39 Cheap Dupes For Classic Products On Amazon That Have Tons Of 5-Star Reviews

One lesson that you can learn from having a global, 24/7/365 shopper's paradise like Amazon at your fingertips is that it's possible to pay just about whatever price you feel like for quality goods — and that's the whole point behind this roundup. Here, you'll find some inexpensive alternatives on Amazon to some of your pricey favorites.

Some of this stuff you use on the daily, like the micellar water everyone loves for makeup removal and general banishment of dirt and grime. You could go to the department store beauty counter and pick up about 7 ounces of the famous French luxury version for close to $30, or you could choose this brand, which offers you twice as much beautifying elixir for about a third of the price. Plus, nearly 2,000 reviewers have combined to give it 4.4-stars on Amazon, so you know it's gotta be good.

There are also the items you've been saving up for: Let's say you've had your eye on that big, leather, designer tote with the cute tassel trim. Now, I totally will write you a hall pass if it's the authenticity you're going for — but if it's just the look you're after, this pleather version looks legit just like a name brand version I purchased for $200-plus a couple of years back. And, it costs under $15.

Yes, I wrote that right.

Alright, I'm giving you a five-minute head start now before I start spamming the Add to Cart button. Go!

Lifestyle — 39 Cheap Dupes For Classic Products On Amazon That Have Tons Of 5-Star Reviews

1. This High-Speed Blender Crushes Ice Like A Boss

You know you've always drooled over that expensive, shiny blender that chomps through ice faster than you do during the car chase scene of an action movie. Stop pinching pennies and get your smoothie on with this high-speed version that won't drain your bank account — but instead, sets you back a quite reasonable $90. That's some contrast to $350 you can pay for the one you know is popping into your head right now, and this little beauty from Ninja is a full-size real deal and has also racked up 4.3 stars from more than 3,700 reviewers.

2. These Leggings Will Legit Make You Press The "Add To Cart" Button On Repeat

So my editor tells me that these leggings are so awesome that most of my colleagues had to snag a pair during Prime Day. Quality-wise, one thing you won't have to worry about after they arrive at your house is any lack of opacity like the citrus-flavored, uber-popular line we all know and love. This line is also entirely customizable — choose from a few different waist options (like cross-hatch or high-waist) and lengths. Available sizes: XS-3X

3. A Motivational Planner That Will Whip Your Life Into Shape For Less

Undated planners are a thing right now — and if you need to get your life on track, investing in one is a great way to go. With this version, what you'll spend is basically the equivalent of what I used to put into a night out back in my collegiate salad days — especially since that's about half of what you'd pay for the category leader, and you get some proven motivational/productivity techniques baked right in.

4. A Set Of Stemless Wine Glasses For The Price Of Just A Pair Of The Upmarket Brand

Like the look of stemless crystal wineglasses but just can't make the jump? This set is crafted from sparkling, lead-free, chip-resistant glass, and you can get an entire 12-piece set for what you'd pay for two from the expensive Austrian range. You'll have six white wine and six red wine glasses to entertain with, and what I like about this look is that the glasses are also functional for cocktails as well.

5. A Brightening Facial Scrub That Gets Just As Many Rave Reviews As That Fancy One That Costs Four Times More

Give your complexion a boost of glow with this facial scrub that features a blend of vegan, cruelty-free ingredients and is also stripped bare of all the bad stuff. Active ingredients include super-nutrient and antioxident-packed sea kelp as French green clay to detoxify without depleting the moisture from your skin. "Best. Scrub. EVER!!!" wrote one reviewer, who's just one of the nearly 2,500 Amazonians who love this scrub.

6. A Foot Spa You Can Hold In Your Hand For Under $15

A longtime Amazon best-seller, this foot spa in a bar can save you so much money for a variety of reasons. You see, you're getting a high-quality, emollient soap that's great for moisturizing and nourishing that rough skin on your feet, plus an exfoliating pumice all in one. Plus, as a bonus, it's perfect for polishing off all those little rough spots on your body, like your elbows and any calluses on your hands you may have picked up from yard work, horseback riding, competitive Muay Thai, or too many seasons of Fortnite.

7. This Dutch Oven Is An Amazing Value

The online retail juggernaut really excels with their Amazon Basics line of kitchenware — like this Dutch oven that looks amazingly like the other model that would run you more than $300. I have one of these myself, and if that logo wasn't there, you would never know this wasn't the original.

