39 Affordable Things On Amazon You'll Use Over & Over Again

I'll never forget my first pair of silicone oven mitts. When you love to cook and you're more than a little accident-prone, silicone gloves are a life-saver. I got mine from my former mother-in-law — but because this list of affordable things on Amazon you'll use on the daily includes a pair, today's your lucky day.

Yep, these gloves should definitely earn "Add to Cart" status. Then there's this coffee grinder that means you can be as picky as you want to be when it comes to your morning Joe: Seriously — it has 17 different settings. Finally, if you've always wanted to one of those clocks that uses your circadian rhythms to wake you up with light but don't want to come too far up out of your pocket to see if they really work, now's your chance... this one's on the list for around $40.

If you need any more incentive to check out these selections, let me break it down a little more for you: These aren't impulse buys that will come in, get you all excited, and then sit in your bathroom or your kitchen pointlessly gathering dust. Since you'll use them over and over again, you can divide their already-low purchase price by the number of times you use them and basically, you're only spending fractions of cents on the dollar to acquire these fabulous finds. That's a good thing.

A Brush To Give Yourself A Spa Facial At Home

With seven heads to deep clean your face and polish your complexion until it glows, this facial brush is the next thing you're going to want to make sure you're not ever without. Suitable for all skin types, the battery-powered design and waterproof construction means it can be used in the bath or the shower according to your preference, and it all packs up into a convenient travel kit to hit the road with you, too.

These Bowls Have Non-Slip Silicone Bases And Matching Lids, Too

Ranging from 1.5 to 5 quarts, this set of mixing bowls spans enough sizes to accommodate your every need, from baking to whipping up a couple of scrambled eggs for breakfast. Each bowl has a silicone base so they don't slip around on your countertops, and they have matching silicone lids so they're easy to match up since they're each color-coded.

A Laptop Stand That Adjusts Into Any Configuration You Need

Engineered with three flex points that each have full 360-degree rotation, this laptop stand can be reconfigured and customized to meet your work or play needs, whether you're lounging on the couch getting your Netflix fix or cramming in some last-minute work in bed before the weekend is up. Made from durable aluminum alloy, it has a built-in mousepad — and is even equipped with cooling fans to make sure your computer doesn't overheat.

A Massage Ball That Provides Major Relief

Designed to skim over the skin without catching and enable you to administer a massage using your own pressure, adjusting as desired and targeting the spots that you can feel most need relief, this massage ball is suitable for all users to soothe myofascial pain. It can be used all over the body — from head to toe — to boost circulation, and can be paired with essential oils to provide an amped-up treatment.

The Infinity Pillow That Will Be Your New BFF When Traveling

Think of this infinity pillow as a souped-up version of the infinity scarf: Crafted from super-soft, eco-friendly, bamboo fiber fabric that's also naturally antibacterial, it winds around to cradle your head, neck, and even your arms in comfort while you're in transit. Available in five colors, a touch of microfiber adds further softness to this breathable, machine-washable accessory that's almost like a wearable cloud.

This Hand Immersion Blender Offers You Two Ways To Mix

Immersion blenders are right up there in my book as possibly the most underrated kitchen appliance, and this one gets an extra gold star because not only does it have the traditional blending blade, but it also includes a whisk attachment. Here's what that says to me: No need to haul out the giant stand mixer or try to hunt down both the beaters for my hand mixer when I want fresh whipped cream. Soups, smoothies, baby food — it's all within reach when you have this versatile, powerful problem-solver on hand.

This Brush Uses Vibrations To Clean Your Teeth

Vibrating at up to 40,000 strokes per minute to knock that plaque right off of your teeth, this toothbrush is a fraction of the price of the more expensive models. The ideal solution for those with deep grooves or deep pockets in or on their teeth, it comes with three interchangeable heads for everyone in the family. The brush charges via USB and it's waterproof to facilitate use in the shower or bath: Only one four-hour charge will get you 30 days' use.

A Convenient Little Gadget That Makes Peeling Eggs Much Easier

Crafted from BPA-free plastic, these peelers get rid of egg shells in a hurry, but that's not all they're good for: The ergonomic grip and specially-designed peeling end also work on avocados, citrus fruits, and other items, too. Soft-boiled egg lovers, don't despair — this tool even works on those delicate delicacies without gouging through them and ruining their structure. Plus, their durable makeup will ensure they're around for many repeated uses, and they're dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up, too.

