Try These 4 Sex Moves On A Chill Weekend Afternoon

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Does it seem like everyday, life is getting busier and busier? Is it harder and harder to carve out intimacy for you and your partner between work, various personal projects, and your social life? If that sounds frustratingly familiar, it's probably time to start taking a breather and designate one weekend afternoon to just chilling out with your partner and getting some low pressure, slow-paced, special time together — in bed — and maybe even try out a few new sex moves to try on weekend afternoons. Because, let's be honest, you and bae deserve it.

Not only is this a great way to connect with the person you love, but there's just something so refreshing and satisfying about having some time dedicated to just relaxing and taking your time with one another. Sure, those moments when you're full of passion and want to tear each other's clothes off are super hot, but the anticipation that builds when you take your time and there's no reason to rush can be even hotter. Think of all the things you've always wanted to try with each other but you just didn't have the time to explore and experiment. That's exactly what chill afternoon sex seshes are all about. If you're not sure where to start, no worries, because I've got some ideas to kickstart your imaginations and libidos this weekend.

Undress very slowly and map each others erogenous zones.

Like I said, having a wild romp where you practically tear each other's clothes off can be really hot, but so, too, can taking it slow. Like, really slow. Rather than just pulling all your clothes off and getting down to business, try taking a much more methodical approach. Take turns removing one item of clothing each, but before moving on to the next one, stop, appreciate and caress the areas of your body each piece of clothing reveals. This is your chance to really discover what parts of your body you love to have touched. You may even learn about erogenous zones you never even considered before.

Give each other sensual massages.

Now that you have some time to just enjoy each other, there is no need to rush to the main event. Start setting the mood by taking turns giving each other a sensual massage. If you aren’t familiar with what a sensual massage is, basically it's like a regular full-body massage, but one that focuses on each other's hot-button areas that tease and arouse your partner. Don't be afraid to make a production of it. Light candles, use massage oil, and take your time.

List all your favorite sex positions and do them in ascending order.

What's your favorite sex position? My guess is you have a least a few, as does your partner. So, it's time to compare lists and then do them all, working your way up to your absolute favorites. It's like having dessert for dessert, if you know what I’m saying.

Take it slow and easy in the Om position.

If you want a sex position that really allows you to connect and take it slow, nothing beats the Om position. It's a face-to-face position that allows you to look into each other's eyes and really be present with one another. Plus, it actually requires a slow, deliberate, grinding pace. That way, you can really take your time. To get into this position, the penetrating partner sits on the floor in a crossed legged position. The receiving partner sits facing them in their lap and wraps their legs around their partner's back. Then, slowly find your rhythm together. Hot stuff.

Is it just me, or do you suddenly find that your schedule for this weekend has magically cleared? Cancel your brunch reservation. You're welcome, and have fun.

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