straddles their bottom leg, with their partner’s top leg supported on by their shoulder. They can then slide up to penetrate their partner. This is great for eye contact and as well as being able to really enjoy the view of one another’s beautiful bodies.

Curled Angel

If you prefer rear-entry positions, it doesn’t meant you have to sacrifice any intimacy or closeness when you are getting in a little, ahem... quality time. Try the Curled Angel position. To achieve this position, get in the spoon position with the penetrating partner behind the receiving partner, both on their sides. Then, the receiving partner pulls their knees up to their chest and the penetrating partner mirrors them, wrapping themselves around them. This position allows you to feel really close, and offers deeper penetration to hit that G-spot.

Feeling inspired to enjoy a little extra “quality time” tonight? Fantastic. Whatever new position you try, or old position you love, the key is just to really disconnect from all other distractions and be present with each other. Have fun!