4 Body Language Signs Your Date's Not Interested In You, According To Experts

by Korey Lane

In the dating world, there may be times when it feels impossible to tell whether or not someone likes you. Mixed signals and confusing text wording is real when you have yet to DTR. Does the cutie from down the hall liking your Instagram from two weeks ago mean they're into you? What if the person you're out on a date with keeps checking their phone? Are they not feeling it? Thankfully, there are certain body language signs your date’s not interested in you you can look out for if you're having these doubts, and they're easier to spot than you might think.

Believe it or not, you actually do "give off body language signs about your feelings for someone," body language expert Blanca Cobb tells Elite Daily. "Many times it's subconsciously done. You may not realize that your body is slipping signs of your feelings."

While it might be hard, knowing someone isn't into you is at least helpful in letting you know that it might be time to move on. "Don't waste your energy on someone who isn't into you," Cobb advises. "Let them go." Look at their body language to see how they're truly feeling, and watch out for these signs that they aren't into you after all.

Their expressions say a lot.

"Your face tends to reflect your emotional state," Cobb explains. "This means if your date isn't interested in you then you might see some facial tension in their eyebrows, forehead or jaw. More than likely they won't smile very much. Or, they might give you a polite smile, which means the corners of their lips turn up slightly."

It might sound obvious, but look closely at their facial expressions. If they seem bored or uptight, they might not be feeling a connection with you.

They don't want to be too close to you.

A date who isn't really happy to be there because they aren't sure they like you probably won't want to be too close to you. "They might keep their distance," Cobb says. "I'm talking about a physical distance where they either pull back or turn their shoulders away from you when you get close to each other."

Sounds awkward, but it might be hard to notice when you're running on those date endorphins. Still, paying attention to their body language might help you figure out what's going on between you two.

Your hand-holding will be off.

You and your date might not hold hands, but if you do, you'll be able to learn a lot from it. "When it comes to hand holding, their fingers might be rigid and not curve under to touch the back of your hand," Cobb explains. "Or, they might keep their palm cupped so it doesn't touch yours in the hand hold."

Additionally, they might even make holding hands impossible. "When you are walking with them, their arms are in positions that limit your ability to hold or even brush their hand as a way of flirting," dating and relationships coach Chris Armstrong tells Elite Daily.

They don't make eye contact.

When you think about it, eye contact is pretty intimate. It can be intimidating, too, but if you're into someone then there should be at least some eye contact, Armstrong says. "When you are with them, they do not make frequent eye contact," he adds, of a date that doesn't really like you. "Instead, they talk whilst they look around the room."

A person's body language can reveal a lot about how they feel about you. If your date is exhibiting some of these signs, but you were starting to fall for them, it might be smart to address the issue. "If you really like your date and want a relationship, then casually mention what you've noticed" about their body language, Cobb says. "Depending on their response, you may want to have a 'wait and see' approach to determine if something changes." Sure, your date's body language might give you clues about your date's true feelings, but nothing is more honest than when you communicate directly. Have a conversation with this person. Then, you get to decide what to do next.