39 Random Things Under $30 On Amazon That Look Great & Work Extremely Well


It isn't often that you find something that works great and looks top-notch. For example, while my car technically works extremely well, it also has a hand mirror taped to the shattered passenger sideview. If I had the choice between my beaten-up ride and some of the most popular products on Amazon, I'd probably still have to pick the car. But deep down in my heart, I'd rather go with Amazon.

Why is that, you ask? Well, it's usually easy to return something on Amazon if you've decided that you don't want it. All you have to do is print out the return slip, re-package the product, and then ship it. Of course, I wasn't able to return my car and get a new one — but I wasn't expecting to, either.

Moving on, though. In the event that your product isn't what you thought it'd be, Amazon will also give you a refund with hardly any questions asked. Still, I'm sure you won't need a refund with any of these random things to buy on Amazon, but it's nice to know that the safety net is there.

On second thought, maybe that car is more trouble than it's worth. Has Amazon started selling cars yet? Because I'm waiting and ready.

The Flexible LED Lamp That Plugs Into Your Computer

If you're looking for a compact lamp that won't break the bank, check this one out. Not only does it use extra-bright LED bulbs that have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, but it also plugs into any USB port so that it's easy to see your computer while you work. The flexible gooseneck lets you adjust how the lamp's angled so that you can shine the light where you need it. Plus, the light is able to rotate a full 360-degrees.

A Stainless Steel Water Bottle That Stays Cold For 24 Hours

Most water containers only come with one lid, but this water bottle comes with two. It features one lid that creates a leakproof seal, and a second that has a built-in straw so it's easy to sip while you exercise. This water bottle is also vacuum-insulated so that your chilly drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours. Plus, it's made from rust-resistant stainless steel and has a non-slip grip. Choose from over 10 colors and ombre shades.

These Washcloths Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Not only do they feel incredibly soft on your skin, but these washcloths are also made with organic, eco-friendly bamboo that's extra-durable. They also get softer with every wash so that you won't have to worry about them growing ragged and scratchy as you use them. Plus, these towels work great at the gym, or even in the kitchen for cleaning up spills and messes. Buy them in grey or off-white.

A Cute Marble-Printed Tray That's Water-Resistant

Made from high-quality wood and covered with anti-scratch faux marble, this vanity tray is the perfect place to store your rings, bobby pins, hair ties, and more. You can also use it to keep your small bottles of perfume or makeup, because the water-resistant exterior means accidental spills won't ruin its appearance. One Amazon reviewer even noted that "the slick design makes this tray a nice and seamless fit in most rooms."

The Air-Purifying Bags Made With Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Try using these air-purifying bags to absorb any unwanted odors or allergens in your closet, bathroom, car, or any other enclosed areas. They're made with activated bamboo charcoal that's eco-friendly. Plus, they're also 100% free of fragrances and chemicals. These bags are reusable for up to two years — and if they ever lose their odor-absorbing powers, all you have to do is leave them out in direct sunlight for a quick renewal.

A Mini Grill That Doubles As A Portable Panini Press

Perfect for cramped kitchens, recreational vehicles, and even college dorm rooms, this miniature grill lets you cook delicious breakfast sandwiches, paninis, grilled fruit, and burgers. It also features two non-stick grilling plates so that you don't have to worry about your meals getting stuck as they cook. Plus, it only takes a few quick minutes to heat up. And as an added bonus, each order also comes with a recipe book to help get you started.

This Sleek Carafe With A Built-In Water Filter

Instead of using bulky water-filtering containers, add this slick carafe to your kitchen. It'll filter 40 ounces of water five times faster than traditional jugs so you're not left waiting around for your water to drip through. Plus, the built-in spout will help control each pour so that accidental spills are less likely. Unlike other carafes, this one is also designed to fit on the shelves in most refrigerators. And thanks to its rubber bottom, it'll stay put when you aren't using it.

An Adjustable Tablet Stand Made With Alloy Steel

Most tablet stands have a tendency to be cheap and flimsy, whereas this tablet stand is made from extra-strong alloy steel that's durable and lightweight. You can even adjust its viewing angle, depending on what's most comfortable to you. It's also designed to work with various tablets and smartphones whenever you want to watch videos. Many Amazon reviewers described it as "sleek" — and one even noted how the rubber pads help protect their tablet from accidentally sliding around.