The Mist That's Great For Hydrating, Sleep, And Mood Adjustment

From trusted no-frills natural brand Heritage Store comes this moisturizing mist that has glycerin to hydrate the skin and is blended with lavender essential oil, providing a soothing, uplifting aromatherapy boost. Lavender has been used for mood stimulation and healing for thousands of years, and its pleasant aroma in this preparation makes a pleasant addition to a spray that can be used on the face, body, and even the hair.

A Burr Grinder That Prepares Coffee To Your Exact Specifications

True coffee aficionados know that the best way to determine the quality that's in the cup starts with the beans, and this grinder features a remarkable 17 settings for ultimate control. Its professional-quality disc mechanism is completely guesswork-free, as it generates everything from French press-suitable grounds to the extra-fine coffee used in espresso machines — making sure the oils and aromas stay intact until you're ready to enjoy your brew.

These Little Patches Heal And Cover Your Unwanted Acne

With three sizes — one for any breakout, small or large — these hydrocolloid patches will cover up that unwanted acne while also draining away bacteria-ridden fluids so spots will heal faster. Invisible on all skin tones, the patches keep you from touching blemishes and further contaminating them, or worse, picking at them, and they draw out the impurities from your skin while you go about your business to promote faster, more even healing.

The Oven Mitts That Make Handling Hot Stuff A Breeze

Use them while you're grilling, baking, sautéeing — these silicone gloves have a million different uses and you'll wonder how you've lived your life without them the first time you slip them on. The non-skid palm provides an excellent grip to hold onto even slippery items with ease, while the extended length protects wrists and even forearms from burns, resisting heat up to 450 degrees while keeping your hands safe inside their quilted lining.

A Spatula That Cleans Your Whisks, Too

Crafted from dishwasher-safe, BPA-free silicone, this spatula features notches on its side that work with any whisk to clean it quickly and easily. Simply fit your whisk's tines into the notches then scrape it down, and your batter or whipped cream will come right off. The spatula features a strong nylon core to provide the ultimate combination of flexibility and durability.

This Alarm Uses The Power Of Simulated Natural Light To Wake You Gently

Wake up with dawn's early light thanks to this alarm clock that simulates the sunrise to trigger your body's circadian rhythms and wake you up in a much more gentle manner than your usual morning fare. The light begins "rising" 30 minutes before you're due to wake, but if the sunrise doesn't pull you out of sleep, it also includes a traditional, beeping alarm clock with a snooze function. You know, just in case.

These Smart Bulbs Work With Your Smartphone To Save Energy And Create Fun Effects

Designed to function even without a hub, these bulbs work with an app downloadable to your smartphone — or can even be controlled via your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device. Set up a schedule to control these energy-saving LED bulbs while you're away to deter potential intruders, or simply create lighting schemes that tickle your fancy using the 16 million colors and adjustable brightness controls.

A Crossbody Bag That's Just Big Enough For Everything You Need

Both attractive and ultra-functional, this crossbody purse is available in nearly two dozen colors and features of-the-moment tassels and gold tone hardware. The faux leather will make animal lovers happy, and unlike many crossbody bags, it's large enough to fit a passport — as well as a pair of sunglasses and a digital camera, according to one reviewer — and it features a soft and attractive striped inside liner.

An Outlet That Gives You Two USB Ports And A Convenient Shelf, Too

There's always that one outlet in every room that serves no discernible purpose because it's too far from everything else to plug in a lamp or anything useful. Help that outlet fulfill its destiny with this wall mount outlet that incorporates two USB chargers and also has a shelf for your smartphone or tablet. No installation is necessary — simply plug it into your outlet and charge away, and it supports quick charging as well.

A Spray That Helps Prevent Acne — Naturally

Stave off annoying acne while you sleep with this pillow spray— it uses a blend of all-natural ingredients to eliminate bacteria that cause your skin to get congested and break out while also relaxing your mind into a peaceful slumber. Lavender water stars in this preparation: and of course, not only has lavender been used for centuries as a natural treatment for insomnia, but it's been used equally as long as a natural antibacterial agent. Peppermint water, clary sage extract, and tea tree water are also used in this blend to keep your skin fresh and your help you drift off to sleep.

This Odd-Looking Massager Works Wonders On All Kinds Of Pain

While this S-shaped device may look a bit odd, the ingenious design enables you to manipulate it by yourself to steer its precisely-placed knobs into position — and deliver trigger-point myofascial therapy even when you're on your own. The numbered knobs coordinate with the system explained in the accompanying manual to deliver a massage to the back, neck, and shoulders, providing relief from discomfort and increasing circulation in the affected areas.

