4 Hot Sex Moves That You Can Actually Pull Off Comfortably In A Car

by Jamie Kravitz

Car sex is notorious for being uncomfortable. Obviously, automobiles were made with driving in mind, and not for the purpose of getting it on, so the logistics of car sex positions can sometimes get complicated. It can also feel juvenile, because cars are one of the only places you can hook up in total privacy as a teenager. Now that you're older and your parents aren't always breathing down your neck, it's no longer a necessity. But that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable every now and then! If Ana and Christian can have a hot quickie in a luxury car during Fifty Shades Freed, then so can you... though maybe in a less expensive model.

When you and your partner just can't wait to go back to one of your places, hooking up in the car can actually be quite steamy — both literally and figuratively. Nothing kills the mood faster than hitting your head or accidentally sounding the horn with your butt, though. So the next time you find yourself in a car, all revved up and ready to go, try one (or more) of these four sex moves. You and your partner will both be comfortable, which will make for a better time all around.

1. Doggy Style

This standard sex move is ideal for hooking up in the car, because there are so many objects for the receiving partner to hold on to. Whether you want to press your palms against the window or support yourself using the edge of the seat, you've got a surprising number of options. Just try not to get so carried away that you lose your sense of space. You are still having sex in a cramped car, after all.

2. Side Saddle

A move so classic that even Chuck and Blair would approve, the side saddle works in sedans and limos alike. One partner sits in the backseat and faces forward as if they were a traditional passenger — though they probably won't need their seatbelt. The other person sits sideways in their lap and stretches their legs across the backseat. The closeness of this position will drive both you and your partner wild.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

Have your partner assume the same position from the side saddle. This time, though, you'll also want to push the front passenger seat as far down as it goes. That way, your partner can stretch out their legs on either side of the front seat. Facing away from them, straddle your partner and place your legs outside of their hips. Extend your arms and push against the front seat to go for the ride of your life.

4. "Road" Head

Road head is extremely dangerous, but "road" head — aka receiving oral sex while sitting in the front seat but not actively driving — is less of a risk. Road head is a fantasy for many, so it's a good thing you can indulge your partner without putting anyone in harm's way. Pull over in a secluded area, or start off the night with some foreplay in the driveway before making your way inside for the main event.

There's a time and a place for having sex in a motor vehicle, and it's usually "right here" and "right now." The actual moment may be spontaneous, but if you keep these four moves in mind, you'll be well prepared for the hottest car hookup of your life.

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