This Pointy Acupressure Mat That Comes With A Pillow

All you have to do is lie down on it, and this acupressure mat will help relieve stress and pain from sore muscles. It'll even help increase blood circulation. This mat — which is covered in tiny grooves — also comes with an acupressure pillow so you can get the same benefits on your neck and head. Plus, each order comes with a carrying bag so that you can easily take both with you wherever you go.

These Microfiber Bed Sheets That Are Resistant To Stains

If you find yourself growing hot and sweaty while you sleep at night, try switching to a set of these breathable sheets. They're made from double-brushed, wrinkle-resistant microfiber that feels incredibly soft on your skin. Unlike other sheets, they're also hypoallergenic and resistant to stains. On top of that, these sheets won't fade over time and can be cleaned in the washing machine. They also have a deep pocket to fit mattresses up to 16 inches thick.

A Razor Sharpener That Extends The Life Of Your Blades

Trying to shave with dull blades is an easy way to wind up with nicks and cuts on your skin, so keep your razors slick by using this razor blade sharpener before each shave. All you have to do is strop the blades against the silicone platform with some added shaving cream, and the blades will realign. You can also use it with disposable blades to help them last even longer.

A Stainless Steel Can Sleeve To Keep Your Drinks Stay Cold

It's always a bummer when soda or beer cans get warm, so keep them cold by using this insulated can cooler. It's designed to fit various 12-ounce cans — and thanks to its stainless steel-copper lining, it'll keep your drinks up to 20 times colder than competing holders. It also prevents condensation from forming on the outside, which is a plus. The cooler is available in tons of shades that include glitter finishes and ombre blends.

A Double-Sided Memory Foam Pillow Infused With Gel

Not only does this memory foam pillow contour to the shape of your head and neck while you sleep, but it's also infused with gel that helps with temperature control. Plus, unlike other pillows, there are two sides to choose from before falling asleep: one that's designed to keep you cool, and another side that's designed to keep you warm.

This Rotating Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

If you're searching for a makeup organizer that can handle it all, look no further than d It has slots where you can store your eyeliner, lipstick, nail polish, brushes, and more. Plus, the rotating carousel has adjustable shelves so you can easily store tall aerosol bottles and lotions. It's also made from transparent material that pairs perfectly with any existing decor.

This Cutting Board Made With Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Standard cutting boards can cause your knives to go dull quickly, whereas this cutting board is made from cutlery-friendly bamboo that won't distress your utensils. That's right: It's made with 100% organic, eco-friendly bamboo that's also antibacterial, and it has a built-in grove along the edges to collect leaking juices. There are even side handles for easy transport around your kitchen.

A Colorful Essential Oil Diffuser That's Also A Humidifier

Not only does its wooden design look great when placed practically anywhere in your home, but this essential oil diffuser also makes it easy to set the mood with seven different LED light shades. The product even doubles as a humidifier with different mist settings, and it can run for up to 20 hours. It even features an automatic shut-off function that kicks in when the reservoir runs dry.

A Water-Filtering Shower Head That Reduces Chlorine

This shower head from Culligan is designed to filter and reduce unwanted additives in your water, including chlorine and funky odors caused by sulfur. Not to mention, it features rubber spray nozzles that won't clog up. Plus, there are five different spray settings that you can choose from, depending on the kind of water stream you're looking for. Each order comes with a water filter to get you started that's designed to filter 10,000 gallons of water.

This Device That Peels Your Veggies For You

It doesn't matter whether you're trying to peel potatoes, zucchini, cucumber, yellow squash, or even apples — this electric vegetable peeler will get the job done with minimal effort on your part. It's made with a non-slip base so that you won't have to worry about it sliding across your table or countertops. Plus, you can purchase a peeler with two extra blades that conveniently fit into the storage space on the underside.

