4 Lizzo Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Feel 150% That B*tch

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If you could be anything for Halloween, what would you be? Many people dress up as cats, but that's played out. You could try a sexy nurse, firefighter, or French maid but, then again, that's totally played out. However, if you want to be truly innovative and show-stopping, look no further then being 100% that b*tch. That's my plan. If you'd like to join me, there are actually lots of incredibly easy, do-it-yourself Lizzo 2019 Halloween costumes because Lizzo, Queen of Everything, is a walking mood. Like, she's so fierce and fearless, and I can't think of being anything better than Melissa Viviane Jefferson this spooky season. (FYI, if you don't know who that is, that's the powerhouse-singing flutist's legal name.) Let's get to it.

First thing's first, regardless of which Lizzo you plan to dress up as, there is one very important, Lizzo-esque element that cannot be overlooked. You cannot be Lizzo without this quintessential Lizzo accessory: Sasha Flute. It's got its own verified Instagram with over 262,000 followers, so don't try to skimp, y'all. Get your hands on a Sasha Flute replica and then you're about halfway to 100%-that-b*tch status. This toy instrument is only $22. Yippee!

1. "Truth Hurts" Lizzo

Lizzo / YouTube

This track is one of the most popular songs out at the moment and it's currently slaying Billboard's Hot 100 chart. If the track remains at the No. 1 spot for one more week, it could break the record for the longest No. 1 run for a female rap artist since Iggy Azalea's Charli XCX collab "Fancy." The video has also been watched over 120 million times. Basically, this look will be super recognizable.

First, you want to get a white, lace leotard. This one is only $12 on Shein.

You'll also need a white wrap dress. This one from PrettyLittleThing is $50. I know, the price is a bit much, but you can wear it again (as long as you don't get candy corn on it, that is).

Now, time for the fun details. You'll need white nylon stockings and a garter. You can grab the entire set below.

Finish it off with an '80s-style wedding veil. You'll have to DIY it, but it's pretty simple. Get a white and crystal-studded headband to tie around your head. This gorgeous one below is only $14 on Amazon.

Then, you'll attach this white tulle fabric with hot glue. Make sure to ruffle the fabric as you glue it on, so it has a real big, retro look.

2. BET Awards "Truth Hurts" Lizzo

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If you want to show a bit more skin, opt for Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" getup at the 2019 BET Awards. This look will require a white, lace leotard. I suggest the one below.

You'll also need nude fishnet tights.

Finish the look with a pair of white high-tops. These Chucks are super fresh and you can wear them after Halloween. Woohoo!

3. Classic Hollywood Glam Lizzo

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What I love about Lizzo is she is undeniably herself at all times and her MTV Video Music Awards red carpet look was no different. She wore a red, sequined gown with the word "Siren" all over because she knows her voice draws the masses. Yasss queen.

First, you'll need to style your hair in a '50s-style bouffant. These hair clips below can help you with that and are only $5.

Or you can just wear a wig, like this one:

For your ensemble, you'll need a floor-length, sweetheart tube dress.

Oh, now for that super-glam, red feather boa.

If you are committed to replicating the look, here are links to purchase stencils and silver spray paint to decorate the dress with the word "siren."

4. Campy Lizzo

Now, this look isn't for the faint of heart. To pull this off you'll need to be a DIY queen, or simply up for the challenge because this is the lewk to slay all lewks!

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So, let's get to work. First, get a pink wig in a finger-wave style. This one from Aliexpress is only $10. I advise ordering right away since shipping can take about three weeks.

Top the hair off with a rhinestone headband.

As for the outfit, you'll need a flowy, pink dress with sequin detailing.

Lizzo's dress also has some red detailing. You can wrap this red, sheer scarf around your waist to create the illusion of similar detailing.

I wish I found a gorgeous faux-ostrich feather coat like the one Lizzo is wearing in the above pic to really set off the look. However, I've got two options for you. The easy option is to buy two of these red-and-white boas. You can wrap one around your neck and drape the other around your shoulders. Boom!

The alternative is to buy a few of these fancy boas and hot glue them to an old jacket or coat you already own. This look would surely serve. But I'm sure you can pull off either.

Now, go be that b*tch! Happy Halloween!