4 Personality Types Who Make The Best Matchmakers, So Trust Their Setups

While dating apps are convenient and meeting people at parties and bars can be a lot of fun, I'm still a true believer in the good old-fashioned setup when it comes to meeting someone really great. For one thing, the person comes pre-vetted by trusted friends, and if things go well, you know they're going to fit right in with your social circle — a major bonus. But if I'm totally honest, it's also because I love to play matchmaker. I am an INFJ (“The Advocate”), one of the Myers-Briggs personality types who make the best matchmakers, so really, I just can't help myself. Not sure what your personality type is? You can take the test here.

While anyone can play matchmaker effectively regardless of their personality type, there are a few types who are more inclined to want to play that role, and who might posses the natural skills that make them more likely to recognize compatible love matches. Whether that's because they're excited and engaged with the idea of finding love for others, or they're just naturally in-tune to what makes a couple a good match. The point is, if your friend happens to be one of these personality types, take note. Or maybe you find yourself constantly playing matchmaker to your friends and loved ones. In that case, chances are you're one of these Myers-Briggs personality types.

INFJ: “The Advocate”

The Advocate is a tireless idealist who loves nothing more than bringing people together around a common cause — and if that common cause happens to be love, even better. This personality type is perhaps the most natural matchmaker because they tend to see the best in people and what they have in common with one another. This personality type’s ethos around always doing good means that not only do they have the skills to matchmake, but their hearts are truly in the right place when they set you up.

ENFJ: “The Protagonist”

No one would blame you for assuming that the Protagonist wouldn’t be the first one to worry about other people’s love lives, since they're typically happiest when all eyes and ears are on them. But there's just something about love that makes them take a step back and romance for others take center stage. But, warning: They will expect to give a toast at your inevitable wedding. The reason this personality type makes such a good matchmaker is because they're very in tune with other’s emotions. It's how they charm and mesmerize the people around them so well. It also means they have a keen instinct for being able to see when people are emotionally compatible. So, their matches tend to connect on a powerful and deep level.

ISFJ: “The Defender”

Defenders make good matchmakers because when they care about someone, there really are no boundaries for them. They're more than happy to get in there and meddle in their loved ones' lives — but only with the best of intentions. That's because not only do they want the best for the people around them, but they feel some level of responsibility for making that happen. One of the best ways they can do this is to find someone who can love, appreciate, and have that their loved one's back in the way the Defender believes they deserve. If that means getting in there and personally making it happen, then so be it.

ESFJ: “The Consul”

For the Consul, matchmaking comes so naturally they may not even realize they're doing it. This is a personality type that truly cares about the happiness of their friends and family, and is eager to help out in any way they can. So, if they happen to know two people who are just perfect for one another, can you blame them for orchestrating a scenario in which these two cross paths? Of course not. It also doesn’t hurt that this extraordinarily social and popular personality type has a big social circle to pull from.

While any personality type is certainly capable of playing cupid, these types just have a bit of edge. So, if they happen to mention they know someone who would be “perfect” for you, take note and seriously consider giving it a shot. These types know what they're doing, and love just might be waiting for you on that blind date.