4 Best Zodiac Signs To Make Out With, So Pucker Up 

Can you remember the last time you kissed someone for hours? Just making out with someone is totally underrated, but then I guess that all depends on how good of a kisser they are, and if they know how to kiss you they way you want to be kissed. While there is really only one way to be sure if someone is a good smooching match (by puckering up), it's possible to get a hint at what an all-night make out sesh with them would be like by knowing the best zodiac signs to make out with.

For instance, will they be a competent but all-business kisser, like a Capricorn? Will they be impulsive about PDA and want to lay one on you anytime the mood strikes them — anywhere — like an Aries? While all the signs of the zodiac definitely have their strengths when it comes to the lip-locking arts, there are a few that do stand out from the smooching pack. Signs that have the skills, confidence, and passion to really set them above the rest when it comes to making out. So, if you're looking for a night full of passionate pecks, these are the signs you're going to want to seek out.


If you’ve ever had the good fortune to kiss a Taurus, then you already know this Venus-ruled sign understands all there is to know about sensual make outs. This is a sign that lives for physical touch and likes to communicate their affection and desire in a gentle, tender, and, thorough manner. When you kiss a Taurus, you can feel how much they want and appreciate you with every brush of their lips.


Don’t let this sign’s cold outer shell confuse you, because behind that tough act beats a loving and passionate heart. This sign’s connection to the Moon makes them both mysterious and deeply emotional, and all that comes through in the way they lock lips. When a Cancer kisses you, you can feel the depth of their emotion. They are connected, present, and passionate. It really is a life-changing experience.


It's no surprise that Scorpio is a stellar kisser, since everything they do, they do with passion and charisma. What may surprise you is how much tenderness is mixed in with the enthusiasm and aggression — that's the water sign in Scorpio coming through. Just be warned that this seductive sign is hard to resist. When a Scorpio kisses you, it may feel like they want to devour you. Just be careful because when the kisses are this good, you just might let them.


Pisces is frequently considered to be the best kisser in the zodiac — and with good reason. Thanks to their connection to Neptune and the intuition that grants, it can feel as though Pisces is reading your mind and kissing you the way you’ve always dreamed of being kissed. This sign is very sensitive, compassionate, and selfless, and all that comes through in they way they lock lips. They are passionate kissers who are happy to totally give themselves over and get lost in the dreamy make out moment.

Whoever you end up kissing, just make sure you have your lip balm handy, because with any of these signs, it's going to be epic.