The LED Bulbs That Turn Your Mirror Into A Glowing Vanity

It doesn't matter whether your mirror is square, rectangular, round, or even ovular — this vanity lights kit will still brighten it up. It comes with 14 connected LED bulbs, and each one features an adhesive backing that makes it easy to attach to glass and other surfaces. These lights are also dimmable, and they provide soft white light while you're doing your makeup.

A Super-Soft Throw Blanket That Comes In Tons Of Colors

Toss it onto your bed, drape it over your couch, or just leave this extra-soft throw blanket folded in the corner of your room. No matter where you put it, it'll look great. The fringed throw is made entirely with microfiber polyester and features a cozy sherpa lining. It also comes in various different sizes and colors to match your decor. One Amazon reviewer even noted that the blanket doubles great as a Christmas tree skirt.

The Bluetooth Speaker With Over 2,900 Positive Reviews

Not only does it have over 2,900 positive reviews on Amazon, but this wireless Bluetooth speaker also allows you to make hands-free phone calls for added convenience. It even has a range that reaches up to 33 feet so you're not glued to the side of this speaker while you're streaming music. Plus, it can run for up to eight hours when the battery is fully charged.

This Chic Jewelry Organizer With 3 Tiers

Made with three T-shaped bars where you can easily hang your necklaces, this jewelry organizer sets itself apart from the competition. Each bar is a different height to accommodate jewelry of all lengths and sizes. Therefore, you can hang earrings and bracelets with ease. Plus, the base works great as a quick place to store rings. Not to mention, the base is also padded so that it won't scratch your surfaces. It's available in brass and nickel.

The Bento Lunchbox That's Completely Leakproof

If you're tired of your lunch leaking all over your backpack, why not switch to using this leakproof lunchbox by BentoHeaven? It's made with food-grade, BPA-free containers and "silicone-sealed" lids that create an airtight fit. That way, your meals will stay fresh (and in one place) until you're ready to eat. Each order also comes with utensils for added convenience, and you can clean it in the dishwasher when you're done.

This Adorable Appliance That Makes Heart-Shaped Waffles

Circular waffles are fun and all, but have you ever tried eating heart-shaped waffles? Thanks to this waffle maker, you can. Sure, the waffles it can make might taste the same — but this machine sets itself apart from the competition. Not only does it have heart-shaped groves, but it also features non-slip feet that keep it securely in place. The included cooking plates are also non-stick to prevent your waffles from getting stuck, and there's an indicator light to let you know when it's done pre-heating.

This Cheese Board Set Made With Gorgeous Acacia Wood

Not only does this cheese board made of acacia wood have a beautiful range of dark and light tones running throughout it, but it also comes with a knife and carving fork to help get you started. It also doubles as a regular surface where you can cut and prepare meats, sandwiches, and more. Plus, there's also a built-in loop that makes it easy to hang in storage once you're done using it.

A French Press Coffee Maker Made With Borosilicate Glass

This French press coffee maker is completely BPA-free and made with durable borosilicate glass that's heat-resistant. It can be used to brew tea, espresso, or even cold brew. Plus, the screen filters on the plunger are made from durable stainless steel that's resistant to rust. The classic design looks great on any countertop, and many Amazon reviewers noted how easy it is to clean.

A Calming Himalayan Salt Lamp That's Shaped Like A Bowl

If you've always wanted a Himalayan salt lamp (but didn't necessarily want a giant glowing rock sitting around in your home), try out this Himalayan salt bowl instead. The salt used to make this lamp comes straight from the Himalayan mountains, and it's an easy way to set a calming mood in your home. Each order comes with two bulbs, and there's a dimmer switch so that you can determine how bright it is.

This Pumice Stone Made From Natural Volcanic Lava

If you're looking for an easy, chemical-free way to exfoliate all the dead skin off of your feet, try using this pumice stone. It's made from natural volcanic lava, and each one has a different size, shape, and color. However, they'll all get rid of calluses and corns with ease. Plus, each stone will fit comfortably in your hand (regardless of its shape).

This Makeup Brush Set That Covers All The Bases

You could spend money on buying each brush individually, or you could buy this makeup brush set and have all your bases covered. Each order comes with 18 different brushes that you can use for eye shadow, blush, foundation, loose powders, and more. Plus, the bristles on each brush are soft and thick. As an added bonus, you'll also get a storage pouch that you can use to take these brushes with you while you travel.