The File That's Made From Czech Glass To Improve Nail Strength

Made from genuine Czech glass, this file not only shapes the nails, but helps seal the layers of keratin at the edges together to improve nail health and reduce peeling. Plus, glass is non-porous, making it more hygienic than traditional cardboard-and-sandpaper emery boards, and unlike metal files, it's non-corrosive.

These Natural Bamboo Buds Are Great To Remove Makeup, Apply Toner, And More

Crafted from fibers from renewable and sustainably-harvested bamboo, these pads will replace those cotton buds you rely on for everything from removing makeup to applying toner, and because they're washable and reusable, they're doubly good for the environment. With as many uses as 2,000 disposable cotton pads, these soft and fluffy bamboo buds are all-natural and chemical-free, and come with their own mesh laundry bag.

A "Soft And Fluffy" Brush Set That Looks Good And Has A Great Price Tag

Some of these low-cost brush sets look good but that's about it — this set is attractive and draws raves from fans on Amazon, earning 4.6-stars from more than 300 reviewers. With brushes to accommodate every need from eyeshadow and liner to powder and contouring, the synthetic bristles don't shed or separate and are matched with easy-to-grip wooden handles.

The Natural Deodorant That Really Will Last You All Day Long

If you're one of the many people shying away from chemical deodorants, here's a deodorant stick that has just one ingredient and it's a natural mineral you'll probably even be able to pronounce: Potassium alum. Engineered to inhibit unwanted odor on the skin without leaving behind any residue and without clogging the pores, one application can last up to 12 hours, and one stone can last up to two years, even with daily use.

The Hand Stretcher Set That Improves Grip Strength For Athletes And Anyone With Deficits

Made from premium, BPA-free silica gel, these hand stretchers are perfect for athletes wishing to improve grip strength, anyone recovering from a hand injury, or people looking to recover a hand strength deficit. Musicians like pianists and guitarists — anyone playing a stringed instrument — will also find these devices useful, and the set incorporates three levels of stretch for progressive resistance and therapeutic development.

This Rice Cooker Can Actually Do So Much More

While it produces 6 cups of cooked rice, this cooker is capable of so much more: Whip up your breakfast oatmeal or eggs, effortlessly cook soups, stews, and chili, and so much more. With a stainless steel inner pot and one-touch operation, this model combines health-conscious construction with easy-to-use operation to make all your favorite foods accessible even on weekdays — so you can save money instead of hitting the drive-through lane.

A Silicone Bowl That Makes Any Popcorn Microwave-Friendly

I have a son who is obsessed with popcorn and I made the decision about a year ago to invest in one of these poppers. While you can make oil-free popcorn with this silicone number that turns regular popcorn kernels into microwave popcorn, he prefers his version to be doused with exactly 3/4 of a stick of butter...but at least I know it's real butter, right? This model comes in 14 colors and collapses down for compact storage in your cabinet or even a drawer.

You'll Want This Spray For Your Chemical-Free Cleaning Kit

Personally, I think it just makes good sense to use non-toxic cleaning products in the kitchen, where you're producing the things your household, you know, ingests. But why have 40 different sprays when you can just have this one that can be used on countertops, appliances, windows, and even your painted surfaces. The plant-based formula is tough enough to remove even the most hardcore of life's messes, but so gentle that it's safe enough for children and pets as well as being hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

The Silicone Baking Mats That Will Be Your New Favorite Kitchen Accessories

If you don't have silicone baking mats yet, you will definitely want to hit "add to cart" on this pair — they're reasonably-priced and so incredibly useful for baking, not to mention all kinds of cooking and candy-making chores. Essentially, if it's sticky and you're doing it in the kitchen, these mats will be your new BFF, and obviously, since they're reusable, they're good for the environment, too. They're heat-resistant to 480 degrees and clean up easily in the dishwasher.

The Throat Spray With Just Three Ingredients That Doesn't Taste Like Plastic

You know that honey is a natural fix for your immune system, and bee propolis, or "bee glue," is like a super-charged version with all the good stuff bees have to offer. This spray consolidates all of that into a soothing throat spray that might be the first version of such a remedy that doesn't actually taste like a shower curtain: It's all-natural, with just three ingredients, and it actually tastes delicious.

