39 Strange Finds On Amazon With Massive Followings

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It's easy to see why some products gain a massive following pretty quickly — things like wireless headphones, extra-comfortable sneakers, or plush travel pillows come to mind. But what about those other, lesser-known items? I'm talking about the absolute weirdest things on Amazon. Things like underarm sweat pads or detoxifying salt blocks. What makes these products rack up such enormous fan bases?

When you think about it, most of it comes down to basic utility — the products actually work. Sure, they're a little quirky, but they do their job and they often solve tricky, infrequently discussed problems. For example, how your cereal gets soggy halfway through breakfast. Why not have a bowl that separates the milk and funnels your breakfast through a slide on the side? Or how about the little gap between the fridge and the cupboard that's so hard to clean? Why not use a small, bendable brush that fits perfectly into small crevices? It's no wonder these problem-solving items have so many fans.

To salute these oddball products, I've rounded up the a list of the best weird but genius products on Amazon that have a massive fanbase. Take a look to find your next obsession.

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