4 Personality Types Who Are Kinky In Bed, So Get Ready

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Sex might not be everything in a relationship, but it's a huge part of intimacy for some (if not most) couples. Being on the same page about sex is important, because if your partner is all vanilla, all the time, and you're looking for a full 50 Shades experience, that disconnect can make sexual satisfaction for the two of you tricky to achieve. If you're single and you're looking for someone to fulfill your fantasies, consider dating one of the Myers-Briggs personality types who are the kinkiest in bed.

These personality types tend to have open minds in the bedroom. They want a real emotional connection with their partners, so they can build trust and a strong level of comfort. Once they've established this bond, these personality types are often quick to discover they're willing, and often eager, to let their freak flags fly by delving into some seriously kinky territory. (If you're not sure what your personality type is, and you're curious, take the test here to find out.)

Here are the Myers-Briggs personality types that are likely to be the most comfortable getting extra-freaky in the bedroom.

ENFP (The Campaigner)

For an ENFP to show you their freaky side, they need to form a solid emotional connection. Those willing to be patient and encourage them to open up will be rewarded with plenty of enthusiasm in the bedroom. You'll also discover that this personality type has a tendency to be very open-minded about sexuality and has a strong desire to experiment. They're up for anything in the bedroom when they feel loved, including a little BDSM, depending on their individual preference.

INTP (The Logician)

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Because they're more introverted (hence the “I” in their name), this personality type may take a little longer to feel fully comfortable and sexually liberated in new relationships. That being said, once they feel secure and safe to come out as their sexual self, look out. INTPs are often excited and eager to delve into kinky territory. They like to be a bit subservient in bed and are open to trying new things. Just be prepared for a very analytical breakdown of the experience as post-coital pillow talk.

ENTP (The Debater)

ENTPs are the kinkiest personality type on the Myers-Briggs list. For this type, sex is an opportunity for a powerful connection. The more intense the sensation, the more intense the closeness and intimacy they feel with their partner. Experimentation is how they keep things exciting and bustling the bedroom. In fact, the only thing that's taboo to an ENTP is routine.

ENTJ (The Commander)

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If you're familiar with this personality type, it's no surprise they have a kinky side. Don't let their buttoned-up facade fool you — these folks like to let loose behind closed doors. ENTJs either prefer to extend their commanding and dominating presence into the bedroom, or they abandon it completely and go full submissive in their most private spaces.

If you're looking for someone who embraces and enhances your kinky side, try dating one of these types. That way, you won’t find yourself tied up (pun intended) in the wrong dynamic.