39 Cheap Dupes For Classic Products On Amazon That Have Tons Of 5-Star Reviews

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One lesson that you can learn from having a global, 24/7/365 shopper's paradise like Amazon at your fingertips is that it's possible to pay just about whatever price you feel like for quality goods — and that's the whole point behind this roundup. Here, you'll find some inexpensive alternatives on Amazon to some of your pricey favorites.

Some of this stuff you use on the daily, like the micellar water everyone loves for makeup removal and general banishment of dirt and grime. You could go to the department store beauty counter and pick up about 7 ounces of the famous French luxury version for close to $30, or you could choose this brand, which offers you twice as much beautifying elixir for about a third of the price. Plus, nearly 2,000 reviewers have combined to give it 4.4-stars on Amazon, so you know it's gotta be good.

There are also the items you've been saving up for: Let's say you've had your eye on that big, leather, designer tote with the cute tassel trim. Now, I totally will write you a hall pass if it's the authenticity you're going for — but if it's just the look you're after, this pleather version looks legit just like a name brand version I purchased for $200-plus a couple of years back. And, it costs under $15.

Yes, I wrote that right.

Alright, I'm giving you a five-minute head start now before I start spamming the Add to Cart button. Go!

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