These 4 Personality Types Will Have No Trouble Charming Your Parents


For most couples, one of the major milestones on the journey to having a serious relationship is bringing your partner home to meet your parents for the first time. It's an introduction you want to go well, where your parents won't embarrass you with lots of childhood stories, and your partner won't put their foot in their mouth and make a bad impression. It's pretty fraught for everyone involved — unless, of course, your partner happens to be one of the Myers-Briggs personality types who will charm your parents with ease.

These personality types tend to have a natural charisma and charm that makes them easy to like from the very first impression. They have the emotional intelligence that helps them not say anything too awkward, along with a warmth and friendliness that just puts people at ease. Most are outgoing and can keep the conversation and laughs flowing. But they also know how to have a comfortable silence so they aren't overly eager and come on too strong. These personality types are just fundamentally pleasant to be around, and will help set your parents' minds at ease that you brought home a "good one."

ENFP (The Campaigner)

ENFPs know how to make a great first impression. They're naturally outgoing and enjoyable to spend time with. They tend to have a great, slightly awkward and silly sense of humor that puts everyone at ease. It helps that they genuinely like other people and relish the opportunity to meet new friends. They're also great communicators who find it easy to connect with just about anyone. Even the toughest of parents will find it hard not to like an ENFP.

ISFJ (The Defender)

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ISFJs might not be the most outgoing personality type, but that doesn't get in the way of them being very likable or making a great impression on the folks. They have a more subtle charm that puts people at ease without being overly talkative. That's because there's a natural warmth that exudes from them, and their dedication to their partner is very apparent. ISFJs are, in a word, pleasant. Both their steadiness and calm, caring nature are essentially what most parents hope for in a partner for their child.

ESFP (The Entertainer)

ESFPs make a great first impression because they're just so fun to be around. They have a great sense of humor and even the harshest critic will find it hard to not crack a smile in their company. There's nothing this personality type likes more than making the people around them happy, and they aren’t afraid to be a bit self-deprecating in the process. This lack of arrogance, paired with their warm, inviting nature, makes them just about impossible to disapprove of.

ENFJ (The Protagonist)

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ENFJs have an especially high level of emotional intelligence, which allows them to easily read the room and adapt. They're great communicators and storytellers, so people are drawn to them and their charisma. They're very tuned in to other people's emotions, so they can adapt to any situation and put those they're talking with at ease. Even in the most fraught family situation, this personality type can help ease the tension and make a great first impression.

Taking your partner home to meet your family for the first time's likely to be a bit nerve-wracking, but at least with one of these charming personality types by your side, the chances of it going well are practically a sure thing.