You Will Love This Electric Frother A Latte

Coffee lovers will fall head-over-heels for this frother for its ability to whip up a barista-quality foam at home — but it's also useful for protein shakes, scrambled eggs, cocktails, and any number of hot beverages in addition to your lattes and cappuccinos. Rechargeable and easy-to-clean, it comes with a cover for the whisk end that makes it easy to travel with if you're so inclined, and it's super-quiet, too.

The Silicone Scrubbers That Are Durable And Antibacterial, Too

More durable than traditional dish sponges and flexible enough to get into tight spaces like champagne flutes and vases, these scrubbers are also antibacterial by virtue of their silicone construction. Gentle enough to use on fine china and crystal, these scrubbers are BPA-free and crafted from FDA-approved, food-grade silicone — and they're heat-resistant up to 500 degrees, so you can also use them as pot holders.

A Pair Of Sunglasses That's Stylish And Affordable

With polarized lenses designed to block out 100 percent of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays and a throwback semi-rimless frame design that's definitely retro-chic, these sunglasses are an excellent and affordable backup pair that's sure to be promoted to the front of the line in no time. Durable and designed for everyday use, they're also suitable for wear in inclement weather, and won't corrode or scratch.

This Diffuser Is Beautiful And It Can Time Your Meditations

It looks like an oversized apple, but this diffuser is basically your all-in-one room conditioning center. It humidifies, too, but that's just the beginning: It also has a Bluetooth speaker, LED lights that can cycle through seven colors to provide a relaxing — or invigorating — light show, and a clock with an alarm setting that can be used to wake you up in the morning or to time your meditation routine. Engineered to be completely BPA-free and eco-friendly, its rounded, sculptural shape and wood-look finish make this diffuser a lovely addition to any room.

The Most Attractive Portable Bluetooth Speaker I've Ever Seen

With its attractive metallic finish that's available in four colors — but I'm especially fond of this rose gold — this speaker is without a doubt the prettiest Bluetooth device I've come across. The fact that it's small enough to tote with you in a backpack or a handbag and even has a subwoofer — and while the manufacturer suggests using it in meetings, it's clear that this little baby is made to party. When it's completely charged, you can count on 12 to 15 hours of continuous music at 50 percent volume. Rock on, y'all.

This Lunch Bag Has A Cool, Weathered Look

Just think of the instant cool points you'll amass carrying this lunch bag that's crafted from waterproof waxed canvas and finished with a brass-finish buckle and 100 percent leather handle. I mean, I can totally see Indiana Jones retrieving his bologna and cheese sandwich from this in the middle of a desert adventure, or maybe fending off some serpents ("Why did it have to be snakes?"). This capacious bag has plenty of space for a drink bottle, yet it folds up to fit in your kitchen drawer when it's not in use — so convenient!

The Umbrella That Won't Drip All Over You Or Give In To The Wind

Designed to fold in on itself upside down rather than the traditional way, the construction of this umbrella prevents drips and makes it almost totally wind-proof, too. With fabric that provides an SPF 50 block from the sun's harmful rays, it's an all-in-one protector from some of the worst threats of the outdoor — and it won't get your car interior or your hallways wet when you bring it in, either. Available in 28 color combinations, this umbrella also features a C-shaped handle that allows for easy use.

A Waterproof Backpack For All Your Stuff

With throwback camp styling and sturdy waterproof nylon construction, this backpack has all the features you need in a carryall while offering the little details that give it a distinctive appearance all its own. Available in 38 color combinations, it features a laptop lining plus plenty of inner and outer pockets for water bottles, magazines, books, notebooks — and the heavy-duty zippers and leather straps ensure everything remains inside.

A Notebook That Will Never Run Out Of Room Because It's Reusable — And It Syncs With The Cloud

Engineered to sync with a free, downloadable app to replicate your notes and send them to any one of many cloud-based storage systems like DropBox or Google Drive, this notebook has more than just one trick up its sleeve: The pages are reusable with the included Pilot Frixion pen (you can pick up more when that runs out). After 15 seconds, the ink dries and bonds to the pages, then later, when you need more room for all those pearls of wisdom, simply use a damp cloth to wipe off old notes that you've already stored to the cloud.

Use This Tea Tree Oil For So Many Different Household And Health And Beauty Tasks

You may be familiar with tea tree oil for its dandruff-busting properties or in its uses as an acne zapper, but did you know that this essential oil does way more: It can can keep you flu-free and serves as the active ingredient in a mold- and mildew-repelling all-purpose cleaner for your home? Tea tree oil has been used for centuries for all of this and more, and this blend is 100 percent organic and steam-distilled to provide the best quality available.

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