A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Also Infuses Tea

You can keep spending money on expensive, pre-made cold brew, or you could make your own using this cold brew coffee maker. It's is designed with super-fine mesh made from medical-grade stainless steel that won't rust over time. Plus, its extra-thick borosilicate glass can withstand heat if you decide to brew tea. The airtight seal on the lid is able to keep each brew fresh for up to two weeks, and it's even leakproof.

This Knife Set That Comes With Its Own Chic Acrylic Block

This black knife set comes with its own acrylic block that makes it look incredibly chic. Each order comes with 13 stainless steel knives, a pair of scissors, a knife sharpener, and a vegetable peeler. It's a perfect gift for novice cooks and professional chefs alike. Plus, one Amazon reviewer even raved that "unlike a normal [knife] block set, you are able to see if the holder needs cleaning."

A Razor Hook That Easily Attaches To Your Shower Wall

Keep your razors clean in the shower by hanging them on these stainless steel hook holders. They come with super-strong adhesives that allows them to easily stick to your shower walls, and they're sturdy enough that they can hold just over 2 pounds. You can also use these hooks to hang your towel or robe. Plus, they're waterproof as well as rust-resistant, so don't worry about keeping them in the bathroom.

The LED Lamp That Helps Your Indoor Plants Flourish

If your indoor plants don't get a whole lot of natural light, why not use one of these "Grow Lights" to give them a little pick-me-up? It's made with long-lasting LED bulbs, and its flexible gooseneck allows you to adjust how the lights are angled. The built-in timer also helps save you electricity so that these lights aren't running constantly. They're also dimmable and come with blue and red rays that can help certain plants flourish.

A Glass Teapot You Can Heat Up In The Microwave

If you're running low on time, pop this glass teapot into the microwave for a quick pick-me-up (instead of waiting for water to boil on the stove). Its stainless steel lid and tea strainer are removable, so you won't have to worry about damage. Just remember to remove those parts before heating the container up. The kettle itself also comes with its own protective cover that'll keep your tea steamy.

This Suction Cup That Pulls The Dents Out Of Your Car

Sure, this might not be the prettiest product in this collection. However, your car will be looking mighty fine after you use this suction cup to pull out any dents that you might have. It's made with super-durable alloy aluminum that won't fold under pressure, and it's incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is place it onto your car, use the hand pump to remove any air on the inside, and then pull on it to fix the dent.

A Plush Door Draft Stopper That Also Reduces Noise

Most door draft stoppers are made with boring plastic, but these ones are made from soft polyester that looks warm and inviting. Use them underneath your doors or windows to prevent wind and sound from coming through. Each order comes with push pins that you can use to secure that stoppers in place. They also come with loops on each side that can be used for easy storage.

A Leakproof Water Bottle With A Fruit Infuser

This infusion water bottle has a large, removable infusion basket that can fit tons of fruit. It's also made from durable, BPA-free Tritan plastic, and it's completely leakproof. The bottle also comes with an insulating neoprene sleeve that'll help your beverages stay colder for longer, along with a convenient carrying handle. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that "the bottle is slim and can fit into a cupholder."

An Essential Oil Diffuser That Fits In Your Cup Holder

Now that you have a diffuser for your home, why not get a diffuser for your car, too? This diffuser plugs into any USB port, and it's designed so that it can easily fit into almost any cup holder. Its built-in LED light rotates between seven different colors, and its automatic shut-off feature will kick in when the water reservoir gets too low. You can choose between two modes, depending on the kind of mist that you want.

These Himalayan Salt Blocks That Remove Toxins From Your Feet

Made with genuine Himalayan crystal salt from Pakistan, these Himalayan salt blocks are an easy way to absorb impurities and toxins from your feet. All you have to do is gently heat them up in the microwave or oven, and then let your bare feet rest directly on the blocks for up to 15 minutes. They're hypoallergenic as well as antiseptic — and if they ever get dirty, you can easily wipe them clean with a cloth.

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