7 Funny Texts To Send After A Fight, When You’re Ready To Kiss & Make Up

Well, ya blew it. You got in a huge fight with your partner, but, worst of all, it was kind of your fault. Maybe in the moment you didn't realize it (or you did and were heated so you didn't really care), but now that the dust has settled, you realize you owe bae an apology. Depending on how bad things got, your apology might require a few steps to fully smooth things over so that you can move on, but one way to at least start getting things back on track are funny texts to send after a fight.

The key with these texts is to both make it clear that you really are sorry, but also hopefully lighten the mood with a little humor. Being apologetic is an essential part of the text because, trust me, going straight for the joke without owning up to your mistakes will likely backfire. Also, apologies that come with an excuse, or are of the "sorry you were offended" variety, are just as likely to blow up in your face. While it can be hard to swallow your pride, if you really are regretful of your behavior, the best policy is just to own up to it. If you’re not sure how to do it, worry not. Here are some funny apology text ideas to get you started.

Save yourself with some self-deprecation.

“Have you heard the one about the person who started a fight but was totally wrong? Their name is me and they’re really sorry.”

If you started the fight, as hard as it may be, your best bet is to just own up to it. Also, being a little harmlessly self-deprecating in this situation doesn’t hurt.

For when you blew it, period.

“Sorry I ovary-reacted last night.”

Here’s what to say in those situations where the hormones have taken over your mouth and you said all things you never thought you would say — the other 25-ish days of the month anyway.

These emojis are an, ahem, evocative way to say you’re sorry.

“I’m so sorry for all the 💩 I said to you last night when I was angry. It was not cool and feel like a real 🍕💩 today and I’m really, really sorry. Forgive me?”

If you don’t have the words, use an emoji to really drive home just how sorry and bad you feel about your behavior. Nothing says you feel like poop than, well, a poop.

Paint a picture of your shame with pixels.

“This is a self-portrait of my face today remembering what a jerk I was being 😬😬😬… forgive me?”

I don't know about you, but when I really lose my temper and it was uncalled for, the emotion I feel strongest after the anger subsides is shame. To be fair, I’m pretty shame-prone in general, but if, like me, you have some morning-after regret about the things you said or the way you handled the argument, go ahead and fess up.

While not every fight can be resolved with a text, it may just be what you need to help crack open the door. If you can make them laugh, chances are you’ll get a chance to follow up with a more sincere apology face-to-face, so that you can move on from whatever you were fighting about to begin with.