4 Reasons A Summer Wedding Is Right For You, Because Summer Lovin' Is A Blast

Congratulations! You're engaged. While knowing you're going to spend the rest of your life (hopefully) with your partner is pretty great and all, planning the actual wedding can be kind of stressful. You have to make a zillion choices from what to wear to when to have your wedding. Maybe you've always envisioned a pastel spring wedding, or love the idea of a cozy fall wedding, but there are plenty of reasons to have a summer wedding. After all, summer is a time to relax, take a vacation, and have some fun under the sun.

According to, the most popular months to get married are October, September, June, May, and August, in that order. This makes a lot of sense because during these months, the weather during those months is generally lovely, many people have vacation time, and there are also lot of three-day weekends. While more weddings during the summer means more competition when it comes to vendors, caterers, and venues, it could also mean more options to choose from when you're figuring out how to actually schedule the events during your wedding. Winter weddings generally mean you're limited to indoor spaces for both the ceremony and the reception; the summer gives you the ability to be indoors and outdoors — whatever you want. A summer wedding also means that you, your wedding party, and your guests won't have to cover up your fabulous dresses or suits with coats, which is reason enough for me to be all-in on a summer wedding. Read on for more reasons why choosing to walk down the aisle in the summer might be a great idea for you and your partner.

Good Weather

While there's no guarantee that your summer wedding day won't see a sprinkle of rain or even a full-on downpour, generally the weather in the summer is lovely. The warmer weather of the summer months allows your guests to travel with less likelihood of delays, wear wedding attire that doesn't need to be covered up with a bulky coat or a wrap, and gives you the option to say "I do" outdoors in the sunshine. Plus, if you and your new spouse head off immediately for a honeymoon, the summertime could give you more options for your honeymoon destinations.

Vacation Time

Having a wedding in the summertime could mean that more of your guests are able to RSVP "yes." Many people have vacation time available in the summer and a wedding is a perfect way to spend those free days! The summer might also be the only time certain people are able to attend, like those who work as teachers or school administrators. Regardless of whether you're throwing a wedding in the same city where most of your guests live or are planning a destination bash, picking a date in the summer could guarantee that more of your guests are able to attend.


While florists are almost like magicians who can craft gorgeous centerpieces and bouquets any day of the year, having your wedding in the summer could give you more floral options. The majority of flower varieties are in bloom during the summer, so that pretty much means you can have your pick of colors, scents, and sizes. According to, the most popular blooms for summer wedding arrangements are peonies, roses, freesia, and orchids. Some of these blooms have very short windows where they are in season, and if you have your heart on any specific summertime flowers, that's reason enough to set the date for a summer month.

More Venue Options

A summer wedding can give you a few more options when it comes to choosing your venue or event space. Even if you have the ceremony inside, you could have the reception on a patio or even in a backyard. Being able to be outside in the warmer weather of summer gives you more options when figuring out the logistics for your big day. And there are certain venues that are only feasable during the summer, like a beach setting, a rooftop overlooking the city skyline, or a national park.

Regardless of when you choose to have your wedding, there's a ton of consideration, energy, and time that goes into planning your big day. When taking your budget, timing, and vision into account, you might find that a summertime wedding is perfect for you and your spouse-to-be. Mazel Tov!