Winter Weddings Are So Underrated, But Here Are 4 Reasons They're Right For You

If you're daydreaming about your ideal wedding or actually beginning to plan your big day, one of the first things to consider is when to get married. In fact, that's probably one of the first questions your friends and family ask after learning that you're engaged! Everyone wants to save the date and make their travel arrangements with time to spare, so choosing a date is probably one of your first priorities. Maybe you've always wanted a spring wedding, or love a fall color palette, but there are plenty of compelling reasons to have a winter wedding that you and your spouse-to-be could consider.

According to, the most popular months to get married are October, September, June, May, and August, in that order. This is likely because the weather is warmer, these are popular times to take a vacation, and a there are also lot of three-day weekends during these months. But there's a great case to be made for getting married in the "off-season," which typically runs from December to March. Interestingly, also finds the least popular month to get married is January, most likely due to the fact that an outdoor wedding might not be feasible, depending on your local climate. But there are real upsides to a winter wedding, like potentially more affordable and available vendors, fewer scheduling conflicts, and a totally unforgettable day.

You Could Save Some Money

Although it's not guaranteed, many vendors offer discounts on their services during the off season. From the flowers to the cake, there's a chance you won't have to pay top dollar like you might have to during the most popular wedding months. And if you have a particular wedding planner you'd love to work with, or a popular wedding photographer you'd die to have shoot your wedding, a discounted rate for their services could make it all work within your budget!

More Venue Availability

If you have your heart set on a particularly popular wedding venue, chances are it's going to be available in the off season and you (hopefully) won't have to arm wrestle other brides-to-be for the venue. Some venues also offer discounts on their event spaces, simply because there's less demand for them. If your dream wedding venue is out of your budget, perhaps a discounted rate during the off season can make your dream a reality.

Fewer Scheduling Conflicts

True story — one summer I was invited to seven weddings in two months. (And yes, all of them involved travel so I said "yes" to each invitation and "goodbye" to my disposable income.) If you get married after the winter holidays in December, there's a good chance that many of your guests will be able to attend, since social calendars tend to slow down a little bit after New Year's Eve.

Your Wedding Will Be Unique

While summer, spring, and fall weddings are beautiful and romantic, your winter wedding could standout. There are so many stylistic options available to you during the winter — a candlelit reception with a new snowfall outside, winter wonderland themes, and a distinctly cozy color palette. Plus, if you choose to have your wedding around the December holidays, you could have an additional festive element to your nuptials.

Regardless of when you choose to have your wedding, there's a lot of thought, energy, and time that goes into planning your big day. When taking your budget, timing, and vision into account, maybe a winter wedding will be just perfect for you.