4 Crystals To Use On Halloween Night 2018 For Abundance, Creativity, & Self Love

by Valerie Mesa

Is it just me, or are crystals not the most extraordinary thing you've ever seen? Truth is, the gorgeous formation of these mystical rocks, together with their mysterious healing properties, never cease to amaze mankind, which is why I'm going to suggest four crystals to use on Halloween night 2018, for abundance, creativity, and self love. However, before I reveal to you which crystals you should consider for the spookiest night of the year, let's talk a little bit about this natural phenomena. For starters, did you know that every single crystal has a unique significance?

As per, crystals are made from a batch of molecules or atoms, which can ultimately determine how they form. They come in a number of shapes and sizes, as they each hold a unique power. Now, in order to begin working with your crystal, you must first build a relationship with it. Granted, many of you reading this might be wondering how on earth that's even possible; however, the process is a lot easier than you think, and this is because whenever we put our faith into something, it initially begins with us. Use your intuition, stargazers. The crystal you seek, has been seeking you all along.

So, whether you put it on jewelry, sleep with it under your pillow, or perhaps create an altar or sacred space, all is welcome as this is your spiritual journey. In the end, you will know which crystal you feel most drawn to, and it's important to listen to your intuition in the process. Speaking of which, with Halloween just around the corner, I say you embrace your inner witch, and get to work. The below are four crystals that could bring you abundance, while inspiring creativity, and self love. Here's why you should have them close by this Halloween night:



Citrine is bright yellow, and similar to its beaming disposition, is the joy it brings. This stone emanates all things related to abundance, happiness, and prosperity. It's connected to the third chakra, AKA the solar plexus, which is said to be the center of our will power. The citrine increases self esteem, while promoting self love and energy. Those seeking wealth, prosperity, and business success in general, can use this stone for universal wisdom, in regards to career moves. Will power goes a long way, especially when you're in the mood to be EXTRA on Halloween.



Personally, this is one of my favorite stones, as it promotes vitality, motivation, and creativity. Plus, I'm also totally obsessed with its deep orange color. However, as per, the carnelian promotes confidence for performances on stage, and live interactions. (Meaning, the world can be your stage this Halloween.) This stone also promotes courage, which ultimately boosts your self-confidence. Plus, what's even more interesting is, it can serve as a protection from both envy and psychic vampires.



Not only is this stone incredibly beautiful, but it's also one of the most magical, if you ask me. The labradorite is a stone of transformation, as it helps you become the person you're destined to become. This stone is associated with the third eye, as it ignites spiritual expansion, as well as higher levels of spirit. What better day to awaken your magical powers than on Halloween night? The best part about this stone is that it also serves as a protection from negativity, and psychic attack. Not a bad idea to carry this stone with you on All Hallows' Eve, right?

Lapis Lazuli


As per, the Lapis Lazuli crystal helps bring awareness of the soul, as well as your spiritual purpose. Its properties promote grounding and peace of mind. So, on a night like Halloween when everyone is dressed up as someone else, this deep-blue-colored stone will remind you of your truth, and authenticity. Wear this majestic gem, and rest assured, you will not have any trouble standing out. It's time to stand in your truth and power.