8. An Inexpensive Micellar Water

Micellar water is probably already in your daily beauty kit. The question is, did you pay what you'd spend on a decent sushi dinner for the European headliner, or did you instead invest what you'd spend on a latte for an equally effective — and equally French — brand like this Garnier staple? It's a genius two-in-one product that both cleanses in the morning and removes makeup at night.

9. A "Soothing And Soft" Eye Cream

Let's get straight to the point here: You could buy a new car, or you could get some eye cream. Do yourself a favor and buy this highly-reviewed Baebody cream that includes rosehip oil and vitamins A and D in its this blend of ingredients that brighten, lift, and de-puff your eye area. Reviewers swear by this one, too.

10. A $15 Faux Leather Bag That Looks So Much Like A $200 Designer Original, You'll Flip

I am not going to tell you which designer bag of mine that this $15 dupe is almost an exact match for because I love, love, love the brand's original designer so much. Yes, it is pleather, not real leather, and it's not lined — but other than that, it's an almost exact replica and it comes in 44 colors.

11. The Manual Face Scrubbers That Work Just Like The Sonic Kind

You've seen the popular electric silicone facial scrubbers that sync with your smartphone to give you a detailed picture of factors like skin hydration. While these manual scrubbers definitely won't do that, there are four of them in one set, and the surface of the scrubber is essentially the exact same idea. The antibacterial silicone is crafted with wave patterns and massaging points to clean the skin, exfoliate and loosen debris: You just provide the energy behind the soothing massage yourself.

12. This Air Fryer Will Make Your Life More Delicious For Less

Make crispy fried foods with up to 80 percent less oil in just minutes thanks to this air fryer. Its 1.6-quart capacity can whip up a dozen chicken wings or a pound of French fries at a time, so it's perfect for the big game or dinner in a rush, and with its compact footprint, it's the perfect countertop appliance for small kitchens and even RVs.

13. A Three-In-One Swivel Vacuum

There are so many positive things to say about this vacuum that if I had a nickel for each awesome quality it has, I could send each and every one of you reading this right your very own. That's how good it is. It can be used as a stick vac, a stair vac, and a handheld vac — and it swivels to move with you. The 18-inch cord gives you plenty of leeway, and it only weight 4 pounds.

14. This Compact Steamer That's Great For Both Use On The Road And Everyday Ironing

I don't iron. However, I can see this garment steamer possibly giving my now-feckless ways a run for their money. It heats up quickly, has a nozzle that reviewers say distributes the steam evenly (always my biggest pet peeve with steamers, a dripping patch right in the middle of your garment), and an automatic shut-off system because forgetfulness. It fits conveniently in even a carry-on or your vehicle, so it would be great for sprucing up prior to a meeting.

15. These Best-Selling Packing Cubes To Compress Your Clothes For An Organized Getaway

Available in eight colors, this seven-piece packing cube set has everything you need to revolutionize the way you pack your luggage. No longer will it look like an angry badger got up and simply emptied the contents of your lingerie drawer into your bag and then put your dirty sneakers and a couple of necklaces on top of it — rather, calm and rationality will rule your suitcase. It even comes with a laundry pouch, and is mae of durable nylon.

16. A Pair Of Waterproof LED Camping Lanterns

I just finished streaming the first season of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime, and I feel like these camping lanterns are the kind of solid choice he would make. They feature military-grade construction, are built from aircraft alloy, and are each equipped with 30 LEDs. You can get these two for less than what you'd pay for one of the name brand, and they collapse to save you space.

17. An Epilator That's Even Better Than The More Expensive Versions

One thing I love about Braun is that all of their products feature precision German engineering, from the super-pricey $500-plus models right on down to the $30-ish models. This epilator is a mid-range version, and though it may not offer you all the bells and whistles of its more souped-up cousins, it's a superior product. You get a bunch of attachments to fit around your curves and contours, whether on your upper lip or your legs, and as a bonus, it comes with a facial scrubber. It removes hair quickly and (for the most part) painlessly — and it doesn't have to be that long, like it does with waxing.

18. A Full Set Of Makeup Brushes Gives You Options For Less

The next time you're at the fancy department store or beauty speciality store, check out the makeup brushes. They're very, very expensive — but if you're interested in growing your collection, try out this best-selling set instead. The soft, synthetic bristles won't fall out and there's legit a brush for everything, including a kabuki brush.

19. This Light Is The Perfect Solution For Book Lovers Who Read At Night

When it comes to a trusted brand like Energizer, it's so nice to know that you're going to get a quality product, even when you're only spending $8 like in the case of this book light. The LED light helps recreate natural daylight reading conditions without disturbing your SO, and for a throwback effect, it's small enough that you can read under the covers if you like. Plus, because it's from Energizer, it has a run time of 25 hours before you ever have to worry about it.

20. An Affordable Food Chopper From A Trusted Brand

I love my full-size, name-brand food processor, but I do have to be pretty psyched about whatever I'm cooking to lug it out. You don't have to work up to dinner with this chopper that dramatically reduces your food prep time: Its 3-cup capacity is more than enough for all your chopping and mincing needs, and all of the removable parts are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

21. The Best-Selling Mint Julep Masque Will Make Your Face Glow

Pass me a shot glass, y'all, because I'll take my bourbon on the side with this delicious-smelling mask from legacy brand Queen Helene. Crafted from a blend of clays that draw impurities from the skin and shrink the pores, it detoxes the complexion while firming as well as absorbing excess oil. It's much more affordable than other clay masks, and reviewers say it draws out blackheads.

22. The White Noise Machine That's Beloved By More Than 9,000 Reviewers

Is it just me, or does "Big Red Rooster" seem like an incongruous name for one of this uber-popular white noise machine? Whatever the case, it's selling like hot cakes, has more than 9,100 4-plus star reviews, and it's only $19. It has six natural, soothing sounds that mask important conversations, street noise, or Game of Thrones reruns when the baby's asleep. And it'll help you fall asleep, too.

23. An Inexpensive RFID Wallet

Prying eyes are everywhere around us these days, just waiting to get into our bank accounts and personal identity files. Protect your valuable data with this RFID-blocking wallet that has a slim profile for pocket carrying and can also be hooked directly onto a keychain or a lanyard. With a driver's license window for convenience and six card slots — plus a pocket for your cash — you'll be ready to roll with some piece of mind on the side.

24. This Wireless, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker You Can Take With You Anywhere

Use it at the pool, at the beach, in the shower, while you're hiking — heck, hang it from your rear view mirror and use it instead of a car stereo: This portable Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and ready to go with its durable design. Featuring a backpack clip and a suction cup for mountability just about anywhere, it streams clear stereo sound and will connect with any compatible device.

25. A Miracle Spray To Freshen Up Pet Odors In Your Home

You'll find a plethora of stain- and scent-removing preparations on Amazon, including dozens of remedies specifically for pet stains and odors. Not only does this version comes in at just $11, but it also gets nearly 2,100 four-star reviews from folks like one customer who says its enzymatic formula prevented her from having to replace her boyfriend's expensive backpack while her cats were trying to discourage their relationship. "Nature's Miracle is cheaper," she reports.

26. A Patented Eye Mask To Turn Out The Lights On Migraine Pain

As a migraine sufferer, I can tell you how painful light is in the middle of an episode. I also find that a little bit of compression around my head is helpful, and this mask makes sure that your eyes are totally shielded while lightly pressing on your temples and the surrounding area to provide relief. Filled with beads that can be cooled down in the freezer for a further soothing treatment, it has an elastic strap that should accommodate most users.

27. This Essential Oil Diffuser With Thousands Of Reviews

Whether you're looking to relax or to perk up, this essential oil diffuser delivers a gentle, scented mist that enhances your indoor atmosphere while adding moisture into the air at the same time. It's great to sleep with too, especially to head off nighttime congestion and aid insomnia (for example, with a soothing scent like lavender), and it can also serve as a night light with its optional LED mood light that cycles through a seven-color show.

28. A Set Of Affordable, Eco-Friendly Straws

We're putting tons of plastic into the Earth's oceans, and you may have read that straws pose a particularly troubling problem. So, if you haven't already, you and I both know that you're going to buy some replacement straws for your usual disposable ones — and why not make it this affordable silicone set that can go in the dishwasher and that come with two little brushes for detail work.

29. These Silicone Baking Sheets Are A Cost-Effective Lifesaver

Heat-resistant up to 480 degrees, these baking mats make stick-proof oven use of all kinds like a walk in the park. Use them for for cookies, cheese puffs, and all kinds of baked goods, of course — but keep in mind that they also shine for things that might not naturally occur to you, like roasting veggies. Plus, they're great on the countertop in a hectic kitchen to prevent scorching and burn marks when you pull things out of the oven.

30. These Genius Eyebrow Grooming Tools Are Cheap AF

If you have never heard of this brand, just stop what you are doing right now and get these darn razors. I promise you, you will thank me. You groom your brows with Tinkles, and they are exponentially cheaper than any other at-home eyebrow-grooming solution you'll ever try, not to mention the salon. Hot take, though: I use them all over my face. They get off all that unwanted peach fuzz that's around my jawline, and on the rest of my face, it leaves me glowing. It's recently been pointed out to me that I need to refer to this as "microdermaplaning," but whatever it is, it works.

31. An Amazing, Affordable Foam Roller

Made in the USA from extra-firm foam that has a density of 2 pounds per cubic foot, this foam roller proves that you really can get more for less. This type of tool is ideal for helping prevent injury prior to an intense workout or relieving pain afterward, and can also assist with developing balance and postural awareness. Get all the amazing benefits and the quality of a four-plus star product with more than 2,800 of reviews for a fraction of the price? Please and thank you!

32. An Affordable LCD Meat Thermometer

Avid cooks know that having a cooking thermometer is essential to success, because food temperature — more than time — is the true indicator of precision doneness. Crafted from stainless steel, this model features both count down and count up capabilities, Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, a stainless steel probe, and a stainless steel mesh cable that's 40 feet in length so you can hang out with your guests away without having to be right in the center of the action all the time.

33. The Hanging Shelves That Are Like A Bonus Room For Your Closet

Versatile and incredibly useful, this hanging unit can certainly work in for sweaters and handbags, but you can do lots more with it, too. Try it to get your outfits ready for your whole week by storing five outfits inside on the shelves — or keep all your dress shirts inside when they come back from the cleaners so you can keep those sweaters up on the top shelf of your closet. Transfer it out to the hall closet for mittens, scarves, gloves, and hats — the possibilities are endless.

34. A Handy Set Of Food Containers

How nice would it be to look into the pantry and see an organized oasis of dry goods in matching containers with quaint labels like this set rather than a hodgepodge of boxes, bogs that spill over, and other random mess? Now imagine you can bring order to chaos for less than $1.50 per piece. Excellent. This set of FDA-approved, food-grade containers are crafted from shatterproof, BPA-free plastic and come with the labels and even the chalk pen — and they're also perfect for use in your workshop or your craft room.

35. An Authentic Coffee Press For Under-$20

A great gift for the coffee lover or outdoor enthusiast in your life, this French press is crafted from shatter-resistant borosilicate glass with a BPA-free polypropylene handle, making it ultra-durable. The mechanism pares the coffee-making experience down to the basics, making for a greater appreciation of what's in the cup — this carafe is also great for ensuring that you actually get a good cup while traveling as opposed to the unreliable hotel brew.

36. A Car Trunk Organizer That Folds Down

Pockets abound for stowing that stuff that collects in your trunk — just like its competitors. What makes this car trunk organizer stand out head and shoulder above its competitors is its totally reasonable price tag combined with the more than 1,500 rave reviews. Get your trunk into neat and tidy shape — or keep it up front, too.

37. At Just $2, This Could Be The Tip Of The Day For Animal Lovers

Crafted from stainless steel just like those you'd get at the big box store or even the other versions that can really be legit pricey, these pet food bowls are durable and super-reasonable. They're exactly what you want for your bestie, and of course have the clean lines that we've all come to love from these former barnyard standards. Additionally, I prefer this style to those with the rubber ring around the bottom or the top, as I find that the ring tends to collect hair and food particles pretty quickly when you have multiple pets.

38. A Name-Brand Salad Spinner — For Lots Less

Ideal for use not only on greens but also when you're washing and rinsing fruits and vegetables, this salad spinner comes from trusted, established brand Cuisinart, so you know it has to be good. Features include a lid-based spout that enables you to drain the water off of your newly-washed goods without removing the top, plus an easy-to-crank handle that's great for anyone with hand strength or dexterity deficits.

39. A Whole Suite Of Barbecue Tools For What You'd Pay For The Top-Of-Range Claws

I love the idea of the primal barbecue claws but I'm not sure in practice how they would work and whether or not I'd use them as much as I legit think I would. This set will get me off the dime for sure: It includes the claws and costs less than just those tools, plus it includes two more super-useful assets —heat-resistant silicone gloves and a heat-resistant basting brush. You don't want to drop it like it's hot, right? Get